Paperbag Alert: Kristen in White Bikini, Rob Shirtless

More honeymoon, Isle Esme scenes are being filmed for Breaking Dawn in Brazil and it looks like reports were right: Kristen was wearing a white bikini the whole time. Click to view in full size.

Via NewsofTheWorld.

They probably have a lot more but their article is only available to suscribers (any of you suscribe to News of the World and would like to share the epicness with us?). Give it time, anyway. HQ pictures are bound to come out any minute now.

Update: And another one:

Update 2: And another one!

Yeah, I would pay close attention to the site today if I were you.
By the way, today is the last day of filming in Brazil. Let’s try to make this trend on Twitter: #BrazilThanksTwilight #ObrigadoBrazil!

Speaking of Isle Esme and Twitter, yesterday Esme and/or Isle Esme trended for hours on Twitter, Worldwide after these pictures came out:

We had a little fun of our own on our Twitter page (@TwilightPoison) and came up with a very Brazilian #IsleEsmeSoundtrack. People liked my suggestions (Brazilian beats, Bossa Nova), so I just added them to our playlist, which you can listen on our left sidebar <-------. Close your eyes, click Play and let the music take you to Isle Esme~.

Another bikini pic:


A bunch more:

Note: This post is being constantly updated. Don’t go anywhere!

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3 Responses to “Paperbag Alert: Kristen in White Bikini, Rob Shirtless”

  1. Sharon says:

    notice on one pic that Kristen has her arm around Rob’s shoulder and Rob looks like he has his hand on her butt and he is actually smoking a cigarette…therefore, no cameras are filming….so more proof I think that these guys may be together….how exciting!!!!

  2. Sole says:

    I think we won’t see her white bikini neither Edward swimsuit…. I think they will make it look as if they were naked.

  3. Sara Lamperez says:

    god rob is hot

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