OK Magazine Mexico Interviews Kristen Stewart

OK Magazine Mexico has a new interview with Kristen Stewart on their latest issue, on sale now. I’ll try to skip the familiar quotes, or the answers where she talks about things that have been covered before and leave only the new quotes and new discussions, since there’s two more interviews I’m planning to translate today.

As always, please take an excerpt and link back to the rest. Translating takes a lot of time and effort. Thank you for understanding, and thanks for sharing our work anyway.

It seems like ages ago since Twilight…
Yes, it does! It feels like it was decades ago.

Do you think the social impact of the saga will be seen again in the next 10 years?
I’m not sure. I know people who always loved it will stay loyal, and I can imagine all the fans that have been at Comic-Con and things like that always caring for the saga and will remember it with love. But I don’t think it changed society, or left a deep impact. I did help develope more projects for the female audience.

Is it sad that it’s over?
We still have things to look forward to, so it’s weird. There’s still part 2, nuew images, new clips, so it’s not over yet. The weird thing is knowing I won’t be back on a Twilight set anymore. The last day of shooting happened so quickly, it wasn’t climatic enough. Everybody was tired and wanted to go home. It only hit me the following morning that it was over for good.

Bella’s obsession for Edward puts her health in danger. What message is this sending to the audience?
The story doesn’t revolve around Edward. She fnds out that she’s pregnant, and realizes that she has to fight for something that is bigger than her love for him; it’s not about him anymore. Their relationship is weird at times in this movie, becuase there’s moments where they hate each other. There was a scene where I felt like I was betraying the character because I look at Edward and say “You better stay away from me!”. Bella becomes a tigress to defend her baby.

>> Scans.

She’s a mother taking care of her baby…
Yes, and there’s no bigger feeling than being a mother. She’s never experienced that. She’s the strongest opposite of the relationship, considering he’s left everything and quit before. So she realizes the risks in being with him forever and what she has to do with the love of her life, and Edward doesn’t think they will make it, he doesn’t have faith. I’ve always said she has a divine intuition, she knows it’s going to work and she’s willing to risk it. There’s people who say she’s not a good example, but I think she is.

Is the decision to give birth an argument pro-choice or pro-life?
We talked about this during rehearsals, because we knew people would relate the story to thatm and we hope the audience doesn’t focus on that aspect too much, because we didn’t. Bella has no religion, she believes in fighting for what she considers precious and what gives her hope. It would be interesting to see how Stephenie deals with these questions.

The birth scene is hard to watch, will it be difficult for the audience to see their heroine go through this?
It’s horrifying, it’s the end, and you’re telling a story where the main message is “I would die for you,” so you have to be as close to death as possible to send that message. It’s a cool way to end the saga.

The sex scenes were not described in the book, how did you handle them?
It didn’t feel like we were filming a Twilight movie, but since we didn’t have a description from the books, we still made a scene that respected the escence of Bella and Edward.

You’re so young and you played a wife and a mother, was that hard?
It’s curious how things line up together. One of my best friends just had a baby, and she’s young, but maternal feelings develope when you’re very young anyway. I can honestly say I related to the character in a very strong way, and that’s a huge thing in the story. She’s a mom now. She’s fighting to be a mom.

Are you looking forward to the moment when the euphoria dies down and you don’t have to do interviews and listen to fans anymore?
It will be weird when everything is over. I will always be asked about Twilight, and like I said, fans will never forget it.

You seemed more relaxed this time around…

It’s easy to me now. But not in the beginning. When I was just getting started I felt like I was being thrown into certain situations to get me to talk, but how the hell do you do it? Every person has different ways to relating to others, so how do you speak to the general audience? I just realized that you should do it as if you were talking to yourself. There will be times when I’ll say something stupid, and people will think they have an idea of me, but that’s ok.

Jodie Foster was surprised that you chose this role and put yourself in the spotlight…
Nobody though that this would happen, especially those who knew me before Twilight. In the beginning I acted like such a freak during press things that people were sure that I was a freak.

Have you talked to Jodie recently?
Yes, she’s an amazing person, and I was so lucky that my first major role was playing her daughter, because when you’re that young your brain is like a sponge, and I learned how to behave and treat my co-workers.

How’s a normal day in your life?
I like reading, going out for walks, boring things.

Can you go on walks without your bodyguards?
Yes, I’m always careful where to go. I used to be very lonely and say things like “I can’t deal with anywthing right now, I don’t want to see anybody”. Just the idea of going to 7-11 and having people staring at me makes me feel like they’re absorbing me. But little by little, I learned to handle it better. I didn’t know how to di it before, I used to cover my face.

Did you do that because you knew people would pay attention to everything you did?

Yes, I know myself and I know that I would enjoy seeing an actor doing normal things, I like to watch people, we all do. Now I don’t mind anymore, but for awhile I was very self-conscious.

Are you confident enugh to choose your own style?
I have more knowledge now, but I’ve always been confident in my own style. As soon as I see something I know I want to wear it. I used to hesitate more, but now I have to say that I won’t let anyone dress me, so I can take credit for the mistakes I make.

At the MTV Awards you mixed a dress and sneackers, it looked really cool.
I do photoshoots in heels, but I have to rush to stage sometimes and I don’t like to do that in heels. It’s better to be yourself. It sounds corny, but it’s true. Certain people have problems with me not wearing heels all night, like they paid for them or something, it’s weird.

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