Scans and Translation: Kristen Stewart in Tú Magazine

Here are the scans and translation of the latest issue of Tú Magazine (Mexico). It’s mostly about SWATH but there’s some Twilight talk too, and other fun answers. I’m skipping all the familiar questions and answers we’ve read before about SWATH, and sticking to translating new quotes only. As always, please take an excerpt and link back to the rest. Translating takes a lot of time. Thank you! ;)

Twilight is a huge fenomenon and it gave you thousands of fans, but at the same time it gave you lots of detractors. How do you feel about these polar opposites?
It’s funny because I get nervous when I’m talking to the press about me. I don’t like that people have this idea of me being stuck up, or that I don’t care about giving interviews. If people are going to hate me because of this missconception, then it’s my job to prove that they’ couldn’t be more wrong. But if they have other reasons to hate me, then it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m happy doing what I do.

Has your fanbase diminished over the years, or is it still intense and are you still being chased around?
Fans are not crazy, as people think. Not that crazy fans don’t exist, but they’re only super excited at premieres or things like Comic-Con.

What’s your advice for a girl who doesn’t feel like she fits in?
It’s hard sitting here, thinking I’m speaking to so many girls and think what to say to them, or how to be. All I can say is don’t be afraid about not fitting in. It’s hard not to pay attention to that when you’re young, but being different means you’re being you. Just don’t sweat it.

Who is your best friend?
I grew up with someone who is my best friend, and we’re BFFs because she’s crazy, funny and she keeps me calm and collected. Dakota Fanning is another BFF. I respect her so much and she’s very funny and charmingly insane.

How important is loyalty to you?

Very important, and all of my friends are loyal.

What items are never missing from your suitcase?
My nun sweater (laughs). I’ve had it since the 6th grade and I’ve been close to losing it, and it almost freaked me out. Obviously my cellphone. Other than that, I don’t like travelling by myself, so I always take a friend that makes me feel safe. Here in Mexico my entire team is with me. Fortunately all the people that work with me are close friends too.

How would you describe your prince charming?
I don’t know. Princesses and princes like we used to know them no longer exist (laughs). But I imagine someone who’s a leader. A leader needs to be dependable and loyal.

In a story, a true lover’s kiss can do almost anything. If you could change one thing with one kiss what would it be?
Um.. I don’t know, give me options!

Getting pregnant? Teletransporting yourself? Becoming invisible? Protect your boyfriend…
I want everything you just said except the getting pregnant part (laughs). I’m so not ready for that yet. I’d love to teletransport myself, just by jumping. Everytime I blow birthday candles, or when I hold my breath inside a tunnel, I do ask for a wish. I never ask for anything specific because I’m afraid it’s not going to happen. I just do something strange, if I have a feeling I repeat to myself “Please, please, be happy, be happy”. And I do feel happy and free.


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  1. Sounds wonderful it is great to venture outside your comfort zone! have fun and keep up the great work

  2. Thank God Lauren s at camp. It’s going to give HBO something to do. I’m glad Tanny signed but leave your wife at home and get to work.

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