Skip The MTV Movie Awards, Let’s Have a Breaking Dawn Part 2 Watch Along on Twitter!

MTV announced the nominees for the MTV Movie Awards a few weeks ago on a live show on the Internet. Pretty much no one cared about the nominations, or the live stream for that matter, except the Twilight fandom, who watched the entire thing only to find out that the only nomination Breaking Dawn Part 2 scored was “Best abs – Taylor Lautner”. Needless to say, we were all speechless and very disappointed because we did not see this coming from the network that was always very supportive of Twilight from the very beginning, way before anyone else picked up the buzz. No Best Kiss for fifth year in a row? No Best Fight after those stressful, heart racing minutes we all endured during the awesome vampire battle? No Best actress, no Best Actor, and of course, no Best Movie? The decision seemed pretty deliberate (MTV still has not explained how exactly the nominees were chosen), so the fandom felt betrayed and heartbroken because we always support MTV, the VMAs, the MAs and basically anything that was used to draw our attention for ratings. MTV knows the power this fandom has, and used it several times so we’d tune in and watch their shows. For four years we were pretty loyal to MTV, and grateful for everything they offered to this fandom, but sadly we didn’t get our final chance to celebrate the franchise because MTV was too busy nominating Oscar nominated movies this year. Yes, MTV, I’m sure that as Ben Affleck polishes his Oscar, he’s making room for the MTV Golden Popcorn. Call me crazy, but I grew up watching these award shows, and the cool thing about them is that they celebrated movies that the critics never took seriously, but that audiences loved and enjoyed. Which is why their statuette is golden popcorn. Audiences chose the winners.

Right after the nominations were announced, we suggested to our followers on our twitter page to have a watch-along of the final movie on Twitter on the same night as the MTVMAs, so we dominate Twitter’s trending topics on that night as if the movie had been nominated. So here’s what we’re going to do:

1) Let’s all pop our Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVDs at exactly the same time when the show starts: April 14 9/8c. We’ll comment the movie, we’ll post memories from Tent City, share pictures, gifs, etc using the hashtag: #BreakingDawnPart2Night. I’m sure that if we all do this, more trending topics will emerge too, but let’s use this as the official hashtag. Spread the word and share this post daily, so nobody misses this watch-along!

2) Since Taylor might attend the ceremony to collect that token, patronizing award DON’T FALL FOR IT. Don’t watch just for Taylor (sorry, TayTay. You know what? If you’re reading this, don’t go. The movie deserves more than a Best Abs award). We’ll post videos and pictures of his appearance, so you don’t need to endure the entire show just to see him. Join us on this watch along so MTV feels the huge drop in ratings. This is why we’re doing this watch-along too.

3) Tweet this to the cast members and invite them to join us! Maybe they can provide additional commentary for us and share anecdotes from the set.

4) Twilight Poison will personally throw our own giveaway to celebrate our 5th anniversary during the watch-along! We’ve been saving a couple of posters from Comic Con signed by the cast and Stephenie Meyer on the Hall H line when they came over to visit fans. We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to give them away and I think this is it. This contest is open to ALL COUNTRIES! So you have to join our watch-along and follow us on Twitter for a chance to win. I’ll throw in more prizes if I can, I’ll let you know. Other fan sites might throw giveaways too, so be on the look out. We’ll all retweet and link each other so you don’t miss anything.

5) Join Twitter if you haven’t! The Twilight community on Twitter is very active, fun, and large. You will have fun joining, and several cast members are on Twitter too. We’ve met so many wonderful fans and readers thanks to Twitter and we’ve become friends over the years. You will not regret joining us there.

We’re doing this not just because we’re butthurt over the lack of nominations, but because we need our final celebration of the saga, and these award shows were always so much fun to watch together on Twitter. So we’re also doing this for us, as our final goodbye. Our last group hug. Do join us, and it will be fun to troll MTV!

Finally, our Twitter page @TwilightPoison passed the 80,000 followers mark! Thanks so much for your support all these years. Twitter definitely helped this site become what it is, and without it, a large portion of our readers wouldn’t have found us. The coolest and most legendary moments in the fandom happened on Twitter. If you speak Spanish, please follow @TwilightPoisonE, which is so close to reaching 20,000 followers! Together, both accounts almost have 100,000 followers and we couldn’t be happier. Our spanish account features translations of news, tweets and local news for South American fans, and we occasionally have special giveaways for Latin American fans only. We also need more help on our Spanish blog, so if you’re a huge fan, you enjoy writing and you’re bilingual, please apply to become a blogger at our site!

Please share this post on Twitter and Facebook. This watch-along is fandom’s idea, so we all should be part of it. We’re just helping spread the word.

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6 Responses to “Skip The MTV Movie Awards, Let’s Have a Breaking Dawn Part 2 Watch Along on Twitter!”

  1. Alex says:

    Oh my Goodness!! I am SO glad this is happening! I thought I was like the only one who was VERY disappointed and sad that Twilight was BARELY nominated! Honestly though, I was mostly crushed when I was voting (mainly to vote for Twilight duh!) to find out that Rob and Kristen WEREN’T nominated for BEST KISS! WHAT?!? REALLY?!? They have won for the past FOUR years for EACH movie in the series and they don’t at least get their LAST??? What is up with that, seriously! Also, each year they pull off a HILARIOUS stunt that cracks not only the Twihards up, but the audience as well to avoid the kiss! It’s like a TRADITION now and we LOVE it! Personally, and this is very hard for me to admit this, I was never a fan of Twilight up until the last movie came out. I saw Breaking Dawn PT 1 first, loved it and got OBSESSED, saw Part 2 later that day (Like I said, I got obsessed!), and just fell in love reading the books, watching the rest of the movies, and falling in love with the cast! Now since I love the Saga SO much, I feel HORRIBLE that I never gave it a chance in the past while it was continuing. Because it’s ending, I feel I have a limited amount of time to enjoy it while it’s big again and the MTV Movie Awards is the only and last time I get to ever support the movie after it came out! So to me, finding out that Twilight was not getting its proper farewell definitely hurt. I was looking forward to seeing this years award despite the disappointing news, but because of my stubbornness in the past of not wanting to get into Twilight, I am willing to sacrifice and compensate for it. Twilight is definitely something that makes me happy and is something that I love. Who cares if I miss the award show live. There’s still DVR right? LOL! Thank you for letting me share this and thanks for putting this great idea together! Was a little skeptical at first cuz I wanted to watch the awards but this is the Saga’s last year to represent and we as Twihards will give them their last goodbye if MTV won’t! Thanks again and let’s do this Twihards! :D

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  3. Cudragon says:

    “We will join you”. I am so disappointed with MTV.

  4. Deb says:

    I will not be watching I’m with you. BD2 it is..

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