Breaking Dawn Set in Brazil Was Not Vandalized, Fire Was Part of Filming

While the Twilight fandom celebrates the filming and the amazing set pictures from Brazil other people try to turn positive things into negative. This is how gossip started today when MTV UK reported that protesters vandalized the set of Breaking Dawn by setting a portable toilet on fire.

According to Female First, a portable toilet that was used by the film crew was set on fire by protestors, who were annoyed by the disruption shooting had caused.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and co, who are currently filming the fourth installment of the vampire flicks in Rio de Janerio, have apparently outraged residents who have seen their town turned into a movie set.

The locals are said to have taken action by vandalising the toilet, as well as protesting in the streets to show their anger over the Twilight cast being in town.

However, Paulie (@paulie_foforks), a fan who was on set, cleared everything up to @CullensNewsCom:

I was there exactly on this place. they set fire on a WALL to make it look older. the fire was totally on purpose. in the end, due to strong winds, the fire burned and melted part of a chemical toilet. nothing serious, totally controlled. they claim it was a rebelion by locals, it was not! at the time this happened, they hadn’t even closed the streets yet, there were no ‘angry locals’ around.

As far as we have been able to tell from reading reports from fans and Brazilian media, the locals are more than happy that a Twilight movie is being filmed in their country. Not only will the movie spark international interest and tourism for Brazil, but it’s also generating tons of jobs and millions of dollars are being invested in the area. Who would complain?

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