Cinemanía Lists Breaking Dawn and Water For Elephants as Their Most Anticipated Films of 2011

Here are a couple of scans from Cinemanía (Mexico) where they list their most anticipated films of 2011.
As is to be expected, Breaking Dawn makes the list on the November files.

“Fans, go crazy! There will be sex! This is the movie where Edward hits home run with Bella (V: yeah…I know, just ignore). If there’s a better reason to see the movie, tell me. Well there’s also the whole vampire Bella and baby business. The saga’s finale will be broke in two, à la Harry Potter, to milk the cow more (ignore that too).

The wonderful surprise is that there’s another foreign magazine that is highly anticipating Water For Elephants, while also waiting to see if Rob is up for the challenge.

“Pattinson’s test of fire where he has to prove there’s someone else inside him than just an impossibly beautiful vampire. He will play a vet student who joins the circus and falls in love with Reese Witherspoon’s character.”

You wait and see, Cinemanía. You wait and see.

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