15 a 20 Interviews Rob, Kristen and Taylor

New interviews with Rob, Kristen and Taylor are starting to pop up in various magazines worldwide. As always, we try to bring to you everything from the Spanish media, so enjoy the very first interview from Latin America courtesy of 15 a 20 magazine.

Our encounter with Rob was very exciting. When he arrived to the Four Seasons hotel room, the handsome Brit was dressed casually wearing his signature jeans, white tee and baseball cap. He seemed relaxed, but we had to get to our interview immediately because we didn’t have much time.

Has Edward evolved in this final movie?
He’s definitely more relaxed than in Breaking Dawn Part 2, but as soon as Bella becomes a vampire, he loses balance. Everyting is new again. He never really understod her before, and now she’s his equal, and even then he still doesn’t get her. She’s stronger than him and she’s completely umpredictable. She’s the hyper version of who she was before. He’s trying to decipher her, and in a way it makes him seem younger. He’s very excited.

What’s it like for a man to meet a very strong woman?
In general?? (laughs)

On and offscreen, what’s your experience been like?
Everybody can be strong, it just depends who you are. I react to certain things because I’m too sensitive and I never want to offend anybody. I find it fascinating when there’s someone who’s not afraid to express their views out loud, not caring what other people say.

Is it hard to defend your position when you’re so sensitive?
Not if you know who you are. Sometimes it’s easier to be more sensitive because you’re more aware of what you’re thinking.

Have you had the chance to reflect on these four years, going back to the first film?
Yes, sometimes. I’m still young. I’m still trying to run my life, so there’s not much time to reflect. I feel like someone just put me in charge of a train that is out of control, and I’m finally learning how to be in charge of it. It’s hard to deal and accept what’s happened.

Has Twilight helped you change the way you see love? Do you think it changes through out life?
I haven’t really thought about that. I don’t think it’s changed that much. I don’t think the way you see it changes much. You make your decisions, and it depends on the person you fall in love with anyway.

Did you give advice you Kristen on how to play a vampire?
She can manage on her own.

What’s your favorite scene in the movie?
It’s this dialogue that I find hilarious. Taylor goes up to Benjamin, who can control the elements, and he’s making fire and he asks him “Are you going to play around with that all night or are you actually going to use it?” (he cracks up loudly) “but you can’t see the guy, it’s hilarious,” (he cacks up again).

That’s what we love about Rob. He’s smiley and loves to laugh. That’s why we’re Team Edward.

Kristen is wearing jeans, white tee, green and brown jacket and her famous wild hair.

Is being a vampire everything you thought and more?
I waited so long to do this! Nobody else got to analyze their characters as human beings first, and then vampires, which has everything to do with what you’ll as a vampire. Everything that makes you great is amplified once you become a vampire. People has seen Bella going through her normal progress of life. But then all of a sudden she’s tr into a transformed into a fantastic version of who she was, but at the same time she’s like a baby. She doens’t know how to use her powers. It was fun molding her without being dominated by fear.

What about the physicall aspect of this role. Did you get to do something you hadn’t done before?

Yes, wires. There’s a scene in which I hunt a mountain lion. I was thrown from a platform into a foam matt with the help of wires. They wanted me to attack the lion and look fierce. But the first few takes I was screaming because you feel like your stomach is flying out of your body through your mouth. I used to watch everyone else before, and be all “Come on, do it!” but after five takes it actually became fun (laughs). She’s the best vampire. After having a baby there is nothing more stable than the nature of being a mother, there’s nothing more ferocious and agressive. It’s a mix of both things, but I tell you, that feeling of your stomach flying out of your mouth is not easy.

Where you scared?
Never! (she says clearing her throat).

Were you ever afraid that something could happen to you while filming these stunts?
Fear is a good thing. Some people use themselves as tools, and they have great self-control. After that they can look back on their own feats, and I’m always like ‘I don’t know what just happened’ Getting nervous is great for me, it pushes me.

Have your fears changed?
You have to be ok with your own fears. If you’re an honest person you’ll make mistakes, but it’ll be okay. The most interesting things happen after making mistakes.

Have you had time to reflect on these four years?
They’re over, but at the same time it’s not the end yet.

What will you miss about Bella?
I’m taking her with me. I won’t have to miss her. I don’t feel like I have to come back and do something for her. I’ve taken everything from her, but her load is not on me anymore. It sounds weid, but I feel close to all the characters I’ve played.

Is vampire Bella a role model for girls?
Generally, yes, of course. She’s honest, she goes against what’s been set for her. I know people criticize her because of certain aspects of how she rejected parts of herself for a man. But that’s ridiculous. This relationship is equal. You need to be a very strong person to get where she is, and realizing that even if you don’t make it, it’s worth the try. Even if BD2 didn’t happen, Bella is the kind of person who would’ve done everything in the exact same way, anyway.

Do you think love changes with time?

I think it depends. It’s different for everyone. People are capable of living in different ways.


You have some funny moments in this movie, why?
It was weird, because I never really had any funny moments with Jacob before. He had been serious, stressed, emotional. His life was pretty complicated, so it was nice that the weight was lifted off his shoulders. He’s happier this time. He’s making jokes, he’s in a great mood all the time. I’m like that too, so it was like I put more of myself in Jacob.

How are you three going to keep your friendships alive with such busy careers?
It’s be complicated. It’s always been easy because we filmed 12-14 hours a day for months, and now it’s going to be trickier. We’re taking different roads, and it’ll definitely take a toll on our friendship, but we’ll manage.

Are you good with long distance relationships? Do you Skype?
Yes, definitely. E-mails, texts, calls. Whatever we can do to stay in touch.

What are you doing after this saga?
I’ve been working on many things. My project with Gus Van Sant is taking a lot of my time. It’s being written at the moment. There’s a lot of research and development in this process. I’m reuniting with my Twilight producers. I’m excited because it’s a very real character, but it’s fun too.

So you’re not going to abandon the work out rutine you had for Twilight?
It’ll be different. I’ll do lighter weight lifting. It’s less about aesthetics, and more about stamina, jumping from building to building, etc.

You really enjoy physical roles.
Ye,s I’ve practiced sports all my life and I have experience with martial arts, so yes, love physical roles.

Do you still practice martial arts.
No, I really don’t have time for that. It takes a lot of me to practice martial arts, but my muscles remember everything. I haven’t lost my skills. I can practice sometimes. But I do practice other sports everyday.

Being part of this industry, what do you do to stay true to yourself?
It’s important who you surround yourself with. I’ve stayed close to my family and friends, and the same people that were there before this all started. If they are there to keep you centered, everything is going to be easier. Saying goodbye to everyone who knew you well and getting new friends is dangerous. I have made new friends, but I’ve kept old friendships that will be there longer.

You’re still so young, what is it like to film and go home? Do you go to your mom and she tells you what to do around the house?
That’s exactly what happens (laughs). I live two different lives. I come home and I help with chores. It’s really the same life I’ve always had, nothing has changed. My life in the industry still feels pretty new to me, but it’s important to keep your personal life private.

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