Twilight Halloween Costume and Make Up Guides

It’s that time of the year again! Here are our famous Twilight Halloween Costume and Make-Up Guides for men and women. They’re fun, easy to follow and we list the best products we can recommend for your skin, as well as stuff you can find in your own closet. The tutorials have been updated with new products and looks, complete with links for shopping online. Check them out! >> Rob and Kristen Halloween Costume Guide. This tutorial includes a Kristen make up tutorial, a tutorial to make your own MTV golden popcorn and styling tutorial. >> Twilight Costume Guides (girls). This guide teaches you how to get the looks from all the female characters, all three movies so far. We show you many alternatives and things you can find in your own closet. Pick your favorite look from any of the three movies and then follow the make up tutorial! From Alice’s fashionista look to

Jane’s Volturi robes. >> Twilight Vampire Make Up Guide (girls). This guide teaches you how to do your make up like Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Bella, Jane, Victoria, Leah, Emily (scars included!) and MarĂ­a, complete with my recommended products. >> Twilight Costume Guides (boys). Want to force dress your man like your favorite Twilight male character? Here’s how! We show you how to get the look of Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Emmett, Jacob (tattoo included) and The Volturi men. This guide is complete with a make up guide for guys based on the same make up tips used on the boys of Twilight. >> Edward and Bella Prom Tutorial. This tutorial is for couples who want to dress like Edward and Bella at the prom in the first movie. Enjoy the Cullen tutorials and leave your suggestions in the comments!

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