Hugh Jackman Will Not Be Kristen’s Huntsman in Snow White

Sad news! Variety reports that Hugh Jackman will not be in Snow White and the Huntsman:

Jackman’s schedule and salary demands never really made sense for the Universal pic, which also has Charleze Theron attached. So with Jackman officially no longer being considered, it’s back to the drawing board for Universal now, and the clock is ticking — SWATH is scheduled to shoot in August.

Previously Viggo Mortensen dropped out in favor of the new Superman remake.

Now who should be the new Huntsman? Maybe someone a bit younger?

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One Response to “Hugh Jackman Will Not Be Kristen’s Huntsman in Snow White”

  1. Barbara Fenwick says:

    I am not sure who would be a good huntsman for Kris. Hugh Jackman looks the part, so it is a shame he cannot do it.

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