Nick Frost Talks About Snow White and the Huntsman

Movieline has a new interview with Nick Frost, who shared some tidbits on Snow White and the Huntsman.

You just finished filming another movie. Tell me about your experience on Snow White and the Huntsman — or, as the fans call it, SWATH.
SWATH! It was great.

I saw a picture of you and your fellow dwarfs in your dwarf gear and your dwarf hair.
Yeah, they shaved me bald every day just to put hair on me, which was weird. It was like, well, I had hair anyway, and you shaved it all off… to then put a wig on.

You’re in great company with the other seven dwarfs. What was that cast like?
It was fantastic! I got to hang out with Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Johnny Harris, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, for God’s sake. I got to just sit around and listen to those guys tell stories.

I like the idea of Kristen Stewart, of all people, sitting in the middle of that group of men — and also the colliding of worlds, your universe and fan base overlapping with Twilight.
Exactly! I was sitting next to Bob Hoskins and Bella Swan!

Please tell me you and Bob Hoskins and Kristen Stewart talked Twilight on set.
Not really. I think she’d be pretty sick to the bloody back teeth of listening about Twilight. On set she’s another actress, and a lot of the time actors just talk about nothing. Talk about shit, they just chew the fat. That’s what you do!

And did you sign on for multiple SWATH films as well?

Three, yeah. We’ll see where it goes. We were talking about it on set the other day, where it would start and what it would be. We’ll have to see how well it does, I guess. But I think we’d all love to do another one. We had a real laugh every day.

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