EXCLUSIVE: Snow White and The Huntsman Mexico City Photocall and Video

As some of you saw early today on our Twitter @TwilightPoison, we had the incredible chance to be at the Snow White and The Huntsman Photocall/Press Conference and Video Chat of Los 40 Principales in Mexico city. Very magical indeed!

Photocall deets:

10:50 am: Kristen’s Bodyguard (a.k.a HBG) made sure the photographers were ready.

11:01 a.m: One of the staffers told us “Sam will come out first, then Kristen and then Both’.

– Sam entered the room. He was all smiles. He stayed there for a couple of minutes and then he left the room.
– Then it was Kristen’s turn. The photographers went crazy and she said “Okay hmm” and she started posing. And let me tell you, she looked stunning! I loved her heels :)
– Kristen was about to leave but one of the staffers told her she had to stay at the podium to pose with Sam.
– Sam joined Kristen and they share some giggles. They posed a few minutes and then they left the room.

We also have a video of the Photocall:


**Please take only a couple of pictures and link back to the gallery. We would really appreciate it! Enjoy :)

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