Scans and Translation: Robert’s Interview for Tú Magazine

Mexican magazine has a fun interview with Rob on their latest issue out now. Interview sounds a bit familiar, so I’m not sure if it’s 100% new. The magazine also features a HUGE poster, so get your own copy if you live in Mexico and South America! (we hear Chile and Argentina got their own special Rob issue, not sure if interview is the same, but probably).

At the Benedict Suite in Los Angeles Four Seasons we interviewed Robert. We only needed someone to introduce him like: “Ladies and gentlement, the greatest show on Earth, Robert Pattinson”. The show was about to start.

You’ve become an actor specialized in forbidden affairs and matters of the heart. Do you think there are rules for love?
There’s always problems when you fall in love, especially in movies (laughs), that’s been the main problem in the last two movies I’ve done. In WFE, the lead and his lady like each other, fall in love, and do things right from the very beggining to the end of the story. It also has a happy ending, so everything’s great!

At least Jacob doesn’t die…
No, that’s cool.

Jacob lives in the 30’s. How would you describe this time?
A crazy time. I always get images of what I want to do in a movie, and when I read the script, I focus on what things were like, the clothes, how people moved and all those details. I thought “I have to move like this, I have to do this,” that sounded ridiculous (laughs). I like their trends (laughs).

Did you enjoy wearing the outfits?
Yes, I don’t think I’m made for modern times, I have an old-school type of body or and old man type of body (laughs), or something (keeps laughing), every piece I wore was fantastic and I thought it was great how it fit me perfectly. Now I try to wear a pair of jeans and they don’t fit, I tried with these (laughs).

Do you think your life is like a circus, like you were Rosie, the main attraction? Your life is quite exciting and fast.
Not really. I have a boring life. I work every single day and that’s it (laughs). If I have to go out I’m ready in 10 minutes, and sometimes I fall asleep in the car, but I’m ready by the time I have to get off, like for a premiere. You do what you have to do and take your next flight.

Do you get excited by seeing your fans?
Yes, it’s fun walking to the spot where there’s a crowd waiting for you going crazy. But when you have to be somewhere it’s hard to be around those crowds.

How do you travel? Do you take a private plane, first class, coach?
Airports are difficult, especially LAX, it’s hard to get around that place. But to avoid all the fuzz I board the plane 20 minutes before it takes off. That’s what I’ve done so far.

Do people bother you inside the plane?
I just hide my face under a blanket before sleeping. That’s easier to do in an airplane (laughs).

Do you still miss England?
Yes, and I think it will always be that way. There’s things you can’t change. I went home for Christmas and I had no idea what happened there that year, it was depressing, having an idea of a place and coming back and seeing how it’s completely changed.

People say you brought your friends from England over, to keep you company and keep you strong.
Occasionally when I’m working in LA, my friends would come over because they had business to attend here too, but they would never want to be with me all the time. Many actors have a group of friends that stay with them for months like on Entourage, but my friends’ egoes are too big and they would never want to be my entourage (laughs). Maybe in New York or LA, with everything paid, but not in small towns.

How do you keep your feet on the ground?
Works keeps your feet on the ground. Trying to get by it. I don’t know how to say this, but I don’t expect anyone from anybody. For instance, expensive things don’t make a difference to me.

What about the puppy you adopted?
They were going to put him down today (February 18th). I rescued him three days ago, and the shelter owners were going to keep him for only 10 days. The next day he was boarding the same place as me and is now staying at the Four Seasons (laughs).

How’s the Twilight saga going? Do you still like Edward?
It’s still insane. The last two parts of the story will be very different. It’s the first time Summit doesn’t ask me to now share anything. they’re like “talk about this, talk about that” (laughs).

So are the movies going to be just like the book?
I don’t know, but the book is crazy.

And how about the wedding and pregnancy?
It’s fun. Well, not fun. It’s scary in the second movie (laughs).

>> Scans here! Huge scans of those nice pics we’ve seen before and a NEW picture.

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