Scans: Cinemanía Visits the Set of Snow White and the Huntsman

Like we suspected, the Snow White and the Huntsman set visits are popping iup on several magazines. First it was Empire magazine, now it’s Cinemanía from Mexico, which includes a detailed set story on their April issue, out now.

Here’s a complete translation, as always, please take an excerpt and link back to the rest. Translations take time and effort. Thanks for understanding ;).

To get to the woods we had to climb stairs. The floor had white fabric, overed by artificial snow, dry leaves following the road to hundreds of natural trees, all dry, of course, painted in white… though not completely, just enouh to simulate snow.
Around this artificial forest, built 6.5 ft high, there’s another 6 ft section that resembles pits that surround the castles, where crocodiles prevent the access of enemies. Around the main pit, there’s painted walls with trees and mountains.
There, Snow White finds the apple tree. There, Ravenna turns into birds. It was built in two and a half weeks and it would be gone soon afterward, like it happens with all movie sets after some time. The same would happen to Ravenna’s castle. In fact, that very same day while we walked the sets, they were already tearing down Ravenna’s castle.
A huge construction that looks strong at first sight was crumbled down almost with a single blow.
Outside, there’s sand, large rocks, and a sea, all fake of course, but authentic enough for the screen. Despite being outside the largest castle in the world, we can only see one side; the rest will be built for the screen with the help of a green screen.

The Reinvention of a classic.

“I like the idea of creating a world and it’s fantastic when you work with the mythology like the one created by the Grimm brothers”, tells the director Rupert Sanders, who makes his debut as a director.
The interior of the castle is at another set. It’s dark, illuminated only by the light of the candles on the chandelier. There’s narrow hallways, spiral staircases, large ball rooms and a room of mirrors where hundreds of candles are lit. There we find Snow White, personified by Kristen Stewart dressed in a heavy armor, facing Ravena, a.k.a Charlize Theron, who is wearing a dress that also works as an armor, which you can describe as spectacular. Yes, the dress is worth mentioning: “The inspiration behind Ravena’s costumes is that she’s a character who consumes life, so there’s a lot of death, bones and dark references on her dresses. Her dresses took over 200 hours of work. A very long process. The one she’s wearing now, the armor dress, is probably the most ellaborate of all, because we needed three of them, and they’re all hand made, with leather touches. It took a long time to make them,” explains costume designer Colleen Atwood.
To create the wardrobe, not just Ravena’s, but all the characters in the movie, Atwood researched medieval times, but in the end she only used this information for the basis of her own style, beause in the end it’s a fairy tale.
But this fairy tale, like some of the most recent adaptations, the princess is no longer the passive main chaacter. She becomes a warrior: “The story by the Borthers Grimm is timeless and has survived history, but times have changed and people live in different conditions, so we have a stronger character, a girl who’s a role model,” says producer Sam Mercer.
“I think it’s cool playing a character that is aware of her humanity and that she has problems, who fights for her well being and has all that it takes to be the hero,” explains Kristen,
In this version, the town commanded by Snow White rebells against The Queen. So there will be a huge battle between good and evil. The good is played by the villagers, whose colofurl and poor village is hidden, and an Evil that dwells inside the dark castle that Cinemanía visted moments before its total destruction.”

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