Gallery: Kristen Stewart Takes On The Road to Cannes

The premiere of On The Road took place in Cannes today, and we have all the pictures of Kristen’s big day! Such a fantastic couple of weeks for her, don’t you think?

Here’s a collection of the best quotes from the first reviews of the movie:

HITFIX: “Kristen Stewart plays Marylou, one of the many women who exist in Dean’s orbit, drawn to his life-force and repelled by his inability to stay in one place, and it’s good work from her, further indication that as soon as she puts the “Twilight” series in her rearview mirror, she’s got a promising career ahead of her. There is something simultaneously innocent and carnal about Marylou. There’s no guile to her, and she is very clear about what she wants in every scene, very direct in the way she obtains it. This was a point in post-war America where morals seemed to be up for grabs, when people were trying to define some new way of life, and these characters never realized that they would become symbols of that quest. They were just chasing sensation and love and freedom, and the cast embodies that yearning with grace.

Marylou spends much of the movie casually handed off between the guys, and sometimes shared by the both of them, and the film acutely observes the difference between Dean and Sal in how much they are able to disconnect the basic social programming of “normal” society. Sal looks up to Dean for his ability to grab every sensation in life without hesitation or fear, and Dan looks up to Sal for his ability to turn these experiences into art.

And for those who are curious, yes, the open sexual atmosphere of the book does indeed translate to the screen, and all the actors seem to handle it with a frankness that is to be admired. I’m sure Stewart heard every argument in the world for why she shouldn’t do onscreen nudity, but there’s no hesitation or discomfort in the way she plays Marylou as an enthusiastic partner for both Dean and Sal.”

EW: “Kristen Stewart, often topless, makes the darkly bubbly Marylou a convincing prehistory hippie.”

IndieWire: “Hedlund is sufficiently overconfident as Moriarty, but Riley’s true counterpoint in the story comes from Stewart’s achievement as the giddy, pleasure-seeking Marylou, a credible performance made particularly noteworthy for her current fame in the “Twilight” franchise; frequently going nude, speaking up and dominating most of her scenes, she buries her movie stardom with this refreshingly non-commercial gig.”

Vulture: “Certainly, there’s nothing regrettable about Stewart’s performance here: It reestablishes the promising character actress last seen in Into the Wild and held captive as Twilight’s leading lady for years. Mary Lou is a different kind of thing entirely, though: Stewart makes eye contact instead of dropping it, and the lip-biting tics that the actress brought to Bella are all banished. Stewart’s honey-haired Mary Lou knows what she wants and goes after it, and Stewart gets to show off a confidently sensual side of herself, dancing with abandon and seducing at will.”
: “Kristen Stewart as Marylou (Luanne Henderson) in a role she was born to play. Her young fans are going to see her like they’ve never seen her before.” “The outrageous conduct of the Twilight star (and let’s not forget Welcome to the Rileys) not only makes her affecting, but it also shows a boldness that is rare in actresses of her generation.”

Enjoy the following photo galleries with all the HQs from today via kstewartfans and PattinsonLife:





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