The Montreal Gazette Wonders If Rob & Kristen Gossip Will Overshadow On the Road

Montreal is honored to be one of the main locations for the filming of On The Road, the highly anticipated adaptation of one of the most iconic American novels ever. Kristen has a supporting role in the movie, and now a disgruntled reporter for The Montreal Gazette wonders if the entire movie (produced by Francis Ford Coppola, directed by Walter Salles) will be overshadowed by Rob and Kristen, and the excesive ammount of attention around them.

You’d think the big excitement in film circles in Montreal would be the fact that the acclaimed Brazilian director Walter Salles is here shooting an adaptation of one of the most iconic American novels of the 20th century, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

But no. All that anyone is talking about is the local sightings of vampy Twilight lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Pattinson is not in the movie, but was -and perhaps still is- up here to spend quality time with Stewart, who may or may not be his real-life gal-pal.

What bothers me is that the two Twilight stars are hogging all the attention -at the expense of what just might be the most exciting film shoot of the year happening anywhere on the globe.

The article shares that the first reporter to spot them together in Montreal got so much attention after a couple of tweets about seeing Rob and Kristen at a restaurant, that even People magazine contacted him for information:

“Sure, they’re two stars, but what we’re forgetting is that they’re shooting one of the great classics of American literature right here in Montreal”

While we agree that people focus too much on Rob and Kristen’s personal lives, it’s a unfair to accuse them of intentionally hogging the spotlight at the expense of a movie. As two of the most followed celebrities on the planet right now, it’s only natural that people will snap them wherever they are, however intrusive and annoying (for them and the people they work with) that might be. This is the main reason why they refuse to talk about their personal lives: to not distract people from the movies they are working on, which is what they want to share with the public. The rest is off-limits. Rob and Kristen are very private actors, and the idea of making them seem like they want this ammount of attention, which borders on harassment most of the times, and irritates the heck out of them, is beyond ridiculous.

Anyway… the article also shared more information on the production of the movie:

The Ottawa Citizen reported that the crew was filming in Gatineau yesterday, and On the Road will move to Hull today, to film scenes in La Taverne Montcalm. They continue in and around Montreal until Aug. 27, then they go to New Orleans for a month, followed by three weeks in Mexico. Then the $25-million France-Canada co-production wraps with another month of work here, starting in mid-October.

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