Charlie Bewley’s Movie “Like Crazy” Steals Hearts at Sundance, Gets Distribution Deal

Charlie Bewley’s new movie Like Crazy is making huge buzz at Sundance. According to Entertainment Weekly, it’s the first major sale at the festival with Paramount Pictures picking it up for $4 million.
The reviews are nothing short of fantastic, let us quote a few:
Like Crazy will rock anyone who has had the chance to truly fall in love at one point in their life. I have no problem admitting I was balling at least four or five times during the film and it was mostly for happy moments in Drake Doremus’ triumph.

The mood in the theater was similar to two years ago, when (500) Days of Summer played the same venue and had people crying, laughing, and reaching for the hand of the person next to them — hopefully not a stranger.

“Like Crazy” is a masterful feat of narrative compression — a quickly moving film that feels relaxed. Full of jump cuts, lightning-fast montages and decontextualized bits of dialogue, the pic contains nary an extraneous detail, while still managing to luxuriate in the tender and awkward silences of young love. At times it hardly seems to have been scripted at all, making it hard to tell whether the writer, actors or editor deserve the most credit for its verisimilitude.

Best of luck to Charlie! We’re very happy for him. Click to view his Sundance portraits.

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