Stephenie Meyer on Midnight Sun: “Some Day on My Death Bed I’ll tell Everyone What Happens”

Stephenie Meyer spoke to MTV on the set of the movie The Host. She talked about missing Rob and Kristen, and Midnight Sun, a.k.a, twilight from Edward’s point of view, which, if you remember, she was planning on publishing until a manuscript was leaked online.

“You know, things change so much from year to year, I mean there are other stories obviously, I have a really hard time putting down characters so I know what would happen. It’s just a matter of are we tired of vampires? I kind of feel like we are as a general group. I know that I am a little worn on vampires, so it might take some time to want to go back there. And of course for me it’s easier because I know what happens, so it’s not as much suspense and stress”

“Some day on my death bed or whatever if I never get around to writing it (Midnight Sun), I’ll tell everyone what happens.”

We sincerely hopes she’s joking! It’s a book we’ve all been looking forward to for years.

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42 Responses to “Stephenie Meyer on Midnight Sun: “Some Day on My Death Bed I’ll tell Everyone What Happens””

  1. Brenda Reynolds says:

    I read the section you made available for us to read of Midnight sun, it is awsome and I sure hope you finish that book very soon cause I will buy it and I dont want to wait another 6 yrs. So I guess you could say I am not tired of vampires yet. Please finish the book.And who ever leaked it should be ashamed. Its awsome.

  2. Hiral says:

    I read all for book of twilight and i loved them.I also read this section of Midnight sun and like it more than bella’s point of view.Please finish the book and also rest of new moon, eclips and breaking down.Please please please

  3. Sam says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish Midnight Sun! I loved Twilight, but Edward’s point of view just captures a whole other side to the story that Bella’s couldn’t, and that side is much too good to not be told!

  4. Amanda says:

    Edward’s vivid imagination can give any book a charm. You said maybe people are tired of vampires, but there are like MILLIONS of fans who still love your books and the Twilight story. It’s been 4 years since Twilight came out and aren’t people still reading your books over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and waiting for Breaking Dawn part 2 to come out? I love Edward and want to see his side of the story. I will NOT tolerate reading the unfinished internet version. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!

  5. Amy says:

    I cannot begin to explain how I felt when I discovered Midnight Sun on the Stephenie Meyer website four years ago. I have longed to read the finished book ever since. I still wait patiently…Please isn’t a large enough word to request Mrs. Meyer to complete and publish…I’ve always dreamed of a book from Mr. Darcy’s point-of-view. How incredible that would be. If the book isn’t finished, I thank you for what you have written. I’m sorry it was leaked before it’s time – very sorry. I’m not sorry I’ve read it however. Thank you for the few chapters, and thank you for Twilight.

  6. marge says:

    I can not believe you are going to leave your young adult fans hanging with only four books from the series. Even J.K. Rowling not that cruel!!! The Host book is not meant for children

  7. bernadette says:

    i loved all the twilight books and movies soooo mutch.i own the books of eclipse and breaking dawn, the dvd of eclipse and the board game of new moon.i read the twelve chapters of midnight online and absaloutly loved it then i found out you may not be finishing it and felt like crying.i know you feel like your being made to finish it but i dont think it is fair to punish millions of your fans over one perons mitake,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE finish midnight sun.i think we’ve wated long enouf and sooner or later no one will be interested in it because its kinda the same as the twilight movie and you for creating all of them thoe

  8. morganne says:

    Dear stephenie meyer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish midnight sun I love ur books iv read them sents I was 10 years old and I’m 15 now and I still love them I’m team Edward and I want 2 hear his perspective on how he feels PLEASE I love twilight also if twilight isn’t geting money and no 1 buying the books its cuz u don’t have new 1s every 1 alredy has the books u made witch are awesome so midnight sun will bring it back in that’s what I think any way PLEASE PLEAS and PRITTY PLEASE

  9. Lilly says:

    I think that she is being seflish and unfair! Yes, someone that SHE chose to give the book to leaked a copy of it, and of course that was horrible for her, but why punish all of her fans for something that was not their fault. I loved the Twilight series (books and movies) I also really enjoyed reading “The Host” and I am not over vampires. What I am over is Stephenie Meyer whining about all of this and acting like a spoiled child talking about reverse psychology and being tired of hearing about it all the time. I just wish that she would finish it and give something back to her faithful fans who have continued to spend money on everything that has come from the Twilight series! At some point someone has to ask the question has she just lost her touch and is now unable to finish it. If that is the case, fine, just admit it so we can all move on.

  10. Kelsie says:

    I think that if Stephanie doesn’t publish it, she will be letting down about 2.7 million fans who have read the first part, and want the second…… maybe want is a weak word. Actually, as long as they agree with me, her fans DEMAND the rest of Midnight Sun. She is being selfish by keeping it to herself.

    And yet, if she feels disappointed and pressured, she is never going to write the rest of the much long for Midnight Sun. I hope she does, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like we need to get out of her face and let her get back on track. If she makes herself unpopular, it is her problem, not ours. Maybe she will pick up where she left off after she finishes her movies for Breaing Dawn Part 2 (And The Host?)

  11. Zoey says:

    what i dont understand is its been 4 or 5 years . and she keep saying that she need time to get in the zone and she sick of vampires and she have writers block. But thats all bull. if she was sick of vampires then why go to breaking dawn part 2.? if have writers block the host isn’t a problem . she just done she dont want to do twilight no more. she need to stop leading us on ,please just be truth full are you even thinking of Midnight Sun anymore or just the host. maybe you done with twilight saga period and want to make host the new big saler. but i dont think it will catch many peoples attention like twilight saga did . it dont reach many ages like the Saga does .

  12. Jaime says:

    The truth is, while the first chapters should not have been leaked it happened. Move on. I know so many people personally, and we are tired of being told the book is comming. It has been YEARS! She has made soo much money form the fans, and in return we want her to continue with the tales we love. It is NOT a one-sided relationship. She needs us, as much as we need her. I cannot understand why she does not want to finish what she started. People are not sick of vampires, and we do not like being told something was gonna happen, only to have the rug pulled out from under us. To say the book existed at all is a tease, if she has no intention of ever releasing the whole thing. I feel like we as her fans have been used, and now that she is popular she wants to act like a diva. It is not right. Ms. Meyer needs to realize she has hurt her fans with the flip flopping, and more than her feelings are at stake. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the HOst and would love to see where it goes from here, but finish what you start and give us the book we were promised years ago.

  13. Norma Coker says:

    Ms Meyer, the draft on Midnight Sun was very good, and I hope that you will finish the book, all your books have been a joy to read

  14. Kaylah says:

    Hi Stephenie, I am 12 and really enjoy your twilght series that much that i don’t want to read any other book beside them. Please finish Midnight Sun for me, your family and all of your big fans out there.

    Please and Thankyou if you do, very much.

  15. vivi angeline says:

    dear stephanie, first I did not understand anything about twilight and I was not interested, but when I watch breaking dawn part 1 I instantly liked, I’m trying to find all the twilight saga books and movies, I read your novel over and over again and never get bored, I watch the twilight saga every spare time I am very impressed with every character in this film, especially edward cullen. I only hope you will have compassion for release midnight sun, I’ll always be waiting. and you know? now I’m waiting for the movie breaking dawn part 2 .. I’m so excited! regards to twihard from Indonesia :)

  16. Zac says:

    Dear Stephenie, PLEASE write midnight sun I read first chapter you posted and Im already hooked to the book please finish it. Or continue the series. So many people love this serious and love vampires. Ive read every book and seen every movie! Don’t let it end you will be giving people another adventure and more of this story…none of us want this series to end and you as an author should really continue it for the fans, because like you said you already know the rest of the story in your head so why can’t you just share it. SO PLEASE FINISH the series in Edwards point of view and/or continue from where you left off at breaking dawn!

  17. Belen Monzon says:

    Hi Stephenie,
    milions of fans have asked you to finish midnight sun. And i have read meny of the unsers you have given us. I have to say that you have chosen wrong way of living. You shouldent have published your books at all. If i was you it would have felt like a blessing. But now i have to say that you dont value your fans at all. You are realy angratful! You know what i whent to se all the twilight films at the cinema, but im not spending more money on your work! Its not like i have nothing else to read. What do you think you are?? Keep your twilight stories woman! You are very stupid. Dont bother writing midnightsun bc im not going to read it. Im putting my attention on more humble writers that aprisiates me as a reader.
    Thank you veru much!

  18. Belen Monzon says:

    Hey guys! Stop begging…
    Dont you see this is a stupid woman.
    WE are the ones paying her living and she just gives us all this stupid unsers…
    Im tierd of this shit.
    And im not planing to open a book with her name ever again!

  19. Jane Hutchison says:

    Hi Stephenie
    I have just read the chapter of Midnight Sun you released and have to say it is a compulsive read, which left me thirsting for more (please forgve the pun). I understand the hurt and outrage you must have felt when this was leaked, but surely Edward’s story must be burning through your insides like the worst kind of heartburn.
    Please release the full version soon. Your fans will be forever grateful. Many thanks for the many hours of delightful escape from reality your books have given to me and countless thousands of fans worldwide. God Bless

  20. amalee says:

    hey setephenie!
    i doubt you will ever see this, but i am going to vent anyway. first off, i just want to say that you are an amazing author. i read twilight at the age of 9 and have been a loyal fan ever since. and i dont know about anyone else, but i am most certainly not sick of vampires! i am so sad that the last movie has come out, because now there is nothing for me to look forward to, unless of course you write another addition. whether you do or not though, i am so greatful that you sat down that day and wrote about your odd dream. your series has brought happiness to me and thousands of other fans. i will continue dreaming about edward cullen and that mysterious world for, i am being serious, the rest of my life. if you ever get the desire back to finish midnight sun, i would be extatic. i understand your feelings though, and i cant believe someone would take advantage of the privilige you gave them. we love you steph!

  21. Tammy says:

    Mrs. Meyer,
    I have just now (2012) read your twilight series. It is amazing. I will now be seeing the movies. I would hope you would finish Midnight Sun as I can only imagine how good it would be (have not been able to download the draft). I would also be interested in a Carlysle and Esme’s story.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful novels.

  22. Katy says:

    I will not buy anymore of Stephanie’s books, I will not go see any of her movies, until she finishes Midnight Sun. She said on her website it would be her next project after Breaking Dawn (the book) came out…way back in 2008. I believe people should stick to their word. Stephanie is ungrateful for her fans so I say we ditch her until she changes her attitude.

  23. Heather says:

    Dear Stephanie, I absolutley love your books ive read all of them over 8 times a piece and cant get enough athough th movies were a little bit of a let down especially twilight but they’ve gotten so much better breaking dawn pt.2 blew my mind with the wole alternate ending. Please finish writing Midnight Sun im sorry that it got leaked years ago but to keep everyone on their ttoes about this is kind of messed up, no offense. i would be upset if it leasked to but hey its over and done with and its not like WE (YOUR FANS) did this to you, but your doing this to us leaving us in the dark for years being ever so patient waiting and waiting and waiting some more. Please for the love that is holy finish the book. i cant see how anyone ca be tired of vampires and really how can you? you’ve only written 4 books about them. look at J R Ward she’s written like 10 or 11 and every one of them was amazing. if your frustrated and dont want to write it tell us that insteadof making us feel like its our fault the book is on the backburner “indefinatly” as you keep saying. its not our fault so stop making excuses nd write the dang thimg already or give us some closer either way will work. dang

  24. Mindy says:

    I just read Midnight Sun and also saw that Stephanie planned on finishing it after the movie Breaking Dawn was finished. I hope she really does finish this! I’ve really enjoyed these books and I can’t wait to read the rest of this book.

  25. Leah says:

    I agree with a lot of these people saying she’s doing an injustice to her fans. We all loved the books. We are spending our time and money on these books, movies, soundtracks, games etc. It’s been a huge hit that lots of people have admitted that they’ve become obsessed with. Personally I wish there were atleast 7 books of Twilight to read like there were Harry Potter books. I’d even sit through all the movies if they had been 6 hours long. I can’t get enough of it and I started watching the movies at 27 years old. I understand you’re hurt Stephanie but you gave the manuscript to someone, you can’t trust anyone. You know the story, thanks for not caring that your fans might be dying to know the whole story from Edward’s point of view. I think it’s time to get over it and give your fans what we deserve. No one is sick of vampires, especially not these type of vampires. Most of the fans want the story to live on. I wish it were made into a tv show because I’d love to watch it everyday or every week. Please move on and put your fans feelings first. Without your fans this story would be nothing. Finish Midnight Sun PLEASE , publish it and please why not make a movie out of it as well with all of the original actors!?

  26. Hajra says:

    Dear Stephenie Meyer, Me and my friends are all HUGE fans! I know you may be tired of vampires, though if you could please finish writing midnight sun, then us fans won’t bother you again. You are truly god-gifted, you have an amazing mind full of wacky ideas that once on paper, spring to life. You are an AMAZING author. You have fans all over the world, do you really want to let them down?

    I hope you read this.

    Thank you,

  27. Lisa says:

    Aloha Stephenie,

    Me and my family and friends have all read the rough draft of Midnight Sun and we think it is amazing and we really hope that you do finish it soon. I have read it about 6 times and I would love to read how the rest of the storie goes. We are definitely not sick of vampires and werewolves just yet. So PLEASE finish writing Midnight Sun and continue the Twilight Saga.

    I hope you get a chance to read this and I really appreciate it if you do.

    Mahalo From Hawaii

  28. Miley says:

    PLEASEEEEEE finish midnight sun!! i love the twilight saga and i read the rough draft and now i need to finish it! i finally understand Edwards point f veiw and wuld love to know more! please finish it!

  29. cinthia says:

    Please finish Midnightsun….I loved it!!! The first 12 cap were amazing…I can wait to read it the other ones…PLEASEEEE!!

  30. Jill says:

    I just finished reading your partial draft of Midnight Sun and I absolutely loved it. I only recently read all of the Twilight books and I have to say they are the best books I’ve ever read. I’m a mother of two and your books have been the treat I give myself at the end of the day. I hope with all of my heart that you finish Midnight Sun. I am definitely not tired of vampires especially not your unique and intriguing ones. So bring on Midnight Sun!

  31. charlie says:

    when people say please isnt enough theyre right but that doesnt mean that people arent going to beg for you to realise that we know what happened hurt but you shouldnt take that out on the people who support you. life is never fair and making your self feel un happy about what happened is hurting others as well. Also its nice to know how edward feels not ever getting the chance to really express him self to now be able to. the first twelve chapters were amazing and i need to know more. Stephenie Meyer if your reading this please continue writting the book. please please please. continue the book for those who know what you can!!!!!
    go midnight sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Nancy says:

    I must have read the Twilight series at least 12-13 times. I’ve watched the movies at least 30. I have read Midnight Sun countless times and loved it every time. I have read other vampire series books –and the whole teenage angel, wolf, vampire, etc.. array of books but truly none have wowed me like Twilight. I love your charaters–the struggles, relationships, and way it is presented–an easy read that draws you in. I hope so very much that you finish Midnight Sun and then maybe make one for each book from Edward’s point of view. It would be an amazing compliment to what you have written so far. I am truly a fan. Please reconsider finishing a book series from Edward’s point of view.

  33. Meghela says:

    Frankly, I love all books, all characters, made me felt like I want to be a vampire and live forever surrended by love :)). But I want all those books to be written from Edward Cullen`s perspective, like Midnight Sun, eventually some details about Alice`s life or Emmet`s . It`s very interesting to view the story through his eyes, and I think more dramatic. I hope Stephenie Meyers will think about that. I think the fans will love that. At least I`m sure about that. Nice work, Steph.

  34. Meghela says:

    Lool Nancy… have no ideea we are so much alike; I posted my message without reading your comment. I hope our wishes will come true. If Miss Steph read all those , please : you will make us very happy !

  35. maly says:

    TNX. :)

  36. John says:

    Dear Stephenie Meyer,

    Congratulations upon writing such a beautiful series of books, and also for creating such enchanting and intrigue-ing characters! Midnight Sun was especially fascinating, because it gave us a broader view of the Twighlight-verse, i.e. as it is seen from Edward’s view; which is fuller and somewhat more satisfying, on account of his nearly omniscient telepathic abilities/insight!

    It is absolutely true that you have been treated in a most cavalier fashion by that despicable individual who so contemptibly betrayed your trust. And who shamefully leaked the partial draft of Midnight Sun on the internet, before you were ready for it to come out! Nevertheless now that we your fans have been granted a tantalizing taste of this scrumptious literary pie, we will never be satisfied until we eat a full meal of it! I really hope you do not really mean to release the full version of Midnight Sun on your “deathbed,” for some of us (like me) who are already over 41 years old, will probably be dead by then, and thus never get an opportunity to finish reading this deeply fascinating book!

    So please do finish writing and publishig it! Even though we have read the first 12 chapters for free (by virtue of your gracious kidness), we will still gladly pay full price to purchase (and read) the complete version! Indeed I would be quite willing to pay twice the normal cost of original Twilight novel, in order to be able to read a complete version of Midnight Sun, for I actually prefer reading this story from Edward’s version; which is both fuller and richer. Your fans will be eternally grateful if you complete writing this gorgeous book, and please don’t worry about that treacherous scoundrel who leaked your draft and betrayed your trust! I believe he or she, will someday get what’s coming to them!

    Best regards,


  37. Sheri says:

    Well I guess it was A good thing that What little you did Write Was indeed Leaked to the Public because Had it Not NOBODY would Clearly understand any of the deleted “in Edwards head” scenes…. Though you cant Really publish the Story in conjunction with the original Twilight, but it would be a perfect After thought as Edward Explaining to Renesmee His Version of How he and Bella met and Fell in love.. I am a big Fan and enjoy All your Works… Midnight sun (no matter how it comes out will be enjoyed by all!!
    A fan with Great anticipation… ~Sheri~

  38. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I think Edward and Bella’s story is intriguing and I love reading about it from Edward’s point of view, but the twilight series is all about a melodromatic teenage girl and her love life. The original series portrays Bella as kind of whiny and self-centered whereas the incomplete draft of Midnight Sun actually makes her seem like a more appealing character. Edward’s perspective is so much better and more imaginative. We actually get to see into the lives of these vampires.
    To Stephanie Meyers: Please, write the rest of the book. Not only will you satisfy millions of your fans, but I am sure you will gain new ones with the change in perspective.

  39. anne says:

    Hi ~Stephenie,
    Brilliant Books, and Movies, have read and watched them many times.. i’m 55 and looking forward to midnight sun, i too hope you finish this before i die, joking apart, it’s been a long time in coming… i only hope you continue after you release midnight sun, and write all the books according to Edward.. wouldn’t it be fantastic, to know how he feels, what he see’s and how he thinks.. what a fantastic collection of books it would make,
    to compliment the rest of the twilight saga, to get to really know the inside of Edward and all his family.. i’m not done with vampires either…
    many thanks for many happy hours of reading!
    looking forward to midnight sun, god bless, from one of your older twilight fans.

  40. Midnight Sun fan says:

    I literally just started reading midnight sun from Stephanie’s site and i’m on chapter for and already depressed. I WANT TO KNOW MORE AFTER CHAPTER 12!!! I feel bad for the people who had already read it when it first came out (4 years ago) because it’s already driving me crazy when i haven’t even finished with reading the available parts yet haha.
    Please! I beg you!!! Please atleast finish midnight sun just for us fans! I know how horrible the person who leaked this book out was and i understand that what you did was totally reasonable but i can’t bear this wait. This book is just too interesting. I love edward’s perspective almost even more that Bella’s. I really really want the wholes series written in Edwar’s perspective especially the new moon book because then we can see what he did while he was gone. I am a mad person now. I would love more twilight books as well. Sorry for my rant but i love the stories so much and find EVERYTHING about this twilight world so interesting. So please finish it Stenphanie. We love it too much!

  41. Danae MacDonald says:

    Dear Stephenie Meyer,

    I am truly sorry that you`re Midnight Sun draft got leaked. I undestand that you feel betrayed and are suffering from trust issues do to it. I also would like to say though that as a true fan of your novels, I was truly upset that I may never have a chance to finsh reading about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Thankfully I have other novels to turn to, but very few compare to a fictional romance such as yours. I do agree with your decision in some apects as I to am writing a novel and would be very upset if it were read now before I was done, but at the same time I do not think this should deter you from continuing on the novel. If i were my novel, I would finish it if only to have it out there and to stop the hounding to get it finished. It does take time but I know you are constantly thinking about Twilight as you have stated so many times over. Therefore, finish the novel put your fans at ase and move on. If in the future you feel like continuing on do so then but at least finih what you started. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but that is after all ow I was raised and how I feel.

    Yours sincerely and always,
    Danae MacDonald

  42. Khyla Walters says:

    You probably wont read this but if you do I’m BEGGING OF YOU please finish writing Midnight Sun!!!!! I know you feel offended or something about someone leaking the draft but please it happened FOUR YEARS AGO. I am only 10 2/3 but I’m a die hard Twilight Fan I honestly read and watch twilight and cry over and over again. I just found out about Midnight Sun and it’s literally like a drug to me and it’s maybe too much to ask or you might not even care but please… Finish it for the fans think of it as a thank you present,for us supporting you for all these years. Just Consider It…..

    Loving You Always,

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