Cinemanía Interviews Kristen Stewart, Scans and Translation

Cinemanía (Mexico) has their own interview with Kristen for Snow White and the Huntsman. Here’s the translation:

The first thing you notice about her is not her tiny frame. It’s her eyes. They are big and turquoise green, which were hidden under brown contacts for Twilight. Second, her shaky hands. Watching her take a bottle of water one can’t help but believe she really is as clumsy as she says she is. Her nervousness around the press, which to be fair she has almost dominated now, because despite stammering occassionally still, she gets her ideas across more clearly. Ehat’s true is that Stewart has the beauty and vulnerability to play Snow White.

What made you want play this princess?

You learn bout her in the script, and I loved that. She’s been in prision for ten years of he life. The world before she was imprisioned was beautiful and clean. When she gets out she finds it infected, drained from any sort of life. She forces herself to take the weapons she has inside of her. I loved playing a heroin like this.

What was your relationship with Snow White growing up?
I actually never had it. I never even saw the movie. My favorite Disney movie was The jungle book. I was never into princess movies, so when they called me for SWATH and I knew it would be a very different story from what we know, and after seeing Rupert Sanders presentation I was in.

You hurt yourself during filming, right?
I hurt my foot and my finger, and I endured both injuries for the entire time. Just as my finger was getting better I hurt my foot, and it was the worst timing possible. It was right before we started the big action sequences. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to hold my word. In the end it all worked out fine, and the pain contributed to my performance.

Twilight didn’t allow you to have action sequences.
I had combat lessons and we choreographed the scenesm but the director stopped my and said “What are you doing? She’s much more instinctive, she wouldn’t have those kinds of skills. She’s not like that, but her survival skills kick in when they have to.” So in the end I didn’t receive more training.

And what were you allowed to do?
I took a huge leap onto the water, and that was scary. At first I was excited, and then I don’t know what happened. I got too sensitive, I worried too much about the horses, I don’t know if the Snow White spirit took over me or what. I did enjoy filming outside, and not in the comfort of a movie set. All the time we were in the woods and I had dirty in my hair for weeks.

What’s the spin on the love story?
It’s not a coming of age movie, because when you meet her she grew up. What I thought was romantic was how she was so unaware of herself, devoid of vanity, not like girls her age. That disarms all the men around her. She has this effect on people, but she doesn’t know where it comes from. Things don’t happen like in the traditional story, so people will be surprised.

How’s the prince in this version?
He’s tied to her, they have the same spirit, they’re part of the Kingdom that is hers by blood. He is in her fate.

What makes you nervous?
I don’t know… finding the way to express myself properly. Sometimes it’s hard because when you love something, and you don’t want to share it with the world, I fear that I won’t be able to say the right thing, and I’ll give the wrong impression.

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