Latest Tweets From the Set of Breaking Dawn

Here are the latest tweets from the set of Breaking Dawn. It looks like the Cullens, the Volturi and the vampire guests are all busy at work, which only means one thing: confrontation scenes are taking place.

At work. Between takes. Playing Angry Birds with Vampire contact lenses is a challenge. Cameras rolling. Gotta go.
Peter Facinelli
There was a problem connecting to Twitter.
Peachy days work today. Vampires and shiiizzzzz. Still want to be on Glee. x
Jamie Campbell Bower

It's way past my bedtime. Early morning tomorrow! Goodnight everyone! Hope your weekend was relaxing. :)
Ashley Greene

Thank God for my Mark. Light Bright Eye Gel this AM. Seriously... A 6am call time does not allow me to sleep long enough! :)
Ashley Greene

As you can see, Amadou (who we still don’t know what charcter he plays, but we suspect is a vampire) also took place in the character portrait photoshoots.

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  1. Awesome to see these guys so hard at work on the Breaking Dawn set. Anxious about seeing Breaking Dawn can’t wait for the trailer squeee…..

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