Twilight Poison Mentioned in 15 a 20 Magazine!

Here’s the latest mention of our site in a magazine (this is the second magazine mention we’ve had in two months! Last month’s mention was in TĂș magazine, along with a radio station mention, again from Mexico).

Teen magazine 15 a 20 from Mexico mentioned our RPattz and KStew fonts on their Eclipse special edition, as one of the coolest/weirdest Twilight things on the web! Some of you had told us about this mention but we just got a Hi-res version of the scan.

Here’s the translation:

Forget about the Arial font. Wouldn’t you want your school work to be written by Robert Pattinson? Well, a fansite created a font with Rob and Kristen’s handwriting based on their autographs. Wow!

Get the Rpattz font here and Kristen’s font here. And stay tuned, Taylor fans. I’ll be working on his font very, very soon :).

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  1. Ajhehenk says:

    I fell on this conversation on anccdeit & I must admit I loved every single word from every one of you! Thank You ALL for your honesty, insight & humor! My opinion, not that it matters: I thought Joseph did a wonderful job answering this question. I also think he did it with grace & class. It can not be easy answering a question like this with the fear of crazy fans being upset with him. Being in the spot lite & having every1 hanging on your every word, just waiting for you to stick your foot in your mouth must be difficult. Thank God he & Rob both have class & try to show grace when it comes to answering about other actors. I admire them both & will continue to follow both their careers!

  2. I’m impressed you should think of something like that

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