Jodie Foster Talks About Kristen Stewart Again

Moviefone asked Jodie Foster about the young actresses of today, like Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, with whom she’s worked before.

Moviefone: You’ve worked with Kristen Stewart before, and now Jennifer Lawrence in this film. What are your thoughts on young female actors today, and how does that compare to your earlier days in film?

These actresses are amazing. They’re great, and their feet are firmly entrenched in drama, which is very nice to see. It is definitely an answer to all those people who say being a young actress in Hollywood will make you crazy. These are very well-adjusted people we’re talking about. Their experiences will be very different from mine; it was a different world when I was growing up. News and entertainment were two different compartments, you didn’t have the mad reality show mentality about celebrities then, and actresses that were 17 or 18 weren’t really worth a lot, financially. It’s only recently that young actresses have become a hot commodity in film.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hoping for a Jodie-Kristen reunion.

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