James Franco is Reading Twilight

During an interview for Esquire, actor James Franco was caught reading a very familiar book.

He sits by a side door near a pail of mop water. There’s a paperback, palm-pinched, cover down, in his right hand, and a big plastic shopping bag full up with something he doesn’t want to show just yet. When asked what he’s reading, Franco smiles his ungrudgingly adolescent smile, a grin as terminally satisfying as the last healthy squeeze on a tube of toothpaste. He is engaging, for just a second, in the mutual diction of actor and artist — “It’s for a project,” he says. But the word — project — thumps out of him unprecious and without bluster, as if he were naming a day of the week. He’s always got something going. He flips the book over. Twilight.

Keep in mind: The position of things is such that he doesn’t have to show the book. Had he said Jude the Obscure, no one would have been the wiser. He’s a graduate student, after all, enrolled in two universities at pretty much any given moment. “It’s crazy how much sexual tension there is,” he says. “It just builds and builds. I mean it never stops. It’s sort of explosive by the end. Crazy. Like they’ll blow up with it. And of course, they don’t.” He shrugs then, a good shrug, because he is selling nothing with it. “Which is the point too, I guess.”

Looks like he’s enjoying it.

UPDATE: Pop Sugar has a video of James and his brother, who auditioned for the role of Edward, talking about Twilight and being Team Edward:

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