Cinemanía Publishes Second Interview With Rob: Scans and Translation

Cinemanía (Mexico) published an interview with Rob from the set of Water for Elephants last month, and for this month’s issue (out now) they have published a second new interview with new deets and quotes. A few little quotes on the pictures sound familiar, so I skipped them. It’s one of those insightful interviews about fame and working in films, with added points of view from the reporter. A really good read. Enjoy!

Rob enters the room with a happy and kind disposition, but the sharp-eyed can notice his subtle shield. It’s almost invisible, but it’s there, and who can blame him? The harassment this young 24 year old has suffered for the past three years could send anyone to the psych guard. He puts his best face forward with the media and he dissembles with a beautiful smile, but in any case he doesn’t welcome everything that fame has brought with it.
The reason for the meeting is for promotion of his new movie WFE, a film that he’s satisfied with. Practically, all he can talk about is the elehapnt Tai, with whom he filmed several scenes. Was it hard working with animals?, did his perception of the circus change as far as the treatment he animals receive in circus? “I don’t know much about the subject, but I know circus have a bad fame. None of our animals came from a circus. I know how hard it is to train them and how they can get hurt. The horses on our set took months in learning new tricks, so if anything happened to any of them, there was no back up, so a new one would have needed training. I understood just how dangerous it is to keep a circus. To me, working with the animals made everything easier. You have an elephant in the scene and she may do whatever she wants to do, so that makes your reactions all natural. All of a sudden you have a huge face and trunk in front of you, but nobody expects a perfect shot because we know it’s a wild animal, so whatever happens, happens. It’s not like the elephant has to hit her mark, so that relaxed me.”
Was any beast scary? “Yes, the zebras. They’re a lot smarter than horses, and you cannot control them. They will break lose even if you tie them down. They’ll drag themselves until they break free, and if they can’t break free they won’t stop kicking violently until they do. One escaped and started chasing me one day. I managed to get away from it. Then I found out that Chris actually put himself in front of the animal to protect Reese, and I thought “How silly to risk your life like that”, but then he confessed me that he couldn’t move because Reese was holding him in front of her like a human shield. I thought it was hilarious how everyone on set thought he was a hero” the actor shares amused.

Officially an adult.

In this movie Rob looks to solidify himself as a serious actor and leaving behind young cinema. Francis Lawrence says he chose him becayse he noticed he was already a man, and wise beyond his years. Do you feel grown up? “Kinda… and not really. It’s weird when you do this for a living: you feel trapped in a bubble all the time, especialy with fame. I never meet anyone new, I have the same conversations over and over again, so you don’t get to grow. You mature through relationships you make with the people around you, new people, and new situations, seeing things from different perspectives. But I go through the same trivial sh-t all the time when I talk to people…” What do you mean, I interrupt him, he nods slightly embarrassed: “Eventually this starts hurting your brain, you forget how to have a normal conversation,” he adds honestly, “but I found that being involved with other aspects of filming, like going to production meetings, actually helps me a lot. So people treat you like an ingeneer during the whole process: that’s why I want to focus more on the active part of production, so that people can come to me with the problems and I’ll solve them. That will balance things out. Because if you’re an actors, things will be kept from you so you won’t be worried or get angry. It’s insane. You feel overprotected,” he complains.

Of love and other phobias.

When talking about privacy he says: “The more people there are around you, the crazier things get. Even if you’re tell the truth, it no longer becomes more real to other people than all the gossip that people talk about you in the media, and you end up actually gossiping about your own life.”
We can feel his phobia after telling him he must have a hard time walking down the streets. “I hate having my picture taken. Even before this, I never let my mom take pictures of me,” he confesses as though he was afraid his soul could be captured by the camera. However, he’s an actor, we point out. “It’s weird because onset it doesn’t bother me, but in other situations I completely avoid it, especially if people are following me around. It wears me out. If someone chooses to way outside and follow me for 24 hours, and they’re getting paid for it, they’ll do it for their entire lives if I allow it,” he explains. This is why he doesn’t have a permanent adress and lives in hotels. What do you do about it? “I shoot them,” (laughs) he says half joking… half serious.

Featured quotes on pictures:

“To me, a happy life is the one where you only do things that you’re proud of, and nothing else in particular. I just got a new dog and I’m very happy with him. As you can see I really don’t need much.”

“This is not the conventional love story, where there’s pride and jealous and things. This one is sweet. Jacob knows he doesn’t intend to steal Marlena, nor try to make her his, he just wants her to realize the potential she has, and he wants her to love herself like he loves her”.

Article conclusion: “I would love to do theater, although I can already imagine people trying to take pictures the whole time. It’s too much for me. A stage actor is very generous, gives everything from himself, and it this point I don’t think I can deliver that much,” he adds. He’s perception is not incorrect. Everybody wants a piece of Robert Pattinson. His defensive attitude only corresponds to keping fame from tearing him apart.

>> Scans here. The scans with pictures are huge. Enjoy! :)

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