Stephenie Meyer Talks to Fansites About Fan Fiction has posted Part 2 of their mini junket with Stephenie Meyer. As you probably know, Stephenie picked a few fansites randomly to be part of a special mini junket where they discussed the books, the movies and the fandom. Here’s an excerpt:

Alison: What do you think of Twilight fan-fiction?

SM: Fan-fiction has become kind of a mixed thing for me. like in the beginning I hadn’t heard of it and there were some that were…I couldn’t read the ones that had the characters IN character. It freaked me out. um, but I liked. there was one about Harry Potter and Twilight that was hilarious. And then there was one that was about a girl who was starring as Bella in the movie and that was funny. And uh, I hear so many people arguing about fan-fiction. This one and that one. It seems like they are not as much fun anymore. I don’t know.

Alison: Well, we’re having lots of fun with it.

SM: It makes me frustrated. I’m like…go write your own story. Put them out there and get them published. That’s what you should be doing. You should be working on your own book right now. As long as the writers of it, move on from it. I think it’s sad to spend so much energy on something you can’t own. And that makes me a little bit sad because all these talented kids should be, ya know, get your story out from under the bed and get it out there.

Read the full fun blog post here. Part 1 (lots of talk about Midnight Sun) is here.

Meanwhile, LettersToTwilight has tons of pictures of the meeting in another fun post here on their blog.

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