Julia Jones to Appear on Music Video for Chuck Wicks


Julia Jones is set to make her Twilight debut in the third installment of the Twilight Saga as the only female wolf in the pack, the fearsome Leah Clearwater. Until the time comes, Julia has kept herself busy being part of the final season of ER, as well as in Tim McGraw’s first feature film, ‘Black Cloud.’
Her latest work is a special appereance in the music video of country singer Chuck Wicks. The singer had been posting messages on Twitter last week about working with a Twilight actress for his latest music video, but he never mentioned who it was, prompting fans to wonder if it was Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene or other of the female vamps. Nope – it was our favorite female wolf!

Chuck shares to music website The Boot how he met Julia and chose her as his significant other in the upcoming sexy video:

“I talked to my publicist out in L.A and said, ‘I need somebody that’s just a great actress, that’s exotic and sexy,” Chuck tells The Boot. “And she [said], ‘I’ve got the perfect person … Julia Jones.’ And so, you know me, I googled her! And I said, ‘She’s perfect.’ And she said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it.’ [Julia] heard the song and loved it. That’s what was mind-blowing to me is that she said she loved the song and that was cool.”

Julia remembers being offered the part:

“I got this phone call and the first thing I thought of was, ‘Well, let me hear the song,'” the actress tells The Boot. “So I did two things — I listened to the song and then I googled Chuck. And I said, [giggling] ‘OK!'”

Who would say no? The song talks about a man who’s been away for while and calls his girl before coming home. He tells her all the things she can look forward to when he comes back. These are some of the sexy lyrics:

“Close your eyes and picture this, we’re lyin’ in bed in the candlelight and we start to kiss …now picture us that moment before we make love, now hold that thought.”

Meanwhile, Chuck teased his Twitter followers with this message:

“Stunning!!!! Can’t wait for you all to see this!! Very … Very … Sensual stuff!!”

We can expect the very sexy and romantic video directed by Kristin Barlowe soon.

SOURCE: The Boot.

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