Halloween Snow White and The Huntsman Armor Tutorial by TwilightPoison.com

It’s finally here! The Snow White and The Huntsman Halloween Tutorial is now finished after weeks of work. So sorry for the delay, for all of you who were waiting on Twitter. After so many distractions, and many tries and experiments with the costume it’s finally done. I really hope you like it and that you use because this was really a ton of work – from drawing the patterns based on the pictures, to working in a mannequin for the final patterns and then cutting, gluing, painting and fixing flaws- and quite a challenge.

This tutorial will teach you how to make an armor based on Kristen’s costume for her new movie and is split in six steps. The steps are easy, and every step includes pictures, detailed instructions, and most importantly, patterns. All you have to do is take your own measurements, print the patterns, cut and paste or hot glue together, and paint!

Here are the pages of the tutorial:

>> Introduction and list of materials.
>> Step 1: Cuffs.
>> Step 2: The Shield (drawing of tree included).
>> Step 3: Knees and legs.
>> Step 4: Chest and back.
>> Step 5: Shoulders.
>> Step 6: Hair tutorial. Learn how to do the braids!

Final product (knees and shield not pictured).

If you’re interested in making this costume, start reading the tutorial now, right down what you need and start working on it tomorrow. You have all Sunday, that’ll help you move faster.
I hope you enjoy making this costume for Halloween, or the next Comic-Con ;) Leave your comments, questions and suggestions either here or on Twitter: @TwilightPoison, or for quicker reply, me personal Twitter: @ValeWolf. Thanks to everyone who’s been paying attention to the tutorial’s progress, you made me look forward to finishing it even more! Big thanks to my mom and sister for their assistance in making this costume.

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