High School Student Refused Diploma for Using “What the Hell” Graduation Speech Seen in Eclipse

File this under Authority Abuse. Kaitlin Nootbaar, high school graduate from Oklahoma and Twilight fan, was refused her high school diploma after saying “hell” in her graduation speech. Yes, this happened in 2012. It’s the same line Anna Kendrick says in the graduation scene in Eclipse when she tells the audience she doesn’t know who she is yet now that she’s graduating school: “Who the hell knows?” This speech was one of the fan favorite scenes in the movie, and according to the student’s father, it was a huge hit with the crowd as well, who laughed and cheered their valedictorian. The school was not impressed, however, and has refused to give her the diploma, which a huge violation of freedom of speech and an abuse of authority. Like the Twilight Lexicon points out, the school doesn’t not have the right to withhold a student’s diploma if they already completed their work and even if they didn’t like her speech. Now the school is asking Kaitlin to write an apology letter to get her diploma back, something her father believes is illegal, since she earned her diploma with straight A’s for 4 years and a 4.0 average. Kaitlin says she will not write an apology letter, and her parents are backing her decision.

We wish Kaitlin all the best and we hope this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible. It’s an absolutely ridiculous reaction from her school, which have also refused to comment on the situation. What happened to the 1st amendment?

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2 Responses to “High School Student Refused Diploma for Using “What the Hell” Graduation Speech Seen in Eclipse”

  1. lauralynn says:

    It seems to me that it’s the school that is violating Kaitlin’s Freedom of Speech by punishing her for a valedictorian speech that they didn’t like by withholding a diploma that she earned and has a legal right to. The school had better relinquish her diploma and issue her an appology or they just might find themselves on the wrong end of a very messy lawsuit.

  2. klusik says:

    What the…? I am not from any English speaking countries, but in my graduation essay if I use “What the hell” (if it is not citation), it is not possible to succeed as essay!

    Are you serious you are demanding something from school about it? School did it right…

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