Seventeen Magazine Latin America Interviews Kristen Stewart

Here’s another interview from Latin America. It feels like there were less interviews this year, but I’m still looking everywhere for them, so never fear! This issue has interviews with Rob, Kristen and Taylor. Let’s start with Kristen and post each interview under a separate post. Enjoy our translations.


Now that the frenzy for Twilight is dying down, are fans calming down a bit?
Yes, it’s really not as intense anymore. It’s not that it’s gone, we still encounter big screaming crowds, but that only happens at premieres or stuff like Comic-Con.

You’ve gained so many fans, but at the same time you have haters. How do you feel about having such polarizing groups?

It’s funny because when I talk about my movies I’m so nervous, and I hate that people think I’m being stuck up. If people don’t like me because of that. I could show them that they’re wrong. If they hate me for other reasons, there’s really nothing I can do about it and I don’t care, I’m happy with what I have.

What would you advice a teen who doesn’t fit in?

Do you even like those people around you? I actually don’t care about that stuff, so I would tell them not to care. It’s hard being a teen and feeling left out, but at the same time it helps build who you are. Just don’t care about that stuff.

Do you have a BFF? What do you look for in a friendship?
My BFF… let me think, I have so many close friends. If I only mention one, the rest are going to think “Kristen… you said in a magazine that…” (laughs). There’s a friend that I grew up with who is my best friend. She’s crazy and she understands me. Dakota Fanning is another best friend. I respect her so much.

What about loyalty?
All of my friends are very loyal.

Being an actress has given you access to stylists and designers. Have they changed your fashion sense?
Yes, us actors have to live a weird double life, you get yourself a little role in the fashion world too ust for being an actor, and I’m so lucky that I can do this. I’m fascinated and I admire the fashion world. I want to get involved. But I don’t feel like I have changed my tastes.

Do you get to pick your own wardrobe and dresses for premieres?

I just let myself go. I have fun when I talk about fashion. With black dresses I feel provocative, I love how they make me feel. I prefer to dress more casually. It literally depends on your mood.

What about being the face of Balenciaga now?
I was shocked when I found out, because I’ve never been the face of something I actually wear, I’ve always loved Balenciaga. I felt so honored and excited.

How do you stay fit? Do you work out?
I had to work out hard for Snow White, but it’s not always like that. I’ve always been active but in my new routine I had balancing excercises, push ups. Everybody told me that Snow was going to be a very demanding role, phsysically, so at first I got a yoga trainer, a pilates trainer, and I said, wait I want to work out harder! And that was fun.

You went straight from Twilight to Snow White, was that hard for you?
I had some time off between the two movies, and I always like to choose demanding roles, so it wasn’t hard. I love working so much. If we had filmed the Breaking Dawn movies separately, I would’ve found something to do in between.

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