Ok Magazine Mexico Interviews Robert Pattinson for Cosmopolis

With the release of Cosmopolis in Mexican theaters, and some other Latin American locations to follow soon after, new interviews with Rob are to be expected from Spanish magazines in the following weeks. As always, I’ll hunt all of these down and translate them for you. Some might be new, others might not, so I’ll try to remember if I posted them before on the blog, and if not, I’ll post them here. The first interview comes from OK magazine in Mexico, not to be confused with the American tabloid, where Rob talks about Cosmopolis, a little bit about Twilight, and waiting tables, including an embarrassing incident that had him banned from a restaurant. Oh, Rob! Note: Please only take an excerpt from the interview and link back to the rest. Hunting down new interviews, scanning them and translating them takes a lot of time and patience, so we’d really appreciate it if fans read the content on the site that made the research. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy!
When did you learn about Cosmopolis? I got the script a year before we started production. My agent thought it might interest me because I told him I wanted to see every single good script he read. Collin Farrell got the script at the same time, and I really liked it, but I didn’t take it seriously because I thought I was too young for the part. I was wrapping up the last Twilight movie when someone sent me the script again, with a better offer. I didn’t understand what was happening, so it was a very pleasant surprise. Did you speak with Cronenberg after that? I read the script again. I knew there was something about it that was really passionate, but to be honest with you, I didn’t get it. So I was not looking forward to talking to David. I had heard so many things about him that I was very nervous about it. My agent kept pushing me, “You have to take this role,” but it was so terrifying for me to call one of the best directors in the world to discuss a script that I didn’t even understand. So you didn’t call him? I spent a week avoiding the call. I tried to think of ways to turn down the role, because it was the most logical thing for me to do. And then I remembered that I actually love all of his movies, and that if I didn’t take this opportunity, I would be a coward. So I called him, but I was very honest. I told him I didn’t get the movie, but that I did want to do it, and he said, “Great! I don’t understand it either.” And it all worked out in the end. What was the first Cronenberg movie you saw? I think it was Scanners. I loved it. It was back then when I was obsessed with Jack Nicholson. I bought the DVD because I thought it was Jack, but it was actually Michael Ironside, with whom I became obsessed later as well. What’s the difference between Cronenberg and the rest? He’s so confident in himself. He shows up on set and if he can’t find the best way to shoot something, he moves on to something else. The script is long, and he had to adapt 40 pages of dialogue every day. I hadn’t done anything like it since my days in theater. Is it true that he didn’t want you to stray from the script at all? Yes, that’s why I liked it so much, because I liked how irregular the script was. It was good not having to improvise. Most of your scenes were shot in the back of a limo. Was that claustrophobic? I loved it. At first I was so nervous, so I could just sit back and

wait for the actors to come into my space. There was no one else. Just me, my co-star in turn and a camera that was handled remotely by David, who spoke to us through an intercom. These made great actresses like Samantha Morton and Juliette Binoche come in completely nervous, which was great for me, because we were all feeling the same thing. Did you already know your co-stars? Only Jay Baruchel and Sarah Gadon. I met Juliette only a couple of minutes before our sex scene. And she was one of my favorite actresses in the world, so it was strange. You play a very brave role. Your scene with the prostate exam… I wish I had worked out more for that scene (laughs). The first time I read the scene I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever read, but it was one of the few scenes that had to be edited for the release of the movie. David kept cracking up all the time. I was the butt of the jokes. so I had to give up my pride very quickly. Do you believe you have the power to command any role you want? I really don’t think so. I guess I’m in a category in which I can make Twilight fans watch any movie because of me, but I’m not sure if that’s even a guarantee anymore. I’m really lucky I got the chance to do a Cronenberg movie, because I’m trying really hard to not make bad movies. I hope people notice that what I’m trying to do now is interesting films, and I’m not to be trusted with what I’ll pick next. I don’t want a career that is just an illusion. I was afraid that I would never be approached with an interesting project ever again. I was terrified that one day someone would ask me “So what did you do after Twilight anyway?”. Last year the final Twilight movie came out. Are you relieved that it’s finally over? The only thing that really bothered me about it is that Edward never changed. So it was hard for me to figure out how to play him with each film. It’s hard playing the same person for a while. Are you glad that now that you’re a big star you don’t have to think about the little jobs you used to have and think “I’m glad that I don’t have to do it anymore”? The weird thing is that I never hated those little jobs before I became an actor. I loved being a waiter. I sucked, but I really enjoyed it, even though I was fired from three different places. One time I dropped a bottle of wine on some bald guy’s head, and luckily it didn’t break. After that incident I was banned from working tables, and sent to the back of the restaurant washing dishes with a one-armed Turkish guy. I was not allowed to go into the restaurant anymore. You told us you love Jack Nicholson. Would you like to have the career of someone else if you could? You can’t really do everything that another actor has done. Everybody loves DiCaprio and Day-Lewis, but nobody can keep up with them these days. I want to do my own thing, and if some people like it, then great. What are you up to these days? I’m going to film Mission: Blacklist. And The Rover is coming out next.

Keep checking back for more new interviews. I’ll make sure to find every single one, as usual. Hopefully we’ll get many more. Twilight might be over, but I’ll still post every single interview from the Spanish media I can find, so you can count on that for years to come ;).

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1012.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:07 26.2C – 13.3C 1012.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:12 26.4C – 13.1C 1012.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:17 26.5C – 13.6C 1012.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:22 26.6C – 13.3C 1012.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:27 26.9C 27.0C 13.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:32 27.0C 27.1C 13.7C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:37 27.2C 27.3C 13.9C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:42 27.2C 27.2C 13.5C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:47 27.3C 27.3C 13.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:52 27.6C 27.6C 14.2C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:57 27.7C 27.6C 13.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:03 27.8C 27.7C 13.7C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:08 28.0C 27.7C 13.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:13 28.0C 27.7C 13.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:18 28.3C 28.0C 13.8C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:23 28.4C 28.1C 13.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:28 28.3C 28.0C 13.8C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:33 28.6C 28.3C 14.1C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:38 28.9C 28.6C 14.0C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:43 29.1C 28.7C 14.2C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:48 29.2C 28.8C 14.3C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:53 29.2C 28.8C 14.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:59 29.4C 29.0C 14.0C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:04 29.6C 29.1C 14.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:09 29.7C 29.3C 14.3C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:14 29.6C 29.1C 14.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:19 30.0C 29.6C 14.6C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:24 30.1C 29.6C 14.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:29 30.3C 30.0C 14.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:34 30.5C 29.9C 14.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:39 30.8C 30.4C 14.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:44 30.8C 30.4C 14.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:50 30.9C 30.6C 14.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:55 30.8C 30.4C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:00 30.9C 30.4C 14.5C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:05 31.1C 30.8C 15.1C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:10 31.4C 31.1C 14.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:15 31.5C 31.3C 15.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:20 31.6C 31.0C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:25 31.8C 31.3C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:30 31.8C 31.6C 15.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:35 32.1C 32.1C 15.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:40 32.4C 32.4C 16.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:45 32.3C 32.1C 15.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:50 32.3C 32.1C 15.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:56 32.3C 32.1C 15.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:01 32.5C 32.5C 16.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:06 32.6C 32.8C 16.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:11 32.7C 33.0C 16.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:16 32.8C 32.9C 16.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:21 33.0C 33.2C 16.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:26 32.7C 33.2C 16.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:31 32.7C 33.2C 16.9C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:36 32.8C 32.9C 16.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:41 32.4C 32.4C 16.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:46 32.4C 32.4C 16.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:52 32.4C 32.4C 16.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:57 32.5C 32.5C 16.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:02 32.5C 32.8C 16.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Heat IndexDew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:00 21.3C – 12.7C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:05 21.2C – 12.3C 1011.4hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:10 21.2C – 12.6C 1011.4hPaSSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:15 21.2C – 12.6C 1011.4hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:20 21.1C – 12.4C 1011.4hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:25 21.0C – 12.7C 1011.7hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:30 20.8C – 12.7C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:35 20.7C – 12.6C 1011.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:40 20.6C – 12.3C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:45 20.4C – 12.4C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:50 20.3C – 12.6C 1011.7hPaSouth 3.2km/h 0.0km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:55 20.3C – 12.8C 1011.7hPaEast 1.6km/h 0.0km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:00 20.2C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:05 20.0C – 12.7C 1011.7hPaSouth 3.2km/h 0.0km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:10 19.9C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaWSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:15 19.8C – 13.0C 1011.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:20 19.6C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:25 19.4C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:30 19.4C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:35 19.4C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:40 19.4C – 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:45 19.4C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:50 19.6C – 13.0C 1011.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:55 19.6C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaSW 6.4km/h 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:00 19.7C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:05 19.6C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaSouth 1.6km/h 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:10 19.5C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:15 19.3C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaSSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:20 19.3C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:25 19.3C – 13.0C 1011.1hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:30 19.3C – 13.0C 1011.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:35 19.2C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:40 19.1C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:45 19.1C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:50 19.1C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:55 19.0C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:00 19.0C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:05 19.0C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaWNW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:10 19.1C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:15 19.0C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaNW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:20 18.9C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:25 18.9C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaSSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:30 18.9C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:35 19.0C – 12.9C 1011.1hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:40 18.9C – 12.9C 1011.1hPaSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:45 18.9C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:50 18.8C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:55 18.7C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaNW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:00 18.7C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:05 18.7C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaSSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:10 18.7C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:15 18.7C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:20 18.8C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:25 18.9C – 12.9C 1011.1hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:30 19.1C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:35 19.1C – 13.0C 1011.1hPaWest 1.6km/h 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:40 19.1C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:45 19.2C – 12.9C 1011.1hPaSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:50 19.2C – 12.9C 1011.1hPaNW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:55 19.2C – 12.7C 1010.7hPaSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:00 19.2C – 12.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:05 19.1C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:10 19.1C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:15 18.9C – 12.7C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:20 18.9C – 12.6C 1011.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:25 18.9C – 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:30 18.8C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:35 18.8C – 12.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:40 18.7C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:45 18.6C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:50 18.6C – 12.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:55 18.4C – 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:00 18.3C – 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:05 18.2C – 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:10 18.2C – 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:15 18.2C – 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:20 18.2C – 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:25 18.0C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:30 17.9C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:35 17.9C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:40 17.8C – 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:45 17.8C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:50 17.8C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:55 17.7C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:00 17.6C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:05 17.6C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:10 17.7C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaSouth 1.6km/h 0.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:15 17.8C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:20 17.8C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:25 18.0C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaSouth 1.6km/h 0.0km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:30 18.3C – 12.7C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:35 18.7C – 12.4C 1011.7hPaWNW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:40 19.1C – 12.4C 1011.7hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:45 19.4C – 12.6C 1011.7hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:50 19.5C – 12.5C 1012.1hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:55 19.6C – 12.6C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:00 19.7C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:05 19.9C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:10 20.2C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:15 20.4C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:20 20.7C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:25 20.8C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaWSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:30 21.1C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaWest 8.0km/h 0.0km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:35 21.3C – 13.4C 1011.7hPaWest 4.8km/h 0.0km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:40 21.6C – 13.4C 1012.1hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:45 21.8C – 13.4C 1012.1hPaWSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:50 22.1C – 13.1C 1012.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:55 22.3C – 13.7C 1011.7hPaNW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:00 22.4C – 13.4C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:05 22.5C – 13.6C 1012.1hPaSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:10 22.6C – 13.3C 1012.1hPaSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:15 22.6C – 13.6C 1012.1hPaSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:20 22.8C – 13.3C 1012.1hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:25 23.1C – 14.1C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:30 23.2C – 13.7C 1012.1hPaSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:35 23.4C – 13.6C 1012.1hPaWest 6.4km/h 0.0km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:40 23.6C – 14.1C 1012.1hPaWest 1.6km/h 0.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:45 23.9C – 14.3C 1012.1hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:50 24.2C – 14.3C 1012.1hPaSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:55 24.3C – 14.1C 1012.1hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:00 24.8C – 13.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:05 25.0C – 14.4C 1012.1hPaSE 3.2km/h 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:10 25.0C – 13.6C 1012.1hPaNW 6.4km/h 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:15 25.2C – 14.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:20 25.4C – 13.9C 1012.1hPaSSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:25 25.6C – 14.4C 1012.1hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:30 26.0C – 15.4C 1012.1hPaSouth 1.6km/h 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:35 25.8C – 15.2C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:40 25.8C – 14.9C 1012.1hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:45 26.2C – 15.6C 1012.1hPaWNW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:50 26.3C – 14.7C 1012.1hPaWest 1.6km/h 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:55 26.4C – 14.8C 1012.1hPaSouth 3.2km/h 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:00 26.6C – 15.6C 1012.1hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:05 26.7C 27.1C 15.1C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:10 26.8C 27.2C 15.5C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:15 27.0C 27.4C 15.7C 1012.1hPaSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:20 26.9C 27.5C 16.5C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:25 27.7C 28.6C 17.8C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:30 27.7C 28.1C 16.0C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:35 27.8C 28.4C 17.0C 1012.1hPaSouth 3.2km/h 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:40 28.1C 29.0C 18.2C 1012.1hPaSSE 1.6km/h 0.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:45 28.3C 29.6C 19.0C 1012.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:50 28.1C 28.8C 17.3C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:55 28.1C 28.8C 17.3C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:00 27.9C 28.3C 16.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:05 28.3C 28.8C 16.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:10 28.6C 29.0C 16.8C 1011.7hPaSouth 3.2km/h 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:15 28.8C 29.1C 16.4C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:20 28.8C 29.5C 17.6C 1011.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:25 29.3C 29.5C 16.4C 1011.4hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:30 29.0C 29.8C 17.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:35 29.4C 30.1C 17.6C 1011.4hPaSSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:40 29.6C 30.7C 18.7C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:45 29.7C 30.0C 16.5C 1011.1hPaWNW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:50 29.3C 29.6C 16.5C 1011.1hPaSSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:55 29.5C 29.7C 16.3C 1011.1hPaSW 6.4km/h 0.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:00 29.6C 30.0C 17.1C 1011.1hPaSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:05 29.6C 29.9C 16.7C 1011.1hPaSouth 3.2km/h 0.0km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:10 29.8C 30.0C 16.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:15 30.1C 31.0C 18.2C 1011.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:20 30.2C 30.8C 17.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:25 30.2C 31.0C 17.9C 1011.1hPaNE 1.6km/h 0.0km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:30 30.7C 31.5C 17.8C 1011.1hPaEast 1.6km/h 0.0km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:35 30.6C 30.3C 15.1C 1010.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:40 30.7C 30.8C 16.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:45 30.9C 31.8C 17.9C 1010.7hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:50 30.9C 31.4C 17.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:55 30.9C 30.9C 16.1C 1010.7hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:00 31.0C 31.7C 17.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:05 31.3C 31.8C 17.2C 1010.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:10 31.2C 32.5C 18.8C 1010.4hPaWest 1.6km/h 0.0km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:15 31.2C 31.4C 16.4C 1010.4hPaNW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:20 31.3C 31.0C 15.2C 1010.4hPaWSW 4.8km/h 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:25 31.2C 31.1C 15.9C 1010.4hPaSSW 6.4km/h 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:30 31.6C 31.5C 15.9C 1010.4hPaSSW 6.4km/h 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:36 31.6C 31.3C 15.5C 1010.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:41 31.7C 31.9C 16.4C 1010.0hPaWNW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:46 31.9C 31.9C 16.2C 1010.0hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:51 31.8C 32.0C 16.6C 1010.0hPaWest 3.2km/h 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:56 31.9C 32.1C 16.6C 1010.0hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:01 31.8C 32.2C 16.9C 1009.7hPaSW 8.0km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:06 31.8C 32.0C 16.5C 1009.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 0.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:11 31.8C 32.1C 16.9C 1009.7hPaSouth 8.0km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:16 31.7C 32.1C 16.8C 1009.7hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:21 31.9C 32.8C 17.8C 1009.7hPaSW 8.0km/h 0.0km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:26 31.8C 32.1C 16.9C 1009.7hPaSW 6.4km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:31 31.7C 32.1C 16.8C 1009.7hPaSW 6.4km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:36 31.6C 31.8C 16.7C 1009.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:41 31.4C 31.8C 16.9C 1009.7hPaSSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:46 31.6C 31.8C 16.7C 1009.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:51 31.6C 32.1C 17.1C 1009.7hPaSSE 6.4km/h 0.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:56 31.5C 32.5C 18.1C 1009.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:01 31.7C 32.5C 17.9C 1009.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:06 31.7C 32.2C 17.2C 1009.4hPaSW 3.2km/h 0.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Heat IndexDew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:01 21.6C – 12.7C 1011.4hPaNW 11.3km/h 19.3km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:06 21.5C – 12.7C 1011.7hPaNW 12.9km/h 19.3km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:11 21.4C – 12.9C 1011.7hPaWNW 11.3km/h 20.9km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:16 21.3C – 12.8C 1011.7hPaWNW 9.7km/h 20.9km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:21 21.2C – 12.7C 1011.7hPaNW 16.1km/h 20.9km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:26 21.1C – 12.9C 1012.1hPaWNW 9.7km/h 20.9km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:31 21.1C – 12.8C 1012.1hPaWest 9.7km/h 20.9km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:36 20.9C – 12.7C 1011.7hPaNW 4.8km/h 20.9km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:41 20.7C – 12.8C 1012.1hPaNW 8.0km/h 19.3km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:46 20.6C – 12.9C 1012.1hPaNW 8.0km/h 17.7km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:51 20.4C – 12.9C 1012.1hPaWNW 9.7km/h 16.1km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:56 20.3C – 13.1C 1012.1hPaWNW 12.9km/h 19.3km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:01 20.2C – 13.0C 1012.1hPaWNW 9.7km/h 20.9km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:06 20.2C – 13.2C 1012.1hPaWNW 8.0km/h 20.9km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:11 20.1C – 13.3C 1012.1hPaWNW 16.1km/h 20.9km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:16 19.9C – 13.3C 1012.1hPaNW 8.0km/h 20.9km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:21 19.7C – 13.2C 1012.1hPaWNW 8.0km/h 20.9km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:26 19.6C – 13.4C 1011.7hPaWNW 4.8km/h 20.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:31 19.6C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaWNW 9.7km/h 17.7km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:36 19.6C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaNW 11.3km/h 17.7km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:41 19.6C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaWNW 11.3km/h 19.3km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:46 19.6C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaWest 17.7km/h 19.3km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:51 19.7C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaWest 8.0km/h 24.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:56 19.7C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaWest 9.7km/h 24.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:01 19.8C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWest 12.9km/h 24.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:06 19.7C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaWNW 11.3km/h 24.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:11 19.7C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWest 14.5km/h 20.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:16 19.6C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWNW 11.3km/h 19.3km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:21 19.5C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWest 14.5km/h 20.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:26 19.4C – 13.5C 1011.1hPaWNW 11.3km/h 20.9km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:31 19.3C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWest 3.2km/h 20.9km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:36 19.3C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWNW 9.7km/h 19.3km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:41 19.2C – 13.5C 1011.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 19.3km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:46 19.1C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWest 3.2km/h 14.5km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:51 19.1C – 13.6C 1011.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 12.9km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:56 19.0C – 13.5C 1011.4hPaWest 11.3km/h 14.5km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:01 18.9C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWest 9.7km/h 14.5km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:06 18.9C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWest 9.7km/h 14.5km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:11 18.9C – 13.6C 1011.4hPaWest 4.8km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:16 18.9C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWNW 11.3km/h 14.5km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:21 18.9C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 16.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:26 18.9C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWNW 12.9km/h 16.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:31 18.9C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWNW 6.4km/h 16.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:36 18.8C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWNW 6.4km/h 16.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:41 18.8C – 13.5C 1011.4hPaWNW 4.8km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:46 18.7C – 13.4C 1011.4hPaWNW 9.7km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:51 18.6C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:56 18.6C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 12.9km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:01 18.6C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:06 18.6C – 13.3C 1011.1hPaWNW 6.4km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:11 18.6C – 13.3C 1011.1hPaWest 9.7km/h 16.1km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:16 18.6C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaWNW 4.8km/h 16.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:21 18.7C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 16.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:26 18.7C – 13.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 16.1km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:31 18.8C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaWest 8.0km/h 12.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:36 18.9C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaWest 6.4km/h 12.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:41 18.9C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaWNW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:46 19.0C – 13.3C 1011.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 12.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:51 19.0C – 13.3C 1011.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h 12.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:56 19.1C – 13.3C 1011.1hPaWNW 4.8km/h 12.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:01 19.0C – 13.3C 1011.1hPaWNW 4.8km/h 12.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:06 19.0C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaWNW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:11 19.0C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaWNW 8.0km/h 12.9km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:16 18.9C – 13.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 11.3km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:21 18.9C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaWNW 6.4km/h 9.7km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:26 18.9C – 13.2C 1011.1hPaWest 9.7km/h 11.3km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:31 18.8C – 13.1C 1011.1hPaWNW 6.4km/h 11.3km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:36 18.8C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaWNW 3.2km/h 11.3km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:41 18.7C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaWNW 6.4km/h 12.9km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:46 18.6C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaWNW 4.8km/h 12.9km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:51 18.4C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaNW 11.3km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:56 18.4C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaWNW 8.0km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:01 18.4C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:06 18.3C – 13.1C 1011.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:11 18.3C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 14.5km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:16 18.3C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 12.9km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:21 18.2C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 12.9km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:26 18.2C – 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 12.9km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:31 18.2C – 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 12.9km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:36 18.2C – 13.3C 1011.4hPaCalm 11.3km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:41 18.1C – 13.9C 1011.4hPaWNW 4.8km/h 12.9km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:46 18.1C – 13.8C 1011.4hPaNW 6.4km/h 12.9km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:51 17.9C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaCalm 12.9km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:56 17.8C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaWNW 6.4km/h 12.9km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:01 17.8C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 12.9km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:06 17.8C – 13.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 11.3km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:11 17.9C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaCalm 11.3km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:16 17.9C – 13.3C 1011.7hPaNW 4.8km/h 11.3km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:21 18.0C – 13.2C 1012.1hPaWNW 4.8km/h 9.7km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:26 18.2C – 13.3C 1012.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 14.5km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:31 18.4C – 12.9C 1012.1hPaWest 8.0km/h 14.5km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:36 18.8C – 12.8C 1012.1hPaWest 11.3km/h 14.5km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:41 19.1C – 12.9C 1012.1hPaWNW 6.4km/h 14.5km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:46 19.3C – 13.2C 1012.1hPaCalm 16.1km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:51 19.5C – 13.3C 1012.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h 16.1km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:56 19.8C – 13.3C 1012.1hPaWest 4.8km/h 16.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:01 20.1C – 13.7C 1012.1hPaWNW 8.0km/h 12.9km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:06 20.5C – 13.8C 1012.1hPaWest 8.0km/h 14.5km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:11 20.8C – 13.9C 1012.1hPaWest 8.0km/h 14.5km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:16 21.2C – 13.9C 1012.1hPaWNW 9.7km/h 14.5km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:21 21.5C – 14.0C 1012.1hPaWest 8.0km/h 14.5km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:26 21.7C – 14.2C 1012.1hPaWest 6.4km/h 14.5km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:31 21.9C – 14.2C 1012.1hPaNW 9.7km/h 14.5km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:36 22.3C – 14.1C 1012.1hPaWest 1.6km/h 16.1km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:41 22.6C – 14.0C 1012.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 16.1km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:46 22.9C – 14.1C 1012.1hPaWNW 9.7km/h 16.1km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:51 23.2C – 14.6C 1012.1hPaWest 8.0km/h 17.7km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:56 23.4C – 13.9C 1012.1hPaWNW 6.4km/h 20.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:01 23.6C – 14.1C 1012.1hPaWest 11.3km/h 20.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:06 23.6C – 14.1C 1012.1hPaWest 4.8km/h 20.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:11 23.7C – 14.4C 1012.1hPaWest 11.3km/h 20.9km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:16 23.7C – 14.5C 1012.4hPaWNW 8.0km/h 20.9km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:21 23.9C – 14.4C 1012.4hPaWSW 8.0km/h 16.1km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:26 24.1C – 14.3C 1012.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 16.1km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:31 24.4C – 14.3C 1012.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 16.1km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:36 24.8C – 14.6C 1012.4hPaWest 16.1km/h 16.1km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:41 25.2C – 14.4C 1012.4hPaCalm 16.1km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:46 25.5C – 14.4C 1012.4hPaWest 4.8km/h 17.7km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:51 25.7C – 14.3C 1012.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 17.7km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:56 26.0C – 13.8C 1012.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 19.3km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:01 26.1C – 14.2C 1012.4hPaWest 9.7km/h 19.3km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:06 26.3C – 14.1C 1012.4hPaWNW 12.9km/h 19.3km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:11 26.6C – 13.7C 1012.4hPaNW 8.0km/h 17.7km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:16 26.6C – 13.7C 1012.4hPaNW 14.5km/h 16.1km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:21 26.9C 27.1C 14.3C 1012.4hPaWNW 3.2km/h 16.1km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:26 27.2C 27.3C 14.2C 1012.4hPaNW 8.0km/h 17.7km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:31 27.5C 27.4C 13.8C 1012.4hPaNW 9.7km/h 17.7km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:36 27.8C 27.7C 14.1C 1012.4hPaWNW 6.4km/h 17.7km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:41 27.8C 27.7C 14.1C 1012.4hPaNNW 8.0km/h 17.7km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:46 28.1C 27.9C 13.9C 1012.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 17.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:51 28.2C 28.1C 14.4C 1012.4hPaNW 9.7km/h 17.7km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:56 28.4C 28.1C 13.9C 1012.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 17.7km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:01 28.6C 28.4C 14.4C 1012.4hPaNW 12.9km/h 17.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:06 28.7C 28.4C 14.2C 1012.1hPaNW 9.7km/h 17.7km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:11 28.8C 28.5C 14.3C 1012.1hPaNW 8.0km/h 16.1km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:16 28.9C 28.6C 14.0C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 16.1km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:21 29.1C 28.8C 14.4C 1012.1hPaCalm 14.5km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:26 29.1C 28.8C 14.4C 1012.1hPaCalm 14.5km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:31 29.2C 29.1C 15.3C 1012.1hPaWNW 6.4km/h 12.9km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:36 29.3C 28.9C 14.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 11.3km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:41 29.2C 29.0C 15.0C 1011.7hPaNNW 9.7km/h 12.9km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:46 29.6C 29.2C 14.5C 1011.7hPaWNW 11.3km/h 14.5km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:51 29.7C 29.3C 14.6C 1011.7hPaWNW 9.7km/h 14.5km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:56 29.8C 29.4C 14.7C 1011.7hPaNNE 4.8km/h 14.5km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:01 30.0C 29.7C 14.9C 1011.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 14.5km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:06 30.1C 29.8C 14.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 14.5km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:11 30.3C 29.9C 14.8C 1011.7hPaCalm 14.5km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:16 30.6C 30.4C 15.4C 1011.7hPaWNW 9.7km/h 14.5km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:21 30.8C 30.5C 15.2C 1011.7hPaNW 8.0km/h 14.5km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:26 31.0C 30.8C 15.4C 1011.7hPaCalm 19.3km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:31 31.2C 30.9C 15.2C 1011.4hPaNW 9.7km/h 19.3km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:36 31.5C 31.3C 15.4C 1011.7hPaWNW 11.3km/h 19.3km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:41 31.6C 31.2C 15.1C 1011.4hPaNNW 12.9km/h 17.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:46 31.6C 31.5C 15.9C 1011.4hPaWNW 9.7km/h 17.7km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:51 31.7C 31.6C 15.6C 1011.1hPaWest 3.2km/h 16.1km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:56 31.7C 31.5C 15.6C 1011.4hPaWNW 6.4km/h 16.1km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:01 31.8C 31.7C 15.8C 1011.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 19.3km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:07 31.9C 31.8C 15.8C 1011.4hPaNW 6.4km/h 19.3km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:12 32.0C 31.9C 15.9C 1011.1hPaWNW 6.4km/h 19.3km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:17 32.1C 31.8C 15.6C 1011.4hPaCalm 19.3km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:22 32.2C 32.2C 16.1C 1011.1hPaWest 8.0km/h 16.1km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:26 32.3C 32.1C 15.7C 1011.1hPaWNW 4.8km/h 16.1km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:31 32.2C 32.1C 15.7C 1011.1hPaNNW 3.2km/h 14.5km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:36 32.4C 32.3C 15.8C 1010.7hPaNW 3.2km/h 16.1km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:41 32.5C 32.3C 15.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 16.1km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:46 32.7C 32.6C 15.7C 1010.7hPaWNW 9.7km/h 17.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:51 32.8C 32.9C 16.2C 1010.7hPaWNW 6.4km/h 17.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:56 32.8C 32.7C 15.8C 1010.7hPaNW 4.8km/h 17.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:02 33.0C 33.2C 16.3C 1010.7hPaWSW 4.8km/h 17.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:07 33.2C 33.4C 16.5C 1010.4hPaNW 9.7km/h 16.1km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:12 33.4C 33.6C 16.3C 1010.4hPaWNW 16.1km/h 17.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:17 33.6C 33.8C 16.4C 1010.4hPaNW 12.9km/h 17.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:22 33.6C 33.5C 15.6C 1010.4hPaWNW 12.9km/h 17.7km/h34% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:27 33.4C 33.4C 15.8C 1010.4hPaWest 8.0km/h 17.7km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:32 33.3C 33.3C 15.8C 1010.4hPaWNW 9.7km/h 17.7km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:37 33.4C 33.6C 16.3C 1010.0hPaWest 1.6km/h 17.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:42 33.7C 34.0C 16.5C 1010.0hPaWest 20.9km/h 20.9km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:46 33.7C 34.0C 16.5C 1010.0hPaCalm 20.9km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:51 33.5C 33.7C 16.3C 1010.0hPaWest 6.4km/h 20.9km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:56 33.4C 33.8C 16.7C 1010.0hPaWest 9.7km/h 20.9km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:02 33.4C 33.8C 16.7C 1010.0hPaWNW 1.6km/h 19.3km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:07 33.4C 34.0C 17.1C 1009.7hPaWNW 16.1km/h 19.3km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:12 33.6C 34.0C 16.8C 1009.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 22.5km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:17 33.6C 34.4C 17.7C 1009.7hPaWest 12.9km/h 22.5km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:22 33.7C 34.7C 17.8C 1009.7hPaNW 8.0km/h 22.5km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:27 34.1C 34.9C 17.3C 1009.7hPaWNW 12.9km/h 22.5km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:32 34.2C 35.1C 17.4C 1009.7hPaWSW 6.4km/h 20.9km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:37 34.1C 34.8C 17.3C 1009.7hPaWNW 8.0km/h 20.9km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:42 34.0C 34.7C 17.2C 1009.7hPaWest 6.4km/h 20.9km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:47 33.9C 34.8C 17.6C 1009.7hPaWSW 11.3km/h 20.9km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:52 33.7C 34.4C 17.4C 1009.7hPaWNW 4.8km/h 20.9km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:57 33.8C 34.4C 17.1C 1009.4hPaWNW 11.3km/h 20.9km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:02 34.0C 34.7C 17.3C 1009.4hPaNW 11.3km/h 20.9km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:07 34.2C 34.8C 17.0C 1009.4hPaNW 17.7km/h 19.3km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:12 34.3C 35.1C 17.5C 1009.4hPaNNW 11.3km/h 19.3km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Heat IndexDew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:01 22.0C – 11.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.9km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:06 22.0C – 11.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.6km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:11 21.9C – 11.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.9km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:16 21.8C – 11.2C 1009.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 3.5km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:21 21.7C – 11.1C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.5km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:26 21.6C – 11.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.2km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:31 21.6C – 12.2C 1010.0hPaNNW 1.8km/h 3.2km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:36 21.5C – 12.4C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.6km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:41 21.4C – 12.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.6km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:46 21.3C – 11.9C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:51 21.2C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaNorth 2.9km/h 2.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:56 21.2C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaSouth 2.9km/h 2.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:01 21.2C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:06 21.2C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:11 21.1C – 12.0C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:16 21.0C – 12.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.6km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:21 20.9C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:26 20.8C – 12.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.5km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:31 20.6C – 11.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.5km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:36 20.6C – 11.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.1km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:41 20.5C – 11.1C 1010.0hPaNE 2.1km/h 4.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:46 20.5C – 11.1C 1010.0hPaCalm 4.0km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:51 20.5C – 11.1C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:56 20.5C – 11.1C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:01 20.5C – 11.4C 1009.7hPaNNW 1.8km/h 3.2km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:06 20.4C – 11.6C 1009.7hPaSouth 2.1km/h 3.2km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:11 20.4C – 11.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.6km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:16 20.3C – 11.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.6km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:21 20.1C – 11.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.6km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:26 19.9C – 11.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:31 19.8C – 12.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:36 19.6C – 12.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:41 19.6C – 12.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.1km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:46 19.5C – 12.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.1km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:51 19.4C – 12.2C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:56 19.4C – 12.2C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.9km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:01 19.3C – 12.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.9km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:06 19.2C – 12.2C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:11 19.2C – 12.2C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:16 19.1C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:21 19.1C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:26 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaCalm 3.5km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:31 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaWSW 1.8km/h 3.5km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:36 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:41 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:46 19.0C – 12.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.1km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:51 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaNNE 1.8km/h 2.6km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:56 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:01 18.9C – 11.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:06 18.9C – 11.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:11 19.0C – 12.0C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:16 19.0C – 11.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:21 19.1C – 11.7C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:26 19.1C – 11.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:31 19.2C – 11.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:36 19.2C – 11.5C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.4km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:41 19.2C – 11.5C 1009.4hPaSE 2.6km/h 2.6km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:46 19.2C – 11.5C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:51 19.2C – 11.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:56 19.2C – 11.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.6km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:01 19.2C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.4km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:06 19.2C – 11.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.4km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:11 19.2C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.4km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:16 19.1C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.1km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:21 19.0C – 12.0C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.1km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:26 19.0C – 12.0C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:31 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:36 19.0C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:41 18.9C – 12.2C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.1km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:46 18.8C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.1km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:51 18.8C – 12.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:56 18.8C – 12.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:01 18.9C – 12.2C 1009.7hPaNorth 1.8km/h 1.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:06 18.9C – 12.4C 1009.7hPaNorth 1.8km/h 2.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:11 18.8C – 12.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:16 18.8C – 12.3C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:21 18.8C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 1.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:26 18.8C – 12.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:31 18.8C – 11.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.6km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:36 18.8C – 11.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 2.1km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:41 18.8C – 11.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:46 18.8C – 11.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:51 18.9C – 11.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:56 18.9C – 11.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.8km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:01 19.0C – 11.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.6km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:06 19.2C – 11.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 2.6km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:12 19.2C – 11.5C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.1km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:17 19.3C – 11.4C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.1km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:22 19.3C – 11.4C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.4km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:27 19.5C – 11.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:32 19.6C – 11.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:37 19.7C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:42 19.7C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:47 19.8C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaNorth 1.8km/h 2.6km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:52 19.8C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.6km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:57 20.0C – 11.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.1km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:02 20.6C – 12.1C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.1km/h58% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:07 21.2C – 12.4C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.1km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:12 21.9C – 12.7C 1010.0hPaSSW 1.8km/h 1.8km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:17 22.1C – 12.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:22 22.4C – 12.9C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:27 22.8C – 12.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:32 23.1C – 12.4C 1010.4hPaNE 1.8km/h 2.9km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:37 23.4C – 12.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:42 23.7C – 12.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:47 24.1C – 13.1C 1010.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:52 24.1C – 12.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:57 24.4C – 13.0C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.2km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:02 24.8C – 12.7C 1010.0hPaSouth 1.8km/h 3.2km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:07 24.9C – 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:12 24.8C – 12.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 5.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:17 24.9C – 12.1C 1010.4hPaWSW 2.9km/h 5.0km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:22 25.0C – 12.6C 1010.4hPaWest 1.8km/h 4.3km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:27 25.1C – 12.0C 1010.4hPaWest 7.2km/h 8.7km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:32 25.2C – 12.4C 1010.4hPaWest 5.8km/h 8.7km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:37 25.4C – 12.6C 1010.4hPaWSW 2.3km/h 7.2km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:42 25.9C – 13.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 5.8km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:47 26.1C – 12.2C 1010.4hPaWest 4.2km/h 5.8km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:52 26.2C – 11.9C 1010.7hPaSSW 2.1km/h 5.8km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:57 27.1C 27.1C 13.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 5.5km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:02 27.7C 27.4C 13.0C 1010.7hPaWSW 2.1km/h 3.5km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:07 27.8C 27.7C 13.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.5km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:12 27.7C 27.4C 13.0C 1010.7hPaWSW 2.3km/h 5.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:17 27.3C 27.1C 12.6C 1010.4hPaSSW 2.9km/h 5.0km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:22 27.6C 27.3C 12.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 4.3km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:27 28.1C 27.7C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:32 28.6C 28.1C 12.9C 1010.7hPaSW 2.1km/h 4.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:37 29.0C 28.4C 13.2C 1010.4hPaWest 1.8km/h 4.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:42 29.2C 28.6C 13.0C 1010.4hPaSSW 3.2km/h 3.2km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:47 29.3C 28.7C 13.1C 1010.4hPaESE 1.8km/h 3.2km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:52 29.9C 29.3C 13.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:57 30.3C 29.3C 12.2C 1010.4hPaWest 5.0km/h 6.1km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:02 30.1C 29.3C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 6.1km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:07 30.2C 29.5C 13.4C 1010.4hPaNNW 2.9km/h 5.0km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:12 30.7C 30.3C 14.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:17 31.1C 30.3C 13.3C 1010.4hPaCalm 2.9km/h34% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:22 31.6C 30.9C 14.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:27 31.7C 31.0C 14.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.5km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:32 31.4C 30.4C 13.1C 1010.0hPaNorth 1.8km/h 3.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:37 31.6C 30.7C 13.3C 1010.0hPaNorth 2.1km/h 3.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:42 31.8C 31.1C 13.9C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.5km/h34% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:47 32.2C 31.5C 13.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:52 32.4C 31.6C 13.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.5km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:57 32.5C 31.5C 13.2C 1010.0hPaSW 1.8km/h 2.6km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:02 32.7C 32.1C 14.3C 1010.0hPaNW 1.6km/h 2.9km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:07 33.0C 32.3C 14.1C 1010.0hPaCalm 2.9km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:12 33.5C 32.8C 14.1C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.4km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:17 33.8C 33.2C 14.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:22 33.7C 32.9C 13.8C 1009.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 1.8km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:27 32.8C 31.8C 13.0C 1009.7hPaWest 4.0km/h 6.9km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:32 32.3C 31.3C 13.0C 1009.7hPaSW 2.6km/h 6.9km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:37 32.0C 31.1C 13.2C 1009.7hPaSSW 4.0km/h 4.0km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:42 31.6C 30.6C 12.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 4.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:47 32.6C 32.0C 14.2C 1009.7hPaSW 2.6km/h 4.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:52 33.0C 32.1C 13.7C 1009.4hPaWSW 6.1km/h 6.1km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:57 32.8C 31.9C 13.5C 1009.4hPaNorth 1.8km/h 6.1km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:02 33.3C 32.6C 13.9C 1009.4hPaSW 2.1km/h 6.1km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:07 34.1C 33.6C 14.6C 1009.4hPaWest 3.1km/h 5.5km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:12 34.1C 33.4C 14.1C 1009.4hPaWNW 5.5km/h 5.5km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:17 33.6C 32.8C 13.7C 1009.4hPaSSW 4.0km/h 5.5km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:22 33.5C 32.6C 13.6C 1009.4hPaSW 7.6km/h 7.6km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:27 33.6C 32.9C 14.2C 1009.4hPaWSW 2.9km/h 7.6km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:32 33.8C 33.2C 14.3C 1009.0hPaCalm 7.6km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:37 34.0C 33.5C 14.5C 1009.0hPaNNW 3.2km/h 5.5km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:42 34.1C 33.8C 15.1C 1009.0hPaCalm 4.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:47 34.6C 34.3C 15.1C 1009.0hPaSSW 2.9km/h 3.2km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:52 34.8C 34.6C 15.2C 1009.0hPaCalm 3.2km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:57 35.2C 34.8C 14.5C 1009.0hPaNE 3.5km/h 4.7km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:02 35.0C 34.5C 14.3C 1008.7hPaWest 4.0km/h 5.0km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:07 34.5C 33.8C 13.9C 1008.7hPaWest 4.7km/h 7.2km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:11 34.2C 33.4C 13.6C 1008.7hPaWest 5.6km/h 7.2km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:16 34.2C 33.6C 14.2C 1008.7hPaWSW 4.7km/h 6.9km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:21 35.1C 34.6C 14.4C 1008.7hPaNW 2.9km/h 6.4km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:26 35.7C 35.5C 14.9C 1008.7hPaSSE 3.7km/h 5.5km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:31 36.1C 36.1C 15.2C 1008.4hPaWSW 2.4km/h 5.5km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:36 35.9C 35.6C 15.0C 1008.4hPaCalm 4.0km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:41 35.8C 35.7C 15.0C 1008.4hPaSouth 4.7km/h 9.7km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:46 35.4C 35.3C 15.2C 1008.4hPaWest 11.9km/h 11.9km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:51 35.1C 35.1C 15.5C 1008.4hPaSouth 3.1km/h 13.0km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:56 35.4C 35.3C 15.2C 1008.4hPaSouth 6.9km/h 13.0km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:01 35.4C 35.3C 15.2C 1008.4hPaWSW 6.9km/h 10.5km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:07 35.4C 35.6C 16.2C 1008.0hPaSW 1.8km/h 12.2km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:11 36.3C 36.7C 16.0C 1008.0hPaWSW 5.0km/h 12.2km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:16 36.3C 36.7C 16.0C 1008.0hPaNorth 2.1km/h 7.6km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:21 36.1C 36.3C 15.8C 1008.0hPaNNW 2.7km/h 5.5km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:26 35.8C 35.9C 15.6C 1008.0hPaNNW 4.7km/h 6.4km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:31 35.7C 36.0C 15.9C 1008.0hPaWSW 2.1km/h 6.4km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:36 35.7C 36.0C 15.9C 1007.7hPaNNW 1.8km/h 4.7km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:41 35.4C 35.6C 15.7C 1007.7hPaNNW 3.1km/h 5.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:46 35.6C 35.6C 15.4C 1007.7hPaNNW 1.8km/h 5.8km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:51 36.9C 37.7C 16.5C 1007.7hPaSW 2.6km/h 4.0km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total15:56 37.4C 38.2C 16.4C 1007.7hPaCalm 4.3km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:01 36.8C 37.2C 15.8C 1007.7hPaWest 3.9km/h 5.8km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:06 36.7C 37.3C 16.4C 1007.7hPaNorth 1.8km/h 5.8km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:11 36.7C 36.8C 15.7C 1007.7hPaWSW 3.9km/h 6.1km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:16 36.3C 36.4C 15.4C 1007.3hPaCalm 6.1km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:21 36.4C 36.9C 16.1C 1007.3hPaSouth 1.6km/h 4.0km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:26 35.8C 35.9C 15.6C 1007.7hPaNNW 2.7km/h 4.0km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:31 35.6C 35.8C 15.9C 1007.7hPaWNW 2.4km/h 7.2km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:36 35.8C 35.9C 15.6C 1007.7hPaWSW 4.0km/h 7.2km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16:41 35.4C 35.6C 15.7C 1007.3hPaNNW 2.7km/h 4.0km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Heat IndexDew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:02 23.9C – 17.2C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:07 23.9C – 17.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:12 23.8C – 17.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:17 23.8C – 17.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:22 23.7C – 16.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:27 23.6C – 16.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:32 23.5C – 16.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:37 23.4C – 16.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:42 23.4C – 16.4C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:47 23.3C – 16.4C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:52 23.3C – 16.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:57 23.2C – 16.0C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:02 23.2C – 16.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.6km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:07 23.2C – 16.0C 1010.0hPaNNW 1.6km/h 1.6km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:12 23.2C – 16.0C 1010.0hPaCalm 4.8km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:17 23.2C – 16.2C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:22 23.1C – 16.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 4.8km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:27 23.1C – 16.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:32 22.9C – 16.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:37 22.9C – 16.2C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:42 22.8C – 16.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:47 22.7C – 16.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:52 22.7C – 16.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:57 22.6C – 15.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:02 22.4C – 15.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:07 22.2C – 15.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:12 22.1C – 15.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:17 22.1C – 15.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:22 21.9C – 15.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:27 21.9C – 15.5C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:32 21.7C – 15.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:37 21.6C – 15.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:42 21.4C – 15.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:47 21.3C – 15.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:52 21.1C – 15.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:57 21.0C – 15.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:02 20.8C – 15.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:07 20.7C – 15.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:12 20.6C – 15.6C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:17 20.5C – 15.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:22 20.3C – 15.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:27 20.3C – 15.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:32 20.1C – 15.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:37 20.0C – 15.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:42 19.8C – 15.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:47 19.7C – 15.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:52 19.7C – 15.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:57 19.5C – 15.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:02 19.4C – 15.7C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:07 19.3C – 15.6C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:12 19.2C – 15.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:17 19.1C – 15.9C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:22 19.1C – 15.7C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:27 18.9C – 15.6C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:32 18.9C – 15.6C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:37 18.8C – 15.5C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:42 18.8C – 15.4C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:47 18.7C – 15.4C 1009.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:52 18.7C – 15.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:57 18.7C – 15.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:02 18.7C – 15.2C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:07 18.7C – 15.2C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:12 18.8C – 15.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:17 18.9C – 15.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:22 19.1C – 14.9C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:27 19.2C – 15.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:32 19.2C – 15.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:37 19.2C – 15.1C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:42 19.2C – 14.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:47 19.1C – 14.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:52 19.1C – 14.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:57 19.1C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:02 19.1C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:07 19.1C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:12 19.0C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:17 19.0C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:22 18.9C – 14.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:27 18.9C – 14.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:32 18.8C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:37 18.8C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:42 18.8C – 14.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:47 18.7C – 14.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:52 18.7C – 14.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:57 18.7C – 14.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:02 18.7C – 14.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:07 18.7C – 14.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:12 18.7C – 14.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:17 18.8C – 14.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:22 18.9C – 14.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:27 19.2C – 15.1C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:32 19.4C – 14.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:37 19.7C – 15.1

  3. The rebel armies, or as I suppose we must now call them, the armed forces of the provisional government, have been fighting a far more organised series of campaigns of late, culminating in the capture of Tripoli. Perhaps that gives some credibility to claims that, contrary to the undertakings given to Parliament, some British military boots have been on the ground in Libya, and no doubt there will be questions about that when Parliament returns.

  4. I put on a hospital gown leaving the back open. Then I put on panty hose and stuffed the butt with cotton fluff. (like you stuff pillows with) I made the butt Butt big and lumpy too. It was a sight to behold and a big hit at the party.

  5. As of this articles publication, Sineads second letter is only a few hours old. Miley has yet to respond again, though its expected that shes not going to cower.

  6. “It was completely unprovoked, I think they just picked us at random because they saw a busy restaurant and they wanted to fight someone – anyone.”Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is unavailable for his side’s Premier League clash with Aston Villa, Manuel Pellegrini has confirmed.

  7. As a result, wind turbine OEM?s are actively employing ex-military members. The UK has also actively made connections between offshore wind communities and military institutions.

  8. Last Chance says:

    “This is unacceptable because sexual orientation and gender identity are protected grounds of discrimination in international human rights law.”

  9. “We have seen examples over the past few years where American servicemen are becoming involved in this type of activity,” Fred Burton, vice president for STRATFOR Global Intelligence told Fox News. “It is quite worrisome to have individuals with specialised military training and combat experience being associated with the cartels.”

  10. Just this week GCHQ announced new platform security guidance details to help protect official communications and along with BlackBerry 10, it approved eight other platforms including iOS and Android.

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    “Today’s announcement shows why that’s necessary, because British Gas’s ECO numbers just don’t add up when you look at what other energy companies are saying about their costs.”

  12. The Bosnian international was rumoured to leave the Serie A outfit after facing issues with Roma’s former boss, Zdenek Zeman. However, Pjanic is relishing his chance under the club’s new manager Rudi Garcia, but is in no hurry in opening contract negotiations.

  13. The bilateral series prepared by International Cricket Council (ICC) as part of Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) will feature two Tests, five ODIs and two T20 matches at several venues in UAE. First Test will begin on Thursday (14 October) to be followed by ODI which will start on 30 October. The series will end with a T20 match to be played on 15 November at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai.

  14. Aiden’s new mapping technique addresses a critical gap in our scientific knowledge about the genome; intermediate between the smallest level of our DNA’s double helix and its nucleotide pairings, and the macro-molecular level of our cell’s 23 chromosomes, are long stretches of thousands or millions of base pairs whose particular folding structure may play a crucial role in genome functioning.

  15. The new snapshot is available for . Those who want to update more bug finds can do so in the .

  16. Fines for vehicles entering the zone without registering and not meeting emissions targets are steep – ranging from ?250 to ?1000 per day.

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    September 15, 2011

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  24. Bishop is adamant that he won’t do anything like it again, though he hopes to stay involved with Sport Relief’s work on some level. He found it humbling that so many people were interested and willing to donate. ‘With the economic climate that we’re in, the fact that people were bothered says more about the British people than about me, really,’ he says. Even his children donated money. When the ‘Week of Hell’ was on television, he made sure he was out, playing a gig. But his family watched. ‘My youngest lad said, “Dad, it was so moving I texted in three times!” He leaves a beat, then adds drily. ‘But I pay his phone bill, so effectively I sponsored myself.’

  25. To apply for this position, candidates must be eligible to live and work in the UK

  26. Because of the heritage limitations, new developments such as Bath Riverside and those planned on former MOD sites at Foxhill, Warminster Road and Lansdown will spark keen interest.

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