Stephenie Meyer Says She’s Over Twilight and it’s Not a Happy Place For Her, Fan Reactions

That sound you heard yesterday was the sound of thousands of twi-hearts breaking all over the world and Lionsgate executive face palming, after Stephenie Meyer’s Q&A with Variety came out, in which she said she was so over Twilight and it was not a happy place for her to revisit, and in the day Lionsgate announced the Ultimate DVD Box Set, no less. Say it isn’t so, Steph! I asked fans on Twitter what they felt about Stephenie’s choice of words and here are a few reactions from both sides.

And we had people who were more understanding…

Here’s the thing… both sides

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are right. On one hand, people who got their feelings hurt have every right to be upset. It does feel a little bit as order cialis from canada if that friend who got invited to the cool table no longer wants to be associated with the table that is uncool. That table where she sat for so long and where she found true friends, love and support is no longer an important table anymore. Or is it? Perhaps she’s just over writing about vampires, or writing all together. Perhaps for her it’s hard to revisit the work that while it made her incredibly famous and rich, it also made her quit writing because people were completely ruthless to her and the media made sure to associate Stephenie Meyer with bad writing, while she had the best intentions the whole time. I still believe she could’ve worded the whole thing differently to not make her fans feel betrayed, but sadly, she was brutally honest and that’s ok too. But it’s important to point out viagra does it work that at the end of the day, anyone who was involved with Twilight needs to make peace with the fact that they will be associated with it forever because of all the success it found worldwide, and because it was that thing that made them famous. And it will never go away. It will never be over. Just like Lord of the Rings is not over and now we have the entire Hobbit movie franchise. Just like Harry Potter is not over and the world is getting new box sets and theme parks every year. Just like Star Wars is not over and we’re getting new sequels soon. Just like Star Trek got its own reboot, as did Spider-man, and Superman, and Batman… I could go on and on, but when something is incredibly successful and is a huge money maker, it will never go away. Robert will be answering questions about Twilight when he’s 30, 40, 50, 70, 90 just like Leonardo Di Caprio still has to answer questions about Titanic, and Harrison Ford still has to answer questions about Han Solo. It will always be brought up to them and they should be prepared. I for one, would not mind at all if people still asked questions all the time about that thing that made me famous, but maybe that’s just my underachieving self talking. It’s different for successful people, probably. But Twilight will come back in a few years. New books, new movies, new adaptations, something. Just yesterday we got the announcement of a new box set with new material. So the best idea is to not forget the fans, keep them happy and always be grateful that they’re there, patient, loyal, loving. Because fans are what got Twilight going. It was their buzz that was heard around the world. The media had no clue. And that passion and loyalty is still something very strong to this day, and many fandoms and potential franchises wish they had it, so it should not be taken for granted, ever. I also feel compelled to point out that all the times I met Stephenie she was incredible. I remember the first time I talked to her at the world premiere red carpet of Twilight in 2008, and I said I was from Twilight Poison. She gasped and said “You guys have the BEST pictures!” and I KNOW she wasn’t just saying that, because our gallery rocked the fandom back then. It was updated all the time and I found amazing pictures in the Spanish media, that the rest of the world hadn’t seen yet. So that means she was paying attention to the fan sites and her fans, and trust me, not many authors care. So I will always keep that memory of her. The last time I saw her was last year at Comic-Con, and she was just as great. So maybe let’s just cialis canada online pharmacy cut her some slack and remember that Twilight is a bittersweet thing for her. Did she mean she was over us and the entire fandom? Probably not. But she should know that for so many people Twilight is their Happy Place, and we’re sorry she’s not right there with us anymore. Wish we could do something to change that.

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