Filming Locations And Details of On The Road in Mexico

Kristen Stewart is currently filming her new movie On The Road in Bariloche, Argentina. Fans have been following closely the filming of the movie, in which Tom Sturridge (Rob’s best friend) will also co-star. Kristen filmed in Montreal, Canada a couple of weeks ago, and will also film in New Orleans.
After the crew finishes their scenes in Argentina, they will move to Mexico and we know the locations. It’s worth noting that Kristen’s character doesn’t have scenes in Mexico, so she might not go there at all. Tom Sturridge, however, will join Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley.

Here’s what we know.

The crew will start filming in Mexico on September 18th (they will be in the country for the national festivities! The 200th celebration of the Mexican Independence. Hope they have a lot of fun!). They will film first in the towns Viesca, Parras de la Fuente and General Cepeda in Coahuila, North of Mexico.

This is Viesca:

I bet you a million dollars they will use that pond, isn’t it beautiful? And look at that perfect desert.

This is General Cepeda and Parras de la fuente, Coahuila:

Here is the state of Puebla. I imagine the crew will be in the capital.

Puebla is beautiful, and it has a semi-active volcano in the background. Gorgeous location.

We have more specific locations, such as the places where they will film in these towns, but we’ll refrain from posting them. However, I’m sure the media in Mexico will give away all the details in the following weeks, so people will find out exact locations anyway.

We also knows that Mexican producer Tita Lombardo will be in charge of the production in Mexico. We’ve heard reports that the crew will be in the country for three weeks. Some say the filming of the movie concludes in Mexico, but in the press release they also listed New Orleans (and I think Canda again?), so I don’t think they’ll wrap production just yet.

We’ll keep you posted! ;)

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