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Here’s the latest Twilight celebrity font! This font was made with Ashley Greene’s actual handwriting, as found on the January issue of Cosmopolitan. See the scan here. Ashley filled out a quiz and the samples were used to create the entire alphabet, which you can use in your documents.
After the huge success of the RPattz font and the Kstew font, I’ve been waiting to find samples to create the next font. Months and months later, here’s Ashley font!

Ashley’s handwriting is a little quirky and unique. The cool thing about this font is that it includes special little drawings that Ashley made. Make sure you check out the “Read Me” file included in our zip file to learn what those secret characters are! It’s the first time I’ve included secret characters in one of my fonts!

>> Click here to download the Ashley Greene font!

Making these fonts takes a lot of work, patience and time, so please follow these simple rules if you’re using the font:

– Use it wherever you want to. Fan art, layouts, icons, etc. It’s all yours. But please credit if you use. That’s all I ask – a link back on your credits section or on your disclaimer section if you’re using it on your layout. This is obligatory. Please don’t let me catch you not crediting.

– You cannot use our fonts for fan merchandise! Profiting from this, a free font, is not authorized in any way. T-shirts, mugs and other fan merch will be asked to be taken down.

Do NOT re-upload the font file elsewhere. If you want to recommend people the font, send them over here but don’t provide your own download link. I really want people to come here and get the content I make, for once. It gets a little tiring when you work hard on something and you have dozens of fansites copying/pasting/re-uploading as opposed to linking back the original source. So please don’t redistribute it. There’s no need. Link back to the file hosted here.

– Do not edit the font in any way.

Installation instructions:

– Windows 7/Vista: Right-click on the font files > “Install”
– Windows XP: Put the font files into C:\Windows\Fonts
– Mac OS X: Double-click the font file > “Install font” button.

Where can I use these fonts?

– These fonts are to be used as any other font likes Times Roman, Comic Sans, etc. Which means that all you need is to open a program like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc. and use the font for your documents and manips.


Since people are always concerned that illegal and evil things can be done with these fonts, like faking autographs on e-bay, please read this message. Trust to know that using these fonts to forge documents is impossible. Once you print this font you can tell that it’s digital and not handwritten, so nobody would ever believe you that a printed thing was real autograph, unless they were really really dumb, and have never seen a real signature before. You cannot recreate the actor’s autographs with these fonts, since their autographs are very different from their normal handwriting. Test the font if you’re concerned. You’ll see it will look nothing like an autograph. These fonts are just for entertainment and it’s not forging or illegal to make them. There’s tons of celebrity fonts out there!

Thanks to all the communities, forums, fansites and entertainment sites (and hey, there’s even one magazine!) that have showcased our Rob and Kristen fonts. It means a lot and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

If you want me to keep making more Twilight celebrity fonts here’s what you can do to help – all I need is high quality scans of the stars’ handwriting. The scans and autographs must include as many different letters as possible to complete the entire alphabet. You can find samples in autographed pictures and notes. If you happen to have a sample, don’t hesitate and send it over to wolfspirit at twilightpoison dot com!


Stay tuned because I will post a massive update on the RPattz font. I’ve recently found better scans of his handwriting, so I’ll be working on updating the font and adding new characters and even numbers!

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