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On October 18th, Twilight Poison was fortunate enough to have a little chat with Welcome to the Riley’s producer Giovanni Agnelli in New York city. Our Spanish staff member Carmen, NYC resident, caught up with Gio after the screening of the movie at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Unfortunately, I (Vale) was not able to be there but I thank Carmen for her persistance in the name of Twilight Poison and Kristen’s fans.

Gio was kind enough to answer a few questions about Welcome to the Rileys, how Kristen was cast for the role, the online support and fan-driven campaigns, international release dates, and he tells us if he reads reviews of the movie. He also talks about his own little fanbase that came to be after he opened his Twitter account @giovanniagnelli. He talked to us about his followers, what kind of messages he gets 24/7 (he showed us his cellphone!) and what he talks about on Twitter (if you follow him, you know his feed is never dull and proved great entertainment!).

Gio was everything we expected him to be: charming, hilarious and very down to earth. The interview you’re about to see is both very informative and very funny. We really appreciate that he took the time to answer some questions for us and talk about the online fanbase, which has been working very hard in promoting this movie non-stop from day 1. From IMDB to Twitter, to Facebook and Live Journal, Kristen’s fanbase has been strong, consistent and very loud in their support for Welcome to the Rileys, a movie we’ve been waiting to see for almost two years. As Gio probably knows by now, Kristen has an incredibly loyal and hard working following on the Internet that doesn’t end with Twilight, and who see Kristen not just as an idol, but as a true role model and source of inspiration.

If you visit this site often, you know we’re not just about the Twilight saga. Our site follows closely the careers of the cast members, which is why we love to promote their other movies and/or musical projects that sometimes don’t have the heavy promotional machine behind them like Twilight does. For many people, this franchise is what introduced them to these amazing young actors, so we want to be a place where fans can be informed and updated about every single one of them. We think that the Twilight franchise is beyond fortunate to have this cast, and especially Kristen Stewart as the lead, since her future is bright and many exciting things are coming her way.

Please continue to support Welcome to the Rileys online by joining the Facebook group according to your location. We have the list of all Facebook pages for each country here. All you have to do is hit the “Like” button and recommend the Facebook pages to all the Kristen fans you know worldwide.
If you’re on Twitter, please follow now the official Welcome to the Rileys account: @welcome2rileys and Mr. Agnelli’s account: @giovanniagnelli.
To see all our previous posts including clips, trailers, interviews and pictures of Welcome to the Rileys click here.

For all the fans who are fortunate enough to get the movie in their cities on October 29th, go see it on opening day and show your support in the name of all us that don’t get a release date yet (especially the foreign fans that have to wait over a year to see her movies! We know what happened in Mexico with The Runaways being pushed to June 30th 2011, for example).

Now, this is for all Gio fans. We leave you with this great picture that Carmen took at the Tribeca Grand Hotel:

Enjoy, Gio fans. Isn’t he handsome?

Gio – thank you so much for your time and for giving us a very fun interview. We know your fans are going to love it! Best of luck with Welcome to the Rileys and all your future projects.

Lots of Love,

The Twilight Poison staff and readers.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Luvd the interview with Gio. I’m in Australia and I have NO IDEA when WTTR is coming here :( I just can’t wait to watch it. I hope we don’t have to wait too long. I think I probably know enough ppl that are interested to fill the conema a few times at least so GIO PLZ bring it down under ;)

  2. Twigirl_world says:

    GREAT interview gals!! And now I flove Gio even more!! Like he could be any cuter!!

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