President of Rio Filmes Addresses Set Invasion By Brazilian TV Show

Tonight, the Brazilian TV show Panico aired footage secretly taken from inside the house used for Isle Esme (pictured above) just moments before Rob and Kristen filmed some indoor scenes for Breaking Dawn. Apparently, a member of the show crashed the set, posed as a member of the crew, hid a camera somewhere inside his clothes, and shot Rob and Kristen getting ready to film.
We really want to avoid getting in trouble, so we’re not posting the video on our site, however, the president of Rio Filme took to his twitter account @ssl_riofilme to talk about the situation as soon as fans started tweeting their concerns over the safety of the cast. Here are the translated tweets:

The alleged invasion of TV Show Panico did not disrupt the filming of Breaking Dawn. It happened when there were many people at the house. Nobody knew.

Once and for all … The issues with the residents of Lapa were resolved in minutes. They were warned in advance. Alright?

There are parasites who do not realize the importance of attracting major foreign productions to Rio, and would prefer the government to invest in films that one sees, that don’t generate financial or cultural returns, and that are barely able to sustain them. They use the media to undermine Rio and the audiovisual productions in Rio that work hard to attract investment, create jobs and make films that are relevant!

People … When they entered the house, the filming was going on elsewhere. The other images were taken by boat and helicopter.

The entry into the house did not ruin the shot. The helicopter did, because of the noise. But it was fast. No problem. No one cared.

So … No cause for concern. And I did not use the term “parasites” for these guys. Everyone was happy with Breaking Dawn.

So there you have it. To be fair, the TV Show Panico is famous for crashing into private events and sets, by going completely unnoticed and filming everything they can with hidden cameras. According to several Brazilian fans on Twitter, Panico has crashed into concerts, the Academy Awards and even Michael Jackson’s funeral, so the set of Breaking Dawn didn’t stand a chance against people who are experts in breaking in. They didn’t bother the cast members or disrupt the filming, they just basically like to troll closed and exclusive sets and places for their show.*

*By this I mean that I don’t believe it’s the production’s fault. These people will sneak in anywhere and apparently they’re very good at it, since nobody can ever spot them and they get away with it everytime. We’re sure Rio Filmes did everything they could to keep the set closed and safe, but creepers always find a way. Of course that doesn’t make it ok, but stuff happens!

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26 Responses to “President of Rio Filmes Addresses Set Invasion By Brazilian TV Show”

  1. FOS says:

    Just because they do it doesn’t make it right. It’s an invasion. Since sets cannot be protected, then why should someone film in Brazil. I wouldn’t. The President of Brazil promised a secured area. The area was breached by paparazzi hiding in the woods after the soldiers supposed to have secured them with dogs. Now this. Brazil’s President is full of crap trying to excuse this breach and anyone who’s say’s “so they did it to the Oscars and MJ’s funeral to make it seem like it’s ok are idiots.

    It’s not ok. What they did was dangerous. It could have been a nut. It wasn’t funny and I for one will never visit a country that’s breached it’s own ethics by allowing the paps get so close now this tv show.

    Fans should protest the invasion. I hope this effects Brazil receiving future films to teach them a lesson.

  2. Rain says:

    Mr. President:

    You appear to be saying it was okay for someone to invade the set because it didn’t disrupt filming. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Who gives a damn about filming?! Where is your concern for the safety of Rob and Kristen and the crew?! It could have easily been someone who wanted to hurt or kill them! It was not okay!

    You pretty much allowed the paps and fans to invade the area during the whole production…proof you have no idea how to handle security!

    You want major foreign productions to come to Rio? Then you need to learn the meaning of SECURITY and SAFETY! I hope all major film companies around the world boycott Brazil!

  3. Leonardo L. says:

    FOS, you seriously said “president of Brazil”?

    The guy on tweeter is the president of *Rio Filmes*, who is responsible for the filmings. The president of Brazil is probably not even aware of the filming, and AFAIK he has more important things to care about.

    Rain, I also was thinking about security, when I learned about the whole protection around the house – including navy boats for the coast area around the set.

    Funny for you both to arise a “boycott to Brazil”. You ignore the fact that the invasion of MJ’s funeral and Oscar also raised questions about security, and it was outside Brazil. So, should United States stop receiving movies and other big events? Should the world boycott USA for that lack of security for the people?

    What you both are doing is a dumb generalization. If you want to complain about something, complain about Rio Filmes and the security inside the house, like lack of identification. And stop acting like idiots.

  4. Rain says:

    Leonardo: who’s the idiot here? maybe you should read my message again because I WAS complaining about the president of Rio Filmes and lack of security on the set.

    The president of Rio Filmes tweeted for weeks about trying to convince summit to film the honeymoon scenes in various locations in Brazil. He made a lot of promises that he clearly couldn’t keep. He failed to provide a safe and secure environment for Rob, Kristen, and the crew to work…not just once but several times! So yeah, I think other major productions should think twice before going to Brazil to film anything until this man stops siding with a ridiculous game show and starts caring about the well being of the actors and production crews involved in filming.

    Your logic about boycotting the USA for lack of security at MJ’s funeral and the Oscars – REALLY?! Now you’re just making fun of how serious this breach of security was in Brazil.

  5. looselips says:

    They knew that was going to happen. That girl was hosted at the same hotel as R/K since day one. People need to chill out. They didn’t disturb anything.

    I’m not here to defend, I’m the first to be ashamed when something bad happens. But NOTHING happened. They didn’t show any scene of the movie.

    This TV show’s done this before. Get over it. They have credentials, money and contracts involved to do the moves.

    Enough drama.

    Peace, love. x

  6. Alison says:

    Are you kidding me? Any discussion about security when a TV show just got images and videos that the whole world wanted? YES,fans enjoy it . I am American and I am ashamed of our policy and insecurity. Have you forgotten 11/09? THAT is lack of security, so SHUT UP! In Brazil get facts, pictures. Because we do not have the same capacity. WAKE UP! Leonardo supported!

  7. Larissa says:

    Oh, yeah. I think you all forgot about NY last Year, with the fans running behind Robert and the pappz in Australia.
    Everyone here wanted that images, wanted pics and videos from them, and now you all talk bullshits about the security in Brazil.Any fan hurted them? Screamed in the isle? NO. So shut up, and get a life.

  8. Amanda says:

    Many fans are happy about it, no harm done. No one get hurt, or scared. Brazilians fans were all over the place, but, first of all, they are a peacefull people. Very excited, but in peace.

    Security breaches happens everwhere, you guys above gave good examples. Let’s not make a big deal about it, or blame the entire country because of it, really guys…

  9. Becca says:

    Sorry ’bout my english, i’m from Argentina.
    But i’m so disappointed about all this. Not about the tv show (no, i don’t agree with it and don’t think it was funny), but especially with those peoples that can’t wait for a little reason to bad mouth Brazil.
    Why all this drama? Anything happend with the actors or the crew? There’s no paparazzi in their contries?

    They probably think only USA has the capacity to do something right, and can’t see their own imperfection.
    I can imagine how proud the fans in Rio are to recive the cast, i would if it was here in Argentina. I’ll never take this proud away from them for so small reasons.

    I saw the video, This guy with the camera he knew every place in the house, how to get into the room… For me it was someone inside with the credencial, that did it for a lot of money. So he took the images that most of the fans wanted to see. I’m also not here to defend it, but come on, it’s not the end of the world!
    It’s not fair to incriminate Brazil with the idea of what COULD happened…
    Can’t handle the fact that Rob and Kris had a good time threre?
    Let’s move on! =)

  10. Bruna Mendes says:

    Drama, drama and drama… This was really funny, why don’t laugh about? Complain about this is so ridiculous, the security was great (none other tv show get close for what they did, and the other really try, even the fans), the guy who filmed that was smart only it, he made to gain money easy thats all.

  11. ValeWolf says:

    Whoa whoa. Calm down everyone. This is not that kind of site. Turn your drama a few notches down. Nothing happened. It was absolutely horrible for the crew, probably, because I bet they did get in trouble after this. But at the same time these people are experts in crashing in, there’s nothing they could’ve done and they knew it was a vey busy day. Now for all we know, someone from the actual set was in on this. It’s not that easy to waltz into a set without an ID. Ask the countless of fans who have tried to sneak in over the years.

    Now when I mentioned that they have crashed into set before, I was not excusing what they did. Merely explaining what these people are known for, so please, spare your insults, take some herbal tea and chill out. Rob and Kristen had an awesome time in Brazil. We all loved the set pictures and reports, so let’s not ruin this awesome shoot with drama. God knows when we’re going to see new stuff anyway. Louisiana and Vancouver are closed sets.

  12. Sandra O. says:


  13. Krista says:

    The video is still widely available. Pretty hazy, mostly shots of the floor and equipment. Kristen walking by, rob standing around. I guess the idea was to stash garlic into the bed of the big scene. ridiculous.

  14. katy says:

    Wow! As these Americans are dramatic! Rest assured, they have already left, and by the way, very pleased with Brazil. No one was injured, beheaded or something. At least in Brazil there is no danger of terrorism. They had every assurance that the country can make. Navy, Air Force, police and everything. The fact that this TV show have infiltrated the house, it’s likely that someone helped the production team, and they did not kill anyone! You can stay quiet! And if it is to boycott anything, the Brazilian people can also do the same. But do not want it, we just want peace! Stop being biased, of course! do not say this to all Americans.

  15. pennybug says:

    Wow. This is just disgusting & wrong. I hope Summit can somehow sue them or take some sort of legal action against them. Teach them a lesson. The safety of Rob & Kristen (and anybody else there) is the most important. I don’t care if they claim to be doing it all in fun.

  16. radar says:

    I find the comments on here about “nothing happened” and “it’s okay it was just for fun” a bit strange. Apparently you don’t realize Rob and Kristen have stalkers. They should never be put in a situation that could possibly place them in harm’s way especially for a t.v. stunt. Brazil wants more movie production it’s going to have to be more professional than that.

    Bruna, looselips, Sandra, & Katy…your comments are very scary. Just because nothing happened this time doesn’t make it right. This stunt only encourages other creeps to try to do the same thing…Rob and Kristen shouldn’t have to worry about anything but doing their jobs. They shouldn’t have to worry about their safety. Your lack of respect for them and for the people who are commenting on the board because they are concerned is really sad.

  17. Norwegian says:

    LOL, you americans (some of you, at least) are so dramatic. Everything is about the security & what COULD have happened, not what really happened. Chill out, people, nothing bad happened :) I’m sure they did their best to keep it safe, but sometimes the best just isn’t good enough. Of course the stunt was wrong, but it’s just stupid to complain and critize when the whole thing is done and sorted.

  18. Fabianne says:

    Hi, I’m a brazillian.

    I’m a fan of “Panico na TV” and I know that almost everything they do is polemic. That’s their purpose! But, to blame the hole Brazil because of ONE TV program is unacceptable and stupid.

    We are a country, and a country is not made by the oppinion of ONE PERSON, OR ONE PROGRAM. There are individuals here and a TV program, or a newspapper or whatever else can’t represent he hole nation.

    So, instead of blame Brazil, people could use their time to do something more usefull, like to develop a way of having more security at any place, city or country.

  19. Taty says:

    Hy I’m a brazilian.
    I love Panico na Tv” is a tv show that most of people like but others hate, but I remember when they were after Britney Spears in company with the papz in Usa and believe me there are people doing what they do all the time in USA, but I don’t want to take part of my country and accuse USA or vice versa…
    Panico is only a tv show and it is their job, they do it with everybody…
    We are very happy that Breaking dawn was filmed here, there are security problems everywhere, we did our best..
    I think they didn’t understand the proposal of Panico, and it is a little hard to do it for those whose are not brazilian, there’s a lot of irreverence here… Sorry anyway…

  20. kmt23 says:

    okay if Brazil wants to treat security issues like it’s a joke and should be ignored because a t.v. show is popular then great do it and have tons of fun. just don’t expect movie studios to agree with you. i’ve heard summit is very angry so good luck in getting them to come back to film a movie within a 100 miles of Brazil.

  21. Msp19 says:

    I’m here as a Panico fan and i think it’s really cool to have stuff like this. Perhaps with this event, security will be better, at least for the famous.

  22. rafael says:

    He is not a paparazzi he is the impostor he even invade Michael Jackson funeral and Ricky Martins house

  23. Moraes says:

    I cannot believe how much drama you guys are reading into this!!! Let’s just remind that Panico’s crew don’t mean any harm to anyone.. ever! The whole point of this particular bit of the show is to entertain and amaze everyone who has the tiny idea just how impenetrable these events are. But again.. never doing anything to put any of the people envolved in danger. And if you must know these guys are absolutely LOVED here in Brazil.. and as much as you may think.. we’re not that stupid to like a show that puts other peolpe in dangerous situations (..Bola heheheh).But I understand that must be good for you having something outside your perfect american bubble to be pissed about..
    I too would prefer going on and on bout some harmless though rather entertaining security breach in Rio (my hometown by the way mo’fos) than open my eyes and realize the amount of Hollywood’s sweethearts having emotional breakdowns or worse in consequence of the huge exposure you people make them go through. How many more babies we’ll have to see going in and out of rehab for you guys to understand that they’re smothering with this overexposure, overpressure, overfanaticism, ultimately.. over everything. I appreciated who understood that this whole situation had nothind to do with Brazil itself but with the peolpe on the set. Thanks. To Rob and Kristen I garantee they weren’t exposed to any kind of danger here, not by Panico’s crew anyways. And for all of you brazilian haters out there.. why don’t u go watch “Pânico na Tv” for a second?! It just might help you loosen up a little ;)

  24. Gabi says:

    haha O pânico na tv é o melhor !

    o que ele não consegue?
    Ameii invadiram o set de filmagem !

  25. Michelle says:

    I’m Brazilian. And I mean that when the “Programa Pânico” came on set, was not to be funny! They did this by fans of the saga. I think there is any place where they can not enter. Nowhere. Until the home of you who are speaking ill of Brazil is that they can enter. And though it may be a comedy, they are very professional. Now forget it. Everyone saw the video, and everyone liked how the movie will be. That’s it.

  26. Barbara says:

    I’m Brazilian.
    eu achei a maior sacanagem o que eles fizeram mais temos que admitir que aquele boy é sinistro. I love “Panico na TV” and I love “O Impostor”. I love very Breaking Dawn.

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