Stephenie Meyer on The New Statesman’s List Of People Who Mattered in 2010

The New Statesman’s list of 50 people who had global influence in 2010 has been released and Stephenie made it to #28:

Fang leader.

With 100 million copies sold and three films that have grossed over $1bn, the Twilight sagas have made the author one of the most powerful, and richest, women in publishing.

Meyer’s Mormon beliefs permeate the vampire trilogy with themes of chastity and self-control, making Twilight propaganda for America’s growing abstinence movement.

Other people on the list include Oprah Winfrey, Pope Benedict XVI, Presidents Barack Obama, Felipe Calderon, and Hugo Chavez among others, Bill Gates, James Cameron and Lady Gaga. Very few people from the entertainment industry and writers or artists were on the list that is mostly composed of political figures.

Anyway, do you agree that Twilight is propaganda for America’s abstinence movement?

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One Response to “Stephenie Meyer on The New Statesman’s List Of People Who Mattered in 2010”

  1. Evelyn says:

    As far as any propaganda goes, apparently millions of people agree and I am one, the chastity, and wholesomeness is gone from American culture. That is one reason why these books and movies were so enthralling. We wish for our lives to be full of self-control and admire works like these fantasies to show us a sample of old-fashioned life. Some of us remember when people actually lived with self-control and chastity. People were more honest, forthright, and respectful of each other’s feelings. I believe if it takes propaganda to get us back to being self-respecting humans, following the example of this woman’s writings couldn’t hurt.

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