RPattz and KStew Fonts Updated – Please Change Your Files!

I have a few updates on two of our most popular downloads ever – the RPattz and KStew fonts! For months I’ve been meaning to add some updates and I finally had the chance now that I made the Ashley Greene font. Both fonts have some improvements, so read on:

RPattz Font.
I liked the font initially but I feel like I did make a few rookie mistakes with it. I had never made a font with someone else’s handwriting, so there were a couple of things that I didn’t particularly do right or like. I’m a perfectionist, so yeah, I’ve been meaning to change some things for a while.
The allignment is much better. I feel like there was too much space between each letter, which Rob does do, but I feel like I exagerated a bit, so I reduced the space.

A few letters are different now. They’re better, clearer, nicer. This is because I found better scans of Rob’s handwriting, which helped improve certain characters that I wasn’t very happy with. You’ll spot major improvements in the capital P, R, O, N, T and B. Particularly the P and R are much better, and look more like the ones we’re familiar with in his autograph.
The a, b, f, h, n, s and u were also improved from better scans.

We now have numbers! Some months ago a reader named Frances sent in some numbers written by Rob from an autograph she had. I edited some numbers to make the couple of numbers that I had missing, and now we have the complete set!

I took the “@” symbol I had from my own autographed Rob picture (see it here on our Facebook page). We also have a period and an exclamation mark I found on other new autographs.

Secret character.
Read the file “Read Me” on our new zip file to find out how to see Rob’s secret character. It’s a little surprise doodle drawn by Rob.

>> Download the file on the original RPattz page here!

KStew Font.
I was pretty satisfied with Kristen’s font. It was a lot easier to make because I had more and better samples of her handwriting than I did with Rob, so this font is already very good. I did change the allignment of the letters and some technical stuff you might not notice right away. I didn’t change letters but I did add a few things, one of them you’ll adore.

New symbols.
We now have a hyphen and a lower case. Woot. Lol, sorry, it was all I could add.

NEW Secret character.
The update is worth it for this secret character alone. Read the “Read Me” file on the new zip to find out how to see the secret character. Kristen drew this character and I took it from one of her latest autographs.

>> Get the update on the original KStew font page.

I’m letting you go to the original pages so you keep recommending that page, sharing it on Facebook and on Twitter, and also leaving your comments.

Update your font files if you want these new updates, which you should have. They make the fonts more complete and better. You’ll need to delete the first file and then add the new file. For installation instructions and rules to use our fonts, click on the previous links I gave you.

Hope you continue to enjoy our fonts! Leave your comments and feel free to share them on your sites, just don’t reupload the file to your own server. Redirect people to our fonts’ pages. As always, don’t forget to credit and link back if you use.

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