Happy Birthday Taylor Lautner! 21 Reasons Why We Love You… With Gifs

Our favorite werewolf, Taylor Lautner, turned 21 years old!

Taylor, Taylor, where do we start? Taylor has been consistently great to the Twilight fans, always gracious and sweet, generous and awesome, and we really appreciate it. Here at Twilight Poison we’ve met him on several occasions, we’ve interviewed him, we’ve photographed him several times (don’t miss our exclusive shots, btw! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and he has always been wonderful, so we’re counting the ways we love him… with gifs! Sit back and enjoy this post after the jump. It’s a bit heavy, so let the gifs load, put some music on and read on, it’s worth it :D

1. He doesn’t just look the part. He acts the part! No stuntmen needed.

He does what the script asks him to do, and he’s impressive every single time. The only thing he can’t do is turn into a wolf, but everything else you see on camera is 100% legit.

“I got to do almost all of my own stunts. I love the stunts, so to be able to have that opportunity was incredible. The transformation [scenes] were really cool because they put me up on wires, and I would run and take a big leap in the air and be swung 10 feet in the air, sometimes even higher. And then they would jerk me so I’d have to stop and hold a pose. And that was so they could do the CGI, where they take my body and transform it into the wolf’s.”

2. His New Moon bod was the product of the hardest he has ever worked out in his life, and he did it for the fans.

He knew fans had really high expectations when it came to Jacob’s ripped body, and he was aware of what fans said about him at first: that he just wasn’t good enough to play Jacob. So he worked out as hard as he could, taking his diet and training very seriously all the way to Breaking Dawn Part 2. This is no easy task – it takes discipline, hard work, all kids of sacrifices, from getting up really early every morning, to sacrificing his favorite foods, pushing his body to the limit in record time so he could film New Moon, not partying (his body needs to stay strong and healthy, like an athlete’s) and basically fighting for a second time to win the role again after rumors started that he was going to be replaced for New Moon because fans were just not satisfied with him.

“At one point, my body fat was really, really low, and we needed to increase it to be able to put muscle on, so my trainer was like, go to McDonald’s, get the biggest shake possible just so we can pack on 1,000 calories.

I’d wake up and my trainer would say, “You need to have six egg whites, and bacon and toast and…” It became a lot, so that was the hardest part. Especially putting something in my mouth every two hours.

At one point, I realized I put on a lot of weight, and then I started losing weight dramatically and I was like, what’s going on? Why am I losing all this weight that I put on? And what I realized is that I was actually over-working myself. I was going seven days a week, I wouldn’t take a day off, and I would be in the gym for two and a half hours, and I was just burning more calories than I was putting on. That was my biggest problem. So then, I had to cut back; four or five days a week, and not be in the gym too long.”

He did such a fantastic job, that there’s a work out plan, and many more, inspired on what he did to bulk up.

3. He’s sexy and he knows it… but he’s not really a jerk about it.

There’s a sweetness and innocence to him, which he shares with his character Jacob, and eventhough he’s drop dead gorgeous and a jock, he’s humble about it and he has not let it go to his head. Ever.

“It’s just little tricks: There’s camera angles, there’s different sized platforms like up on a hill…just little things, and they help.”

We have a really hard time thinking he would ever be a douche to anyone, ever.

4. Boy can move!

He’s not only great at sports, he’s got rythm and fire. Just one of his many skills that he worked hard at learning and perfecting. You think people are just born knowing these moves? He has the talent, but this is also hard work.

5. He can laugh at himself.

He was such a great sport at late night shows and interviews where he was asked about his body, his work out regime and his countless shirtless scenes and he let everything roll off his back. The above gif is his reaction after Jimmy Kimmel showed the video of him dancing, from our previous gif. The entire audience (and Rob and Kristen) where laughing hysterically, and he laughed with them.

6. His Team Edward SNL Skit is EVERYTHING.

You have to admit that you loved this moment that you never, ever saw coming. Even people who didn’t like him found him funny, and they were vocal about it on Twitter. And when he kissed the Edward poster on his trapper keeper? Please. You fell off your chair laughing.

7. His martial arts training is no joke.

Just how many action movie stars out there can you name, who can do what Taylor Lautner does? I seriously can only think of Bruce Lee, and we sincerely hope that someone out there is writing a great script so that Taylor can show the world what he’s trained to do. This kid does not mess around and someone as prepared as he is needs a great platform to display these abilities, which are special for someone his age in Hollywood. This is pretty much how Bruce Lee got the world at the palm of his hand: being trained professionally to do what he did in movies, no stuntment needed.

8. Seriously, he’s a ninja.

He’s a killing machine. If we locked in a room all the action stars we have today: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, Taylor Lautner is the only one professionally trained to leave the room with their heads in a bag. Think about that. Seriously.

9. He’s a perfectionist and doesn’t stop until he gets it right.

In any way he can. He doesn’t like to disappoint people.

10. He’s great at physical comedy.

And man, does he make it look natural.

11. He gave it all to a character who he knew was not going to win in the end.

Even when we read the books, way before the movies ever came out, we knew Jacob didn’t stand a chance against Edward. Taylor knew this going in, and the way he played Jacob was as if he was still competing with Edward, as if he was still giving it his all for Bella, in the hopes that she would change her mind at the last minute. That’s not just commitment to a franchise, it’s comittment and loyalty to his character.

12. He’s friends with everyone on set.

From cast to crew, everyone is a potential new friend for Taylor.

“When I had downtime on set, which was not often, I would be walking around and hanging out with the crew. I would just be all over the place. I’d be in the hair and makeup trailer, I’d be in the grips’ trailer, I’d be everywhere, because I really loved the crew on this set.”

Also, when was the last time you heard him say something negative about anyone? Exactly.

13. He plays heartbreak well.

It’s not just the strength and the muscles, but we bet Taylor knows what it’s like to have his heart broken. And Taylor’s Jacob gained way more fans than Book Jacob ever did. Those who were fans before the movies came out can attest to that. Almost nobody liked Jacob. Taylor changed that.

14. He can ride a motorbike like it’s nobody’s business.

That’s another skill he learned for New Moon and used again in Abduction. He just keeps learning new things to fatten up his resume.

15. The way he handled Jacob/Nessie like it’s NBD eventough it is.

Even we Twilight fans should admit that the whole Jacob/Nessie situation is creepy. Come on, guys, it’s time. I mean, it’s not just the age difference at first, but the fact that Jacob was madly in love with Bella ten minutes before and now he’s all over her kid. Taylor knows this, and he knew that at one point he’d have to face the press and give them answers like he was doing the same thing in real life. But he just rolled with it.

16. Remember when he was a baby on set?

Just hanging out with guys in their twenties, and he was only 16? He never broke a sweat, but that must’ve been intimidating at first. He was just a boy.

17. He made these faces on national TV. Live.

And eventhough the writing of his SNL skit kinda sucked (like SNL does these days anyways), he gave it his all and worked with what he had. He showed case his mad martial arts skills, his funny bone, all to entertain a live audience. You cannot accuse him ever of not trying his very hardest.

18. Which brings us to Abduction.

Long rant ahead. We all know that Abduction was disappointing, but we cannot blame Taylor for it because we can tell that he gave it his all, and we cannot deny this even if we didn’t like the movie. Like we pointed out before, he has great skills but nobody is writing good projects for a young actor who can snap your neck like a twig in real life. Is there even a market for that? Maybe there is. We need someone out there who can write the next Karate Kid, or the next Back to the Future, or the next Top Gun. And I don’t mean actual sequels or remakes to these movies, but the next big project for a young actor who’s not really a dramatic actor, but has tons of charisma and skills for fun-packed, family action or fantasy movies that can win over both female and male fans, like Tom Cruise did, or Michael J. Fox did in the 80’s. And Taylor can be that movie star. We have so many writers focusing on remakes, but whatever happened to fresh ideas? We need writers like the ones Hollywood had in the 80’s where they wrote age appropriate scripts for young male actors who are not just pretty faces and might one day become the next Jason Bourne, but are not really there yet because they’re so young. An actor only needs one good role to breakthough and impress everybody. We need Taylor to find that script. He has what it takes and it’s a little frustrating that very young actors these days can only play eye candy. The young boys of this generation don’t have role models of their age in movies, have you thought about that? Not even John Hughes types of role models. That last role model was Harry Potter, but now that it’s over, there’s really nobody else.

19. His friendship with Kristen.

They’re just adorable together, and it’s wonderful that his biggest support on set was a girl.

20. His smile!

His smile is made of drops of sunshine, rainbows and puppies. And it’s always warm and genuine.

21. He gave it all for us, the Twihards.

What can we say, Taylor, but thank you? Thanks for all your effort, your sacrifices and your hard work to win fans over. The odds were not 100% in your favor at first, we’re a tough crowd, we know that, but you made the commitment to win the role not just once, but twice and you did everything in your power to make a great impression on us, and boy did it work. Thanks for bringing to life the best Jacob Black we could have ever ask for and keeping up the hard work for four years more. Thanks for being so wonderful to the thousands of screaming and crying fans that you met all over the world (screams that sometimes you didn’t really understand in foreign countries, but you just played along and acted like a gentleman because deep down you knew those fans were there to see you), and for being such a great sport over the years on every single talk show and interview with so many endless akward questions. We know this franchise was not particularly easy on anybody, Rob had his own walls to tear down with the fans at first, but we believe everyone’s battle was different, and yours was particularly difficult. We want you to know that we appreciate everything you did for this franchise, and that even those hardcore Team Edward fans have a soft spot for Team Jacob only because of you. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you, but we know that you have the work ethics, the character and the heart to make everything work in your favor.

Best of luck, Taylor, we love you!

P.S. All the gifs used in this post ar from our very own gif gallery. Don’t forget to check it out.

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