15 a 20 Interviews Rob and Kristen; Rob on The Cover

Let the international press and promo begin! Earlier today Rob and Ashley were spotted arriving in Paris for the premiere, the first stop in Breaking Dawn’s European tour. Today, we have the first international magazine cover with new interviews with Rob, Kristen and Taylor for Mexico’s 15 a 20, on newstands now (if you’re in Mexico, make sure you buy this issue for a contest to win tickets to the premiere).


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Full translation:


What was it like working with Bill Condon?
He’s a director that likes to get involved, and he’s also a writer, so he can adapt things in the moment. Something very cool is that before everything used to be so strict ‘This is how it’s in the book, this is how it’s going to be in the film,’ but sometimes things don’t look as good onscreen as they do in paper, so Bill was very daring in interpreting some things differently.

What was your personal challenge for this movie?
The most interesting thing is that my character is very different in this movie. Out of all the Twilight books, I always thought this was the weirdest, because Edward is so impulsive and he makes so many big mistakes, while the rest are thinking and planning carefully. When I read the book I thought, ‘God, what is Edward doing?’, and I didn’t like what he was doing at all, and in one way is a lot more fun to play him that way. He’s careless, selfish, he has no idea at all what he’s doing, and he’s left in pieces, including his relationship with Bella. I really liked playing him this time.

We need to talk about the most important part in this movie, the sex scene, what was that like for you?
The sex scene is never described in the book, so every single person who read it had their own idea in their mind. The entire time we were filming it we thought ‘We have to make this look spectacular to everyone,’ and we were thinking on how to meet people’s expectations. But you also worry about how you’re going to look, I had never been so worried about that before, but after seeing how much Taylor works out for the movies, I thought ‘Well, everybody is really going to judge me now,’ (laughs loudly). I always tried to think about positions where where I could tense the muscles, and suck in my belly… Ok, I think I just gave the most vain answer I could come up with.

So, you were worried about taking your shirt off?
Well, yeah. Especially because in this saga the body of the characters seems to be a big deal. So in this movie I thought, ‘OK, it’s the last one, I’m getting a six pack,’ and I tried, but it’s VERY hard. I worked out so hard for 6 months, so after filming the sex scene the first thing I thought was ‘Time to eat!’.

And when you were finally filming the scene, what happened?
Bill helped us a lot. I knew it would be a very important and scary scene for Kristen and for me, so he gave us many ideas, because like I said, the book just describes the morning after and that’s it, so we had to play what happened before like in True Blood, but in the end everything came out great, we shot several scenes and the cuts were edited just perfect.

You mentioned True Blood, were you worried about making this movie unlike True Blood?
Yes. I haven’t seen much of the series, but people tell me Twilight is about abstinence, and about vampires not killing people, and True Blood is a total blood bath, more gory, and in this last movie the characters finally have passionate moments and, blah blah blah. So everybody obviously wonders ‘How do vampires have sex?’ and it’s difficult to put that in a scene and actually make it trascendental. I think that’s something that would be weird to see in this saga, without making it, you know, dirty. Am I making sense? (we both laugh). I don’t think I answered that question, we were just talking about sex (laughs).

Let’s talk about the wedding, Kristen’s dress, all the details…
Yes, the weddings are all about the girl, right? I was just standing there, waiting (laughs). Kristen was going crazy with the dress and everything, and I just kept thinking ‘I have to wear this stupid suit!’.

How has Kristen evolved all these years as an actress?
Well, she became an adult. She was 17 when we started, she’s 21 now. Her personality has changed a lot. As an actress, she’s always been very confident, that’s why I laugh when people say she’s shy. She’s not shy at all (laughs).

This year Harry Potter ended and the premiere was extremely emotional, how do you think the final premiere of Twilight will be like next year?
Harry Potter is different because they started so young. I can’t even remember what I was doing when I was 8. We made other movies every time we finished a Twilight movie. It’s very different for us.

How do you feel about your career? Is this a closing chapter and on to the next one?
I’m a very paranoid person, and I feel like if I don’t keep making movies, everything will be over quickly and I’ll have a mental breakdown. So I just think about working and never stop working until people stop hiring me (laughs).

Seriously, you still think ‘this will be my last job’?
Totally. I always think the same thing. When I take a new role I think, ‘Oh, no, this is what people are going to think about me,’ but when I’m on the set I have an amazing time.

Kristen and Taylor after the jump.

UPDATE: Taylor’s translation added.


Everytime I interview Kristen I’m surprised at how beautiful she is. Perfect skin, not a drop of make up. She’s wearing jeans, a grey shirt, sneakers, definitely the same Kristen, but much more comfortable than three years ago when I first interviewed her for Twilight, where she was very nervous, fidgeting on her seat.

You character goes through a lot in this movie. She gets married, she has sex, she has a baby, she becomes a vampire…

I know, that why they had to split the movie in two (laughs).

What was the most difficult part of filming this movie?
It’s a moment that I’ve been waiting for so long. Every single thing that happened in the previous movies was amplified this time, because of all the pressure and the people waiting fo the movie, and especially because these are very iconic moments in the saga, and we need to make justice to them, which is a little terrifying, but you need to feel that way, you need to be afraid because fear gives you the strength to carry on important tasks.

What can fans expect this time?
Personally, I love the beginning because it’s the first time you meet Edward and Bella, and they’re having fun, everything is so light and happy at first, but now she has to deal with different issues because she’s married, they now have problems with each other, and one of them is she’s having this baby, and he wants to kill the baby/fetus (laughs). And for the first time, the perspective changes to Jacob’s, and nobody else’s.

How did you prepare for the movie?
I did the same thing I always do, basically. In the books Stephenie gives a very visceral description of events, and she was on the set all the time, which was great, because only she knows these characters so well.I just took the best of the book and tried to play it.

What was your favorite part?
The wedding, because everybody was waiting to film it, and part of it felt very real, so it was very emotional.

What can you share about the sex scene?

Oh, God! The sex was a big deal. There’s so many things going on: the wedding, the first time and giving birth. The sex scene was filmed almost right at the beginning of filming, so that part was over quickly, thank God.

Right at the beginning of filming?
Yes, it was one of the first scenes we did, we shot the two movies at the same time, so I can only talk about the first movie, but we had to show how vampires have sex differently, and then we shot the first time they have sex as vampires, and that’s a huge deal too. The funny thing is that there’s no description in the book, so we could improvise.

As an actor, was it difficult to shoot these scenes with Rob?
Yes, filming these scenes was weird. In the end I didn’t feel like we had filmed a sex scene, because we were both so uncomfortable and insecure, and because it’s something very subjective. There’s times when there’s weird close ups, and everybody has such high expectations for these scenes.

So giving birth was easy in comparison, right?
Oh, it was just as hard. Those three things: wedding, sex, baby, were very hard.

The saga ends next year, what are you going to miss the most?
It might sound silly to say everything, but it’s the truth. The entire experience, working with Taylor and Rob, I won’t be filming scenes with them anymore, and that’s so weird because we’ve spent so much time doing this. And at the same time, it’s over, there’s nothing more to do, and that’s okay.


How do you think you developed your character this time? How did you prepare after knowing your character falls in love with a little girl?
Breaking Dawn, the book, came out a few months before the first movie came out, and I got it to read how Jacob’s story would end. I’m not oing to lie, it was very shocking, it was a twist that I was not expecting, and yes, it took me a while to get it. Now that I spoke with Stephenie and Bill, I understand imprinting more, because that was very confusing to me.

What was the most confusing part to you?
That I was falling in love with a baby! (laughs). And not just any baby, Edward and Bella’s baby.

And what made you accept the role even knowing the imprinting storyline?
I don’t know, I had faith. I trusted Stephenie and Bill.

Did you try to leave your mark on Jacob this time?
You always leave a bit of yourself to a character, but in this case you can’t really change much, it has to stay the same because that is what the fans want, the fans love Jacob, not Taylor.

What was like shooting the final scene?
It was hard. The last scene I shot with Rob and Kristen was me dancing with her at her wedding, and it was very emotional because we were saying goodbye. So it was a hard scene to shoot, saying goodbye. And my very last scene in the movies was when I’m crying because I think Bella is dead, so I leave the house running, crying, I’m going crazy. So my final scenes were not happy scenes, I was very sad the whole time.

We always talk about the physical training fo your scenes, were the scenes harder this time? Are you more comfortable with Jacob now?
No, it was always hard, because I had to stay fit for the entire filming, and look just as I did in the beginning. It was a challenge but I did it, and I celebrated shooting my final shirtless scene (laughs).

How did you celebrate?
I ate icecream and cake, I took a few days off from working out, so that was a true celebration.

And what’s your regime these days?
I’ve always been very active and I always practiced sports, but I do it more for fun now, and to hang out with friends. I do to the gym, but only to stay toned and fit.

What do you like the most about Kristen?
We’re very close, she’s very special to me. She’s definitely one of my best friends. An amazing person.

And Rob?
He makes everyone laugh. He’s a great guy, he’s funny, he’s always having a good time, and we all have a blast together when he’s around.

What was the funniest part about filming this movie?
Rob had to pretend he hit and I had to fly across the room, and it was so fun to shoot because Rob tried to be all kung fu master, so we were both cracking up, but the final shot looks amazing. It was the first time he did a scene with absolutely no doubles, so it was very funny. We had to do like 10 different takes.

And did you do your own stunt?
Yes, we had no problem. The walls were padded. but it was cool because they let me do the scene by myself, I got wired, so he punches me, I fly and hot the wall, it was so cool.

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