Video: New USA Today Interview

Here’s a new video interview with Rob where he talks about fame, paparazzi, Water for Elephants and his new dog Bear. We’ll skip the familiar quotes and go straight to the new interesting ones.

On ever doing a franchise again:
“Only if I could have a lot of say in the development of it,” he replies, noting the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” creative mentality of the series.

On avoiding being seen in public with Kristen or talking about their relationship to the public:
“I try my best to avoid it happening by never being seen or not saying anything stupid in interviews, but it doesn’t seem to matter.”

On people focusing too much on his personal life:
“That’s not part of my job. It’s embarrassing, people using your life as entertainment. If people are already using your life as entertainment and they get their fill in magazines, they’re never going to see your movies.”

On truly venting only to his parents:
“They always think I’m completely depressed because I don’t really say it to anyone else. So they always think (being famous) is the most miserable experience in the world. They’re funny. Whenever I sort of complain about it, they go, ‘Well, just quit. What are you talking about, if you hate it so much?’ ”

On Twitter:
“The only time I ever follow Twitter is if I’m in a restaurant or something, just before I leave, to see if people are waiting outside. It does make you a bit of a loser, especially when someone asks you, ‘Hey, you want to go to dinner at this place?’ and I’m like, ‘Can we have dinner at this (other) place? It has three exits.’ “

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Plus, enjoy this new photo:

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