New Moon Inspired Stevie Nicks to Write New Song

Rock n’ Roll legend Stevie Nicks was inspired by New Moon and wrote a new song, accoding to a press release:

“I had written a song in Brisbane, Australia when I was on tour with Fleetwood Mac in 2009 called ‘Moonlight — A Vampire’s Dream’ which was inspired by the ‘New Moon’ film. When I finished writing that song, which came together really quickly, I knew the time was right to start recording. We had a core group of five people who were at the heart of the creation of ‘In Your Dreams.’ Dave and myself, my longtime friend and musical director, Waddy Wachtel, and my girls, Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks. It was a perfect blend.”

Cannot wait to listen to the song! And hey, can you imagine a song by her on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack? This needs to happen!

Via: PerezHilton.

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  1. Andrea Aldan says:

    My husband, Steve, and I have always been huge fans of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks et al. I would love to hear one of her songs being played on the movie, Breaking Dawn, if not a couple more!! What an amazing experience it would be to have such a world-wide icon singing on such a movie…I believe the sales would be phenomenal because all her fans would buy even if it was just to be curious. It might even get my husband interested in one of my favourite sagas because up-to-date he will not watch the films with me out of sheer stubborness….but with the addition of Stevie…. :-D

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