Recap: Taylor Lautner Fan Chat In Mexico City

Fans gathered this afternoon in a fancy hotel in Mexico city for the Abduction videochat hosted by Los 40 Principales. Instead of an actual press conference, fans were invited to conduct the interview themselves. All lead to excellent questions from all of them! This should happen mroe often…

Here’s our recap from the live tweets we posted. Some of them are not verbatim, but rephrases, since we didn’t have enough time to type the full sentence:

Taylor shared that Britney Spears is a guilty pleasure of him. He’s a huge fan.

Q: What fears did you have to face to play this role?
There was a lot of stunt work I had to do, I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about it.

Q: You’ve had tghe chance to work with great actors, this time you have the chance to work with Soigourney Weaver, what was that like?
I was very lucky, I’ve learned so much. Sigourney, Alfred Molina, are great people and I learned a lot from them”

Videochat hostess: You’re in great shape.

Taylor: Oh, stop it. I don’t think I’m in that good shape.

Hostess: Don’t be shy, Taylor, you’re with family

Taylor: Thanks for calling me family. I love being in Mexico. It’s my second time here, it’s always great. I always tell people that I’m here because of you, so this is why I like being with fans.

Q: If you could create a character for a movie, what characteristics would it have and for what type of film?
Of Jacob I would take his loyalty. Of Nathan I think he’s badass, he can fight. I would like to create a superhero and play a superhero one day.

Q: What would Nathan teach to your other characters that you’ve played before?
Excellent question! Nathan can kick ass and he could teach Jacob. Nathan could teach Jacob how to fight better.

Q: If you could talk to Taylor when he was little, 10 years old, and with Taylor when he’s 40 years old old, what would you tell them?
I would tell little Tay to work hard. I’ve been taught since I was little to work hard for you dreams. To the 40 y/o Taylor I would give him the same advice to the 10y/o and ask him if it worked for him so far, hopefully he’s very successful.

Q: What lesson of life have you gotten from the movies you’ve done? The thing about hard work that I mentioned before. We work hard in movies. You need people who believe in you and support you. I wouldn’t be here without the support of my family and friends, and the fans. I’ve been fortunate to meet people in sets from which I’ve learned a lot.

Q: Did you have a stunt ouble or did you do your stunts?
I had a stunt double there for security, he taught me things I didn’t know, like ridding a motor-bike better, but I did the majority of stunts by myself. There was a lot of preparation involved.

Hostess: Are you t-shirts custom made? They must be with those arms! You’re so much cuter in person!

Taylor: You’e making me blush!

Hostess: Couldn’t resist asking.

Q: What makes u have a normal life?
There’s pros/cons. I’m having the time on my life. The paparazzi make life harder, yes, but I don’t care. Fans are my motivation and that’s why I work so hard.

Hostess: Taylor, you make your fans blush too, by the way. (Taylor laughs).

Q: Do you remember your dreams when you were a little boy?
When I was young I was a sports fanatic. I wanted to be a football player. I’m happy with my life now, but I still dream about it sometimes.

Fan chat ended and fans took pictures with Taylor.

Here’s a live cellphone picture, please link back if you repost.

Taylor did some interviews this morning, so far we know today will be a press junket day. We’re going to bring you all the coverage from Mexico! Keep you eyes peeled for more at @TwilightPoison.

Updated with Fan pics (via @KarlaEOO).

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