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Ashley Greene to Receive Superstar of Tomorrow At Young Hollywood Awards

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Ashley Greene will receive the Super Star of Tomorrow Award at the Young Hollywood Awards. The award will be presented to her by Chris Weitz, director of New Moon. You might remember that Rob won the same award on October of 2008.

The awards show will take place on June 14 in LA and figures like January Jones, Miranda Cosgrove, and James Van Der Beek are expected to receive awards as well.

Source: Hollywood Life

Chris Weitz in Talks to Rewrite Disney’s Live Action ‘Cinderella’

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The fairy tale trend is next and it looks like it’s going to be a strong one with multiple projects lined up for the next few years. You have the battle of the Snow Whites this year (though we already know who is going to win that match ;) ), an upcoming Beauty and the beast adaptation by Guillermo del Toro and possibly starring Emma Watson, a Hansel and Gretel action adaptation, and now… Cinderella.

Disney is in talks with “About a Boy” and “The Golden Compass” writer-director Chris Weitz to rewrite its live action “Cinderella,” TheWrap has confirmed.

“Cinderella” is a big project for Disney. The studio bought a pitch for the project from “The Devil Wears Prada” writer Aline Brosh McKenna in 2010. At the time, it was reported that the deal was worth $1 million.

Mark Romanek is to direct the movie.

Source: The Wrap.

VIDEO: Chris Weitz Asked Demian Bichir to Read for Aro in New Moon

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Chris Weitz talked to Young Hollywood about asking Academy Award nominee and star of his movie A Better Life, Demian Bichir, to read for the role of Aro in New Moon.

Via: Twilight Lexicon.

“A Better Life” Star Demián Bichir Reveals He Auditioned for New Moon

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

During the press conference for A Better Life at the Morelia Film Festival in Mexico this afternoon, actor Demián Bichir revealed that before starring in the movie directed by Chris Weitz, he was asked to audition for New Moon. During the audition, Chris brought up A Better Life:

“I didn’t know what Chris wanted for A Better Life. A vampire gardener?”

Chris then offered him the lead role in the movie, which Chris credits to the success of New Moon:

“I was able to direct A Better Life with Summit thanks to the success of New Moon. These days we do movies for marketing”,

A Better Life opens the Morelia Film Festival tonight and opens in Mexico on October 21.

For more live tweets from the press conference please head over to our Twitter:!/TwilightPoison

Chris Weitz To Open Morelia Film Festival With ‘A Better Life’

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

According to El Universal, Chris Weitz will open El Festival de Cine de Morelia in Mexico on October 15 with his movie A Better Life. Chris, and the star of the movie Demian Bichir are expected to attend.

We’ll bring you more info as soon as we get it.

Update: The festival’s official site confirms Chris’ attendance.

The End of An Era: Chris Weitz Burns The Yellow Trousers

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Remember the famous yellow pants that Chris wore at the New Moon premiere in London in 2009? Well, he decided to burn them last weekend during the Burning Man festival in Nevada and he shared the pictures on his Twitter: @chrisweitz.

Goodbye, yellow trousers! It was fun while it lasted…

Chris Weitz Talks About Rob, Kristen and Taylor

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

In a new interview Inquirer Entertainment, Chris talked about Rob, Kristen and Taylor and what he hopes for them in the future.

“For the three leads, they’re going to need to handle this last tsunami of publicity and distinguish themselves in other films.”

“With Kristen, she has always done terrific independent-film roles, and that’s great,” said Chris, who also directed the memorable “About a Boy,” “The Golden Compass” and, now, the acclaimed “A Better Life.” “Rob is doing that sort of thing, too,” Chris pointed out. “Rob is filming with David Cronenberg (‘Cosmopolis’) now. Taylor is carving a different path in action films.”

“I want to see them succeed,” Chris stressed. “I want to see them retain their essential humanity. I like them very much. What I also wish for them are happy lives that aren’t impinged on too much by the downside of the great things that have happened to them.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

Special Appearances By Chris Weitz in NY and LA

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Chris Weitz will participate in Q&As at select NY & LA screenings of his new film, A BETTER LIFE!

Los Angeles

Friday, July 1
The Landmark
5:20pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir post-screening Q&A
8:00pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir pre-screening introduction

Friday, July 1
ArcLight Hollywood
7:40pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir post-screening Q&A
10:30pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir pre-screening introduction

New York

Saturday, July 2
Landmark Sunshine
7:15pm showtime: Chris Weitz post-screening Q&A
9:30pm showtime: Chris Weitz pre-screening introduction

Sunday, July 3
Landmark Sunshine
7:15pm showtime: Chris Weitz post-screening Q&A
9:30pm showtime: Chris Weitz pre-screening introduction

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Photo Gallery: Kristen and Taylor At ‘A Better Life’ Premiere

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Kristen and Taylor joined old friend Chris Weitz for his premiere of A Better Life last night in Los Angeles. This is Chris’ first movie after New Moon and is getting rave reviews.

>> Click here to see the pictures in HQ.

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Via KStewartfans.

Chris Weitz Talks About Not Directing Breaking Dawn, Mentions David Cronenberg

Saturday, June 11th, 2011 interviewed Chris Weitz and they asked him about Breaking Dawn. He mentioned Cosmopolis’ director David Cronenberg.

When you were shooting New Moon, did you think about how on earth you would shoot the birth scene if you had to?

[Laughs] No, I wasn’t because I knew that I wasn’t going to do Eclipse and I thought, “No way can I figure this one out.” I thought, “Well who could do it? David Cronenberg?” I have no idea how they’ve managed to get around all of that. I would imagine, you know, since I’m a coward it would be a lot of quick cutting, dissolve-y misdirection. I don’t know. It’s a tough one. I’m not sure how I would have figured that out.

Read complete interview at the source.


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Chris Weitz Talks About The Breaking Dawn Leaked Pictures on Twitter

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Twitter darling, Chris Weitz (do you think he would like that title? Oh well…) was asked about the leaked pictures that surfaced yesterday. Eventhough he doesn’t direct Breaking Dawn he gaves us the point of view of a filmmaker who worked so hard on delivering an amazing final product and what it feels like to have it ruined by fans and people who obtain pictures illegally.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/chrisweitz/status/53551006843281408″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/chrisweitz/status/53551076888154112″]

As the maker of the film, how would he feel?

[blackbirdpie url=”!/chrisweitz/status/53552825707405312″]

Once something hits the Internet, it’s there forever. People need to think before they publish:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/chrisweitz/status/53552327596052480″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/chrisweitz/status/53551692674908160″]

On people who insist this was done on purpose because they doubt the possibility of so many pictures landing in the wrong hands so easily, he wisely makes us remember Wikileaks:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/chrisweitz/status/53555063829962752″]

This is a very important point. It’s the age of information. And tiny USBs and cellphone cameras are cheap and accessible to everybody. If state secrets were revealed to the public so easily, how will movie studios’ secrets be kept from the public from now on?

Chris Weitz Tweet Round Up

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Here’s the latest round of tweets from Mr. Chris Weitz. As you know, he tweets a lot everyday, so we put together his best tweets of the past few days in case you missed them and get lost in his feed. We appreciate Chris’ patience and his honesty is definitely his best quality, as always. And his sense of humor just makes his feed even better!

Onto the best tweets.

A fan asked him about how in New Moon the camera pans into a painting to tell a story, much like in Citizen Kane the camera pan into a picture for a flashback scene. Here’s the comparison in question:

Chris responded:

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Why did he choose to work on New Moon?

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[blackbirdpie url=”″]

A fan favorite scene in New Moon is Bella’s spiral into depression after Edward leaves her. Chris explains how he did it.

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[blackbirdpie url=”″]

Advice for anyone who wnats to work in film?

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

How can Edward have an orgasm if he’s a vampire?

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

Why are him and Rob so hairy?

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

Is he happy about directing New Moon only, would he have liked to direct Eclipse too?

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Does he like Friday by Rebecca Black?

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

What does he think about the wolves?

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

On director’s hissy fits.

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

On Kristen’s underwater scenes in New Moon.

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

More on set hissy fits and Rebecca Black. A fan asks about the famous Christian Bale outburst on the set of Terminator, he answers.

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Does Rob have a shot at an Oscar for Water for Elephants?

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

When Paul and Jacob are in wolf form, wrestling, the camera shook like it was knocked off. Was this on purpose?

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A fan asked him about Kristen’s swearing on set and it looks like he deleted his answer, but he said:

If S=swear and K=Kristen and s=s, KS=s multiplied by min/mph

Don’t forget to follow Chris! His account has been officially verified.