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Twilight Poison at Madrid Premiere, Photo Call Pictures

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Twilight Poison was at the Madrid premiere tonight and we have tons of pictures from the red carpet photo call. Our very own Gerardo took over 600 pictures, so we’re going to post them tonight and tomorrow! Some of these shots are amazing, you don’t want to miss them! NOTE: Please do not repost these pictures elsewhere! We really want fans to enjoy this exclusive content on our gallery, since it’s our very last red carpet exclusive ever! (sad face!). You can take only two and link back to the rest. We appreciate your cooperation and enjoy! ;) >> LAUNCH GALLERY! UPDATE: A
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lot more pictures have been added to the gallery.

Twilight Halloween Costume and Make Up Guides

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

It’s that time of the year again! Here are our famous Twilight Halloween Costume and Make-Up Guides for men and women. They’re fun, easy to follow and we list the best products we can recommend for your skin, as well as stuff you can find in your own closet. The tutorials have been updated with new products and looks, complete with links for shopping online. Check them out! >> Rob and Kristen Halloween Costume Guide. This tutorial includes a Kristen make up tutorial, a tutorial to make your own MTV golden popcorn and styling tutorial. >> Twilight Costume Guides (girls). This guide teaches you how to get the looks from all the female characters, all three movies so far. We show you many alternatives and things you can find in your own closet. Pick your favorite look from any of the three movies and then follow the make up tutorial! From Alice’s fashionista look to

Jane’s Volturi robes. >> Twilight Vampire Make Up Guide (girls). This guide teaches you how to do your make up like Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Bella, Jane, Victoria, Leah, Emily (scars included!) and María, complete with my recommended products. >> Twilight Costume Guides (boys). Want to force dress your man like your favorite Twilight male character? Here’s how! We show you how to get the look of Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Emmett, Jacob (tattoo included) and The Volturi men. This guide is complete with a make up guide for guys based on the same make up tips used on the boys of Twilight. >> Edward and Bella Prom Tutorial. This tutorial is for couples who want to dress like Edward and Bella at the prom in the first movie. Enjoy the Cullen tutorials and leave your suggestions in the comments!

New Exclusive Comic-Con Press Conference Close Ups – Robert Pattinson

Monday, July 30th, 2012

We’re posting more of our exclusive Comic-Con shots from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 press conference on Thursday 12. This latest set features Rob pictures only, including some really lovely close ups like the one above. You are welcome.

Note: Please do not repost these pictures on other blogs, communities or galleries. We really want to keep these exclusive pictures here, where they belong. Thanks for understanding!


All pictures are added to the same album, so make sure to set your preferences to newer files. We have much more stuff to post in the next few days.

Exclusive Fan Site Interview: Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

After interviewing the lovely Mackenzie Foy, I had the chance to talk to one half of the Cullen family next along with the other fan sites. On this portion we were talking to Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed. Nikki and Elizabeth walked in first, followed by Peter, who as he looked at the fan site ladies sitting down for the interview he said, “It’s the Church of Twilight! I am your Minister”.

After a few more jokes we knew it would be a fun interview. Please enjoy.

Q: How difficult was it for you, as your characters, to work with Kristen as a vampire, as opposed to working with her as a human being?
Elizabeth Reaser: I mean, I think it was a lot of fun. There’s a scene where she almost kills Taylor. And I believed in the moment that she was strong enough. She really was so committed, whether she was a vampire, vampire Bella, which is completely different, and she was scary, she was a real force.
Peter Facinelli: It’s like a whole different person. It was kinda cool. She’s grown to be so mature, and confident and strong. Really, it was like dealing with a different person altogether. Like, Bella is usually weak and frail. Not weak. But frail as far, you know, a vampire looking at her, and we always felt the need to protect her, and I didn’t feel the need to do that. I felt like this was a woman who could hold her own.
Elizabeth: She could kill us.
Peter: She was stronger than us.

Q: But then was it weird for you? Because one day she would be vampire Bella, and then the next day she’d be back to being human Bella. Because you were filming both films simultaneously? Was that odd?
Nikki Reed:
Yeah, and not just human Bella; like human Bella falling…
Elizabeth: apart? (everyone laughs)

Q: And then the next day she was beautiful vampire Bella…
That was bizarre.
Elizabeth: Yeah it was weird to see her disfigured like that because it looked so real. It came out great.
Nikki: The last one, Part 1 and 2, that was the only time when my character and Bella actually wanted to interact and have some friendliness and a smile here and there…

Q: Fighting for the same cause.
Exactly. The dynamic was very different.

Q: Nikki, you made reference earlier in the panel that you’ve kind of grown up together on the set, and we asked Mackenzie this, and I thought it would be fun to ask you, especially with Peter and Elizabeth sitting here. What did you learn growing up (on set) from the other actors that you worked with? I feel like this is something where you benefit from each other, I’m sure.
Um, I think it would be impossible to go through every single one (actor) and come with the most genuine answer because there’s so many people, and certainly from working with these guys sitting next to me, and say, Billy Burke, and Michael Sheen. You guys (gestures to Peter and Elizabeth) have a body of work that I really admire. I mean, I remember seeing (Elizabeth’s) Sweet Land and saying “I can’t believe she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar!” So I think getting to work with people like that, you really try to absorb something from it. I look up to these guys, and they also have a great work ethic as well. I think it’s really important when there’s a bunch of us working together to have one person who makes sure that nobody falls off the train, you know what I mean? And keep it together and actually keep each other in line too. It’s been a journey. I mean, it’s been four and a half years, and we’ve all grown a lot. It’s so sad.

Q: And to flip it, is there something that Elizabeth and Peter learned from the younger cast members?
I taught her (Elizabeth) how to cook.
Elizabeth: That’s true! I never cooked before in my life, and now I actually make rice and some vegetables.
Nikki: She cooked meals for me.
(Elizabeth shakes her head)
Nikki: You did!
Elizabeth: I was not at the level that you were at, but just even that I would go to the store and buy vegetables and actually bring them home and cook them. None of that ever happened until I met Nikki Reed. But truthfully though, in terms of the work I feel like I was stealing from everyone. I mean, I think Nikki has a commitment when she’s in a scene, and she brings such an energy into the scene, it is unlike anyone else onscreen. And it’s something that is so specific to her. What she did with Rosalie and her creativity, and the way she thinks about the scene and her character, she puts a lot of work into it. And as far as… I’m thinking of the people sitting here, with Peter I’m always listening to the way he talks about these characters, and sort of like stealing his theories, because, again, he’s someone who I really admire, and being in a scene with him, you really can’t half-ass this, you really have to show up and you do the best job that you can, especially because, like Nikki said, we are a team. And you cannot let your team down.
Peter: I think that age doesn’t really matter to me, when you’re working with people that are talented you get inspired. Whether they were younger or older, you do look to the people that you work with and they inspire you in different ways. I totally was inspired by the people in this room, and with the other actors that I work with.

Q: So to take it one step further, have you learned anything from your character that surprised you?
I always say I put a little bit of myself in every character, but I also take a little bit from the character and I walk away with it after I play it. With Carlisle, I think he taught me a lot of patience.
Elizabeth: That is his superpower.
Peter: No. It’s compassion.

Compassion! There you go.
Peter: That’s (patience) his secondary superpower.

Peter is schooling us in Twilight today…
Peter: He has a lot of patience. He has a lot of wisdom, and he thinks things through and I’ve always admired that in him, and even with my own kids, because Carlisle to me is like the perfect father figure. I always looked at him with my kids, and I learned patience with him.

Q: To the fans, your hair from movie to movie to movie, everyone is always really excited to see the changes, and sometimes not so excited to see the changes.
Why did you look at me? (laughs)

You know the moments the fans get the promo head shots were like “Oh!” Is there a certain movie that made you think “Wow, I look hot!”?
Nikki: No.
(everyone laughs)
Nikki:  I had some real moments with Peter about this. I was like, “Just be honest”.
Peter: I think you looked good in Eclipse.
Nikki: You did?
Peter: I did. 
Nikki: Thanks.
Elizabeth: Yeah, I think that was my favorite wig. That was the best, when you got to dye. That looked great.
Nikki:  I wanted to go with that one and someone else came in and said, “No.” I was a little disappointed, but you always put your faith into the other creative directors there and you believe that they are going to do what’s best.  It is really bizarre… I don’t know about you guys (to Peter and Elizabeth) but my process as an actor is that I try not to obsess over what I’m going to look like, I mean I do(laughs) but it’s not the focal point, you know? That was such a priority I feel like for a lot of us in these movies, it was like “What do we look like?” It’s not always what we should look like or what we think we can look like.  
Elizabeth:  My approach was to always try to simply it. Less of everything – less hair, less make-up, less lashes, less artifice as much as possible. But it was tricky because I had a wig, then I had to dyed hair, then I had brown hair, then I had really dark hair, then I had some highlights…I  still don’t know what my hair was supposed to be. I would love to hear what Stephenie Meyer thinks about that. But that’s the weird thing about movies, you know? Sometimes it just gets out of control. There’s so many people!
Nikki: So many people!
Elizabeth: And the next thing you know…you got a thing on your head.
Peter:  It’s not your job as an actor… (makes weird hand gestures around his head). There’s a hair person – that is their job (everyone laughs). My job is to bring the character to life; their job is to watch out for your hair. So you’re in constant battles with that person, because you’re, like, “I wanna look good”. They’re trying to make you look a certain way, and I’m like… at a certain point you have to be like, “Ok, that’s their job and you have to let them do their job”. There were times when I looked in the mirror and I looked like a cross between a ‘Ken doll’ and Ronald McDonald.
Nikki: Is that because of what I said that time?
Peter: You might’ve put that in my mind.
Nikki: But you know what? I think it’s fair to say that we switched department heads for hair and make-up for every single film. Which is a really hard thing to do to actors because every time we came in we had a new person with a new vision.
Peter: A new person we had to trust.
Elizabeth: And they had a lot of challenges.
Nikki: Yeah.
Peter:… and they wanted to always fix the one before, you know, or put a new stamp on what they were doing.

Q: Do you have a personal favorite?
I like the hair in Twilight because that was my hair and I dyed it. If I had to choose wigs, which was 2, 3, 4, 5…

Not 4 or 5 (everyone laughs)
Peter: There were moments in 4 and 5…

What moments? (everyone laughs)
This is a sensitive subject for Peter and I because we’re the ones that sit down in front of people and had people go like, “God, you guys actually are really good looking!” That’s what people say the most about us.
Peter: In Eclipse it wasn’t so bad, I mean it was a little short but if I had to pick I guess I would go with Eclipse. I would go with Twilight.

We’ll have more exclusive content from Comic-Con this week! Don’t forget to drop by :)

Fan Site Exclusive: Interview with Mackenzie Foy at Comic-Com 2012

Monday, July 23rd, 2012


I travelled to Comic-Con last week to cover the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel and press conferences, and also to interview several cast members on their very last Comic-Con. All the fan sites agreed to wait and post the interviews until now, otherwise they’d get lost in the sea of Comic-Con updates that we had. This is only one of the interviews that you will find on our site this week, so make sure you come back tomorrow and on Wednesday for the final interview! We’re also posting a few more hundred pictures from the press conference with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Stephenie and Mackenzie later this week, so don’t miss it!

The date was July 12. The place was the Hard Rock Hotel, where the night before I attended the Comic-Con Twilight party. The Twilight panel at Hall H had already taken place, and now the cast gathered inside a suite where several reporters came in to interview them on final installment of the Twilight saga. We waited for Mackenzie in one of the bedrooms of the large suite, which was now missing a bed but that had been furnished especially for our roundtable interview. However, a bathtub was still visible in the room. Mackenzie then came in and was introduced to us. When asked where she wanted to sit, she joked, “I don’t know, in the bathtub?”

Mackenzie is even more beautiful in person. She’s soft spoken, very polite and very sweet. She knows how to talk to the press, but you can tell she’s a very normal kid with a really cool job. She has great manners, she’s natural when answering interviews and has a good sense of humor. The interview could not have been more pleasant and fun. Enjoy!

Q: I’d really like to know what you learned about acting from the other cast members that you got to work with?
M: Well, I learned the most by watching them because they would be themselves and then they would become the character that they become.

Q: Is there one thing that you learned by watching one person in particular, that you took in and thought, “I want to be able to do that”?
M: There’s some cool stunts that everyone did, there’s a couple of flips and I thought that was very cool.

Q: Now you want to do gymnastics?
M: (Laughs) No…

Q: You mentioned stunts in the panel… That you got to ride on the back of the ‘wolf Jacob’. Was that a stunt? Were you on a harness or something?
M: I was on a harness… It was really cool.

Q: You can’t tell us anything more?
M: No!

Q: They’ve got you trained!
M: (Laughs)

Q: Now, on the press conference you mentioned the swear jar… Who was the biggest offender?
M: Like I said, I don’t want anybody else to get in trouble! (laughs)

Q: Is there anybody who didn’t have to put any quarters in the swear jar?
M: Um… Stephenie (Meyer), Taylor (Lautner), Noel (Fisher), Dr. Guri (Weinberg), and there were some other people like Miss Tracey (Heggins), Miss Judi (Shekoni). Most of the Cullen guys. They didn’t say any swear words. Oh! And Miss Ashley (Greene). She didn’t say any.

Q: So, how much about Twilight did you know before you were cast for the part?
M: I knew about the first movie and the second movie.

Q: So you didn’t know they had a vampire hybrid baby?
M: I did kind of know because my friends would talk about it at Tae Kwon Do, and they would talk about the books and stuff to me.

Q: Have you since then read any of the books?
M: No, I’m not allowed to read them yet.

Q: So how did your friends respond to you being cast for the part?
M: I was really, really, really excited.

Q: And what about your friends?
M: They were really excited too, they were really sweet and very supportive.

Q: How did you enjoy meeting the fans last night outside in the line?
M: I was happy because they were all really excited to see me and my friends. When I’d take a picture with somebody and sign an autograph they’d be really excited and that makes me really happy.

Q: Is there anything from the set, outfits or mementos that you got to take home or wanted to take home?
M: I got to keep a clip for my hair. It had a pretty little dragonfly on it and I got to keep it.

Q: Did they just use your hair or did they use some enhancements on your hair?
M: I had like half a wig, and it was shaped around my head and that way I could have super long curly hair. And they would have my hair over it (gestures to top layer of hair) and they would curl it and stuff.

Q: How long did it take you to get into your make up and hair?
M: About, like, 20 minutes or something?

Q: You had it easy!
M: (Laughs).

Q: Since you’re not allowed to read the books, were you allowed to watch the first Twilight movie?
M: I did. I watched the first and the second one, and I saw bits and pieces of Part 1.

Q: You were not allowed to watch the honeymoon, right?
M: No!

Q: You have good parents! You have very good parents!
M: I got to watch the wedding, and I sat through the birth scene.

Q: So what was your favorite part in the movies that you’ve seen?
M: I think they’re all really good. I like in the first one, how… I just like the first one. And I like the second one too, and all the parts I saw of Part 1.

Q: Did you like the wedding scene?
M: I thought it was really, really good.

Q: What was your first time meeting, Taylor, Kristen and Rob like?
M: Well I met Kristen and Rob in the hair and make up trailer, and I think the first time I met Taylor was… in the first scene actually.

Q: Really? And you didn’t meet him before?
M: I don’t think I did!

(long pause…)

Q: Was that awkward?
M: (M & everyone laughs) No…

Q: Was he just like a big brother?
M: He was like a good friend.

Q: Did you have to go through any CGI work on the computer and make really cool stuff happen?
M: I did. I had to get a face scan, a body scan, and then I would have to sit on this chair that was like, surrounded by lights and cameras, and I had to sit and couldn’t move my head. I had to make facial expressions, and move my body without moving my head.

Q: Was Bill Condon there? Did he direct you?
M: He was there for most… I think he missed two? Because he was busy with other stuff.

Q: Did you like Bill?
M: I did, he was really sweet.

Q: Were there any interesting conversations that you had with Stephenie about the character?
M: No.

Q: Are you hoping that Renesmee gets her own spin off?
M: That would be fun!

Q: Would you be up for it?
M: Totally!

Q: How do you feel about the name Renesmee and the nickname Nessie?
M: I like it. I think it’s a really cool name because it’s like Renee and Esme. And I like the character that I play and that they call her Nessie, I think it’s cute.

Q: Did you get a chance to interact with the other actors who play the Cullens?
M: I did! With Miss Nikki we had American Idol night, and I played football with Taylor, I’m not very good at it (laughs).

Q: When you wrapped up did they show up for your last scene?
M: Yeah, it was just me and Kristen.

Q: You were the final two?
M: Yes.

Q: But the rest of the crew probably showed up right? “That’s a wrap on Mackenzie”!
M: The crew was there and the visual effects guy and all that stuff, because it had to do with the wolves. All the other cast, they weren’t wrapped yet, they just had the day off so it was just me and Kristen. It was nice.

Q: Did you have to act younger than you are now?
M: Um, I did. But it was like a body double, that way I have different bodies (in the movie) and they would have to put my face on their bodies. It’s kinda cool.

Q: If you came to Comic-Con, and not as a part of Twilight, what would you dress up as?
M: A traffic cone.

Q: Do you think you’re going to enjoy any of Comic-Con after today’s over?
M: I don’t know. But my dad is checking it out right now. I’m like “There’s an incredible Hulk t-shirt, you should get me one!”

Q: Have you had any encounters where you’ve been spotted outside of events like these, where someone has recognized you?
M: Yes, I got noticed at the mall once.

Q: And did you have to take a picture or sign an autograph?
M: I took a picture with her.

Q: While they were filming, they filmed both movies at the same time, did you ever have one of the cast members come and be confused about shooting a film or a part for part 1 or part 2, was that confusing for anybody?
M: No, because we had two different films but we shot them simultaneously. So you get a mini-script where you get the scenes for the day, and it says if it’s for part 1 or part 2, and what the scene is.

Q: Right, and you didn’t have to worry too much about it because you were only on part two.
M: (laughs).

Q: Who was the biggest prankster on set? Or the biggest jokester?
M: Rob was pretty funny. He had some pretty funny jokes.

Q: He made you laugh a lot?
M: Yes. And Mr. Guri, he was really funny too.

Q: He is very funny.
M: He was, like, “Don’t call me Mr. Guri!” and then I said “Ok, Doctor Guri”. and now I call him Dr Guri.

Q: What’s your favorite part of being Renesmee?
M: I like all of it. It was my first movie character, and she’s a really good character to play because there’s just so many things involved in the character.

Q: Do you have new things coming out?
M: I do. I have a new film coming out called The Warren Files, and a new independent film called Plastic Jesus.

Q: I have to ask, do you like cats or dogs better?
M: I love dogs and cats, because I have two dogs and one cat.

Q: Well, that is probably better for Jacob in the long run.
M: (Laughs). I like dogs, they’re really cute. And I love kittens, they’re
so soft.

Q: They were talking about how you lost a tooth during the filming?
M: I lost like five.

Q: So did you have like one of those bridges in?
M: I think I had like four flippers. And I lost a molar, but it was ok with that one.

Q: And now you have all your teeth.
M: Yes, I do. I have all my big girl teeth. I am growing new molars in the back.

Q: So did you have to go to the dentist and get the flippers set several different times?
M: I had to go to the flipper Doctor. I usually go to one here, well not here-here but in LA. Dr. Smith, he’s the flipper Doctor. And I had another flipper Doctor in Vancouver.

Q: Did you film primarily just in Vancouver, or were you able to go to New Orleans also?
M: We had to shoot some of it in North Carolina, not North Carolina, Louisiana (laughs) and then we did in Vancouver.

Q: Awesome. Did you get to visit any cool places on your days off?
M: I did. We went to like this swampy kind of thing? (laughs). And we went to Cafe Du Monde.

Q: And are you looking forward to being part of the movie promo worldwide? And is there a country that you would like to visit?
M: I would like to visit China, I would like to visit London and Italy. I like Italy.

Q: Do you think you’ll get to go on something like The Tonight Show or David Letterman?
M: I don’t know!

Q: Have you thought about that?
M: I haven’t! (nervously).

Q: Oh, no, now I scared her! She’s going to panic, oh, no! Would you like to do something like that?
M: It would be fun! I’d like to go on The Ellen Show.

Q: You can show Ellen some of your Tae Kwon Do. That would be a great episode.
M: Yes!

Enjoy these pictures of the roundtable, including Mackenzie posing with the ladies of the fan sites. Yours truly is next to her, in white.

Twilight Poison at Comic-Con 2012! Exclusive Press Conference Pictures (Pt 3)

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Here’s the third part of my exclusive UHQ pictures of the cast at Comic-Con last week. This latest batch features over 100 pictures, most of them super close ups.


As a reminder, we ask fellow bloggers to please not repost our pictures on other sites and communities. We really want people to enjoy our exclusive content on our site only. Thank you for understanding! :)

Twilight Poison at Comic-Con 2012! Exclusive Press Conference Pictures (Pt 2)

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Here’s part 2 of my exclusive pictures taken at the press conferences at Comic-Con last week. This post features the first installment of four, featuring images of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Stephenie Meyer and Mackenzie Foy. Since this is an exclusive, I ask fellow bloggers and community owners to not redistribute the pictures on their sites, and instead, share my gallery link, so fans can enjoy the content on the site that is intended to. Thanks for understanding :D.


There’s hundreds of shots still waiting to be posted, so make sure you check the site over the weekend! ;) And next week I’m posting exclusive interviews with the cast, along with some pretty cool new pics.

Twilight Poison at Comic-Con 2012! Exclusive Press Conference Pictures (Pt 1)

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Last week I attended Comic-Con in San Diego and was invited to cover the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 press conferences with the cast, as well as round table interviews that you will read here next week. Tonight I’m sharing with you the first set of exclusive pictures from the press conference with Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz and Elizabeth Reaser. I hope you enjoy!

Note: Please do not repost these pictures on your sites. You’re welcome to take only two and link back to the rest. Please help us share this content on its original site. Thank you :D


Tomorrow I’ll post the first set of pictures from the press conference with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Stephenie and Mackenzie, so make sure you drop by! I took hundreds of pictures from both press conferences and I really don’t want you to miss them, so i’ll be posting them in four different installments. Don’t forget to check the site next week for exclusive interviews with the cast and a few cool pictures! ;)

EXCLUSIVE: Snow White and The Huntsman Mexico City Photocall and Video

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

As some of you saw early today on our Twitter @TwilightPoison, we had the incredible chance to be at the Snow White and The Huntsman Photocall/Press Conference and Video Chat of Los 40 Principales in Mexico city. Very magical indeed!

Photocall deets:

10:50 am: Kristen’s Bodyguard (a.k.a HBG) made sure the photographers were ready.

11:01 a.m: One of the staffers told us “Sam will come out first, then Kristen and then Both’.

– Sam entered the room. He was all smiles. He stayed there for a couple of minutes and then he left the room.
– Then it was Kristen’s turn. The photographers went crazy and she said “Okay hmm” and she started posing. And let me tell you, she looked stunning! I loved her heels :)
– Kristen was about to leave but one of the staffers told her she had to stay at the podium to pose with Sam.
– Sam joined Kristen and they share some giggles. They posed a few minutes and then they left the room.

We also have a video of the Photocall:


**Please take only a couple of pictures and link back to the gallery. We would really appreciate it! Enjoy :)

Twilight Poison World Premiere After Party Pictures

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

After seeing Breaking Dawn for the first time at the World Premiere, I attended the afterparty with guests, cast and crew. Here are some pictures of the beautiful venue, which was to die for. The theme was, of course, the wedding and the honeymoon, so the decorations looked exactly like the ones in the movie to the smallest detail, including the tables and centerpieces, the altar and the flowers, the ceremony, and even the beach in Isle Esme. Absolutely gorgeous.

I also had the chance to hang out with Kellan Lutz and Michael Welch, who were awesome as always. So sweet, humble and lovely to all guests. Mike kept his word and wore a bowtie to the premiere, by the way.

Some of the tables had chess boards – white and red pieces – and there was even a replica of the wedding cake. Next to the cake, there were some samples of the real cake, which was lemon. Delicious. Everyone seemed to be having an great time, especially the cast. The music and the food were fantastic, and dancefloor was always crowded. On the dancefloor, Melissa Rosenberg was having a blast with her family, who seemed to be celebrating what was also her night. Kellan Lutz took pictures with everyone who asked, and basically hung out with the fans the entire time. I had the chance to briefly talk to Rob’s father before leaving the party (the Pattinsons were the last to leave!) which was a wonderful moment. He was nice and smiley to everyone who recognized him and shook his hand, after waving hello to me I asked him if he enjoyed the movie to which he answered, “of course! Very exciting!” He seemed to be very pleased and satisfied with the final product. Luckily, there were only a few fans approaching him, and everybody was polite enough to not bother him for pictures.

Check out the pictures:


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>>Full album

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Exclusive – The Fansites Interview Julia Jones

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Back in August the fansites had a chance to interview Julia Jones. Here’s our chat with the lovely actress along with these new Breaking Dawn stills of Leah and Seth.

Leah generally is perceived as such an angry character by fans, but I think we can all agree that there’s also a level of sadness to her. And so I was just curious as to how you played the difference between the anger and the sadness that she might feel to give her a little bit more depth.
That’s a good question. It’s very Breaking Dawn appropriate. I think one of the big differences that you see in Leah from Eclipse to Breaking Dawn is that she’s able to shed a lot of her anger and express her sadness which is sort of like a step in the direction towards healing. Jacob really feels like he’s given her an opportunity to do that by letting her stay and be in his pack. And it sort of through that and through their relationship that Leah is able to shed some of the anger and get the weight of the things that were making her sad off of her chest.

Now that we’ve seen small clips of Breaking Dawn and one scene between you and Jacob, what did you tap into in order to develop Leah? Because she seems to be much better developed in this movie than previously. And is there any life experience that you brought to the role, or do you feel that you were able to express Leah better in this movie than maybe you have in the past?
Definitely. Well, I don’t know if it’s a question of being able to express her better in this movie than in Eclipse, it’s just that she’s expressing such different sides of herself and she’s expressing a lot more of herself. So in that way I suppose it was an opportunity to express her better. But I think that a lot of her pain – I think that anger is sort of a cover for pain and a lot of times people who are really angry are feeling sad and hurt underneath it. And rather than express sadness and hurt, it kind of comes out in anger and sort of layers of that. And so I think that she just in this really needed to – she really needed Jacob in a way that was interesting for me as an actor, because I don’t have a relationship that like theirs. I don’t – it was hard to relate to, and fortunately, because you get to play these characters for so long, you get to a point where you really are just stepping into them where I look at Taylor and I don’t see Taylor. I see Jacob, and I see this person where, as Leah, she really needs him to accept her and to let her stay and to understand her. And so I really relied a lot on the script and on the material and on the book to imagine what it would be like for her. Because it’s such an unusual – it’s an inhuman experience to have.

You said in a previous interview that all your scenes in this movie are with Taylor Lautner. How is that different from filming with the entire wolf pack in previous movies?
(Laughing) COMPLETELY different in every way! It’s really like opposite ends of the spectrum, because the wolf pack scenes are so – there are so many boys and there’s so much energy and it’s so loud and it’s so chaotic and it’s sort of fun and crazy. And the scenes with just Taylor and Booboo are quiet like sort of intimate, serious scenes for the most part. And there’s this sort of sense of weightiness and a heaviness in the scenes with Jacob and Seth because there’s all this real drama and tension. It’s like life or death. It’s very serious in Breaking Dawn in the scenes with those guys. Verses with the wolf pack a lot of it’s just fun and playing sports games and joking around. But then it gets very serious, of course, when we actually leave. A lot of drama.

I was curious about your take on the Jacob/Leah/Renesmee triangle. It’s been hinted at by Stephenie Meyer and others and I was wondering if you portrayed the character in Breaking Dawn with that awareness or you tried to ignore it?
Yeah, totally. That doesn’t really come up quite yet. It’s just sort of beginning in the first part of Breaking Dawn. But I was very aware of and it was very complex actually, Leah’s feelings and reactions to having this child around and what it meant about her relationship with Jacob. And also I think a really big subtext thing is her questioning what’s going to happen to her in her life. Is she going to be able to have children? And I think that Renesmee sort of triggers a lot of those questions for her. And also she’s still close to Jacob and that somebody that he still cares for – and this is true of the wolf pack in general, but I think particularly in Breaking Dawn as it pertains to Leah and Jacob. They’re just so close that Renesmee is very close to her and means a lot to her in between the lines.

Given the dynamic change in Breaking Dawn with you and the rest of wolf pack, has that changed how you bonded with the wolf pack over the course of the different films?
I don’t think so. I am still as close or closest to- you know, Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz are two of my closest friends. And we have stayed in close touch even when we weren’t filming and throughout filming. The way that we filmed it, a lot of the wolf pack stuff in Breaking Dawn was filmed earlier in shooting, and then later on it was sort of more Jacob, Leah, and Seth stuff. So it didn’t really affect the dynamics of the wolf pack in the beginning because they really just weren’t really around for parts of it. My overall experience filming Breaking Dawn was incredibly different because they weren’t around for a lot of it, but I don’t think it affected our dynamic at all.

Prior to getting the script, was there a particular scene or an interaction that you definitely wanted to make it to the film, and I don’t know if you can tell us or not if it actually made it into the film.
I was really excited to see the scene where Leah screams at Bella for hurting Jacob. I think I was excited about that because I spent all of Eclipse being so angry at Bella and so to actually get to scream at her was going to be like really fun and exciting. And I’m not going to answer about whether it’s in there or not!

Stephenie Meyer once said that if she was to make another chapter of the Twilight saga in the perspective of another character it would be Leah’s. Did you get to speak with her about Leah and get any new information that we never read in the books?
Not so much actually. One of the kind of wonderful things about getting to work on a movie or franchise that’s based on a book is, of course, that there’s so much material to sort of draw from that’s not in the script. And then additionally, with Twilight we had Stephenie on set pretty much every day. There’s so many characters that we all kind of do our work and come to work with an idea of what’s going on and the whole inner life of the character. And then if you need any help or if you have any questions, not only do you have a director and producers and other actors around there, but you also have Stephenie Meyer who wrote the books. I know that that was really helpful for a lot of people, and I have maybe one or two really brief exchanges with her about Leah that have been positive and given me confidence. But I haven’t talked to her at all about anything going forward.

Exclusive: The Fansites Interview Booboo Stewart

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The fansites had the chance to interview Booboo Stewart back in August. Here’s our conversation with him about Breaking Dawn, Seth and the Wolfpack. Enjoy!

Q: We’ve heard from several of the actors in the film about whose career they look up to; like Rob Pattison has mentioned Jack Nicholson, Taylor Lautner has mentioned Tom Cruise. Is there someone’s whose career you think ‘Wow, that’s something I’d really like to have 10 years from now?”
I think Jim Caviezel and Heath Ledger. I think they always do different choices that people don’t expect, and that’s something I want to do.

Q: We talked a little bit with Julia [Jones] about the dynamics of the shift change that goes through the wolf pack in Breaking Dawn, and you are such a friendly person and ‘Seth’ is such a friendly person . . . How was it for you to go from part of this family of the wolf pack to creating the us versus them feel that we get, especially from clips that we’ve seen that were shown at comicon between the division of the wolf pack?
I think it’s not like us versus them, he just wants everybody to get along and I think that’s what separates him from the rest of the wolf pack. doesn’t care if you are a vampire or a human or a shape shifter, he just wants everyone to pretty much get along that creates a little controversy.

Q: How is it for you to work with soo many more of the Cullen cast mates this time around?
It was awesome- everyone was really cool, we would just hang out, Jackson he’s a really funny guy. We would just talk about music talking about like The Who and the Beatles. He’s really into his music and so am I; we just chatted about music and stuff.

Q: Since this is the largest franchise you’ve ever done, I was wondering how it’s helped you grow as an actor?
It’s definitely has helped a lot. It’s definitely helped being on a set that big seeing how everything is done. Obviously, I’ve been on sets before but nothing as big as Twilight. You forget sometimes that you’re on set of one of the biggest movies ever- so when you just sit back and think about it its just so incredible. It’s such a great learning experience.

Q: You just mentioned you talked with Jackson about music do you plan for you and your sister to take your music career on tour anytime soon?
Yes of course. In fact we just got back from Arizona for an organization called Child Help. They help children that have previously been abused. They’ve been doing it for over fifty years. I’ve actually learned that almost seven children each day in America die from child abuse. So, it was a really nice thing out there raising awareness about this organization and performing for them.

Q: During a recent fansite interview Bill Condon said that we get to see talking wolves this time around can you tell us about how that was translated onto screen?
I actually haven’t seen a lot. I saw a little bit of it, but I haven’t seen the full edit of that- what I saw looked awesome. I think Bill Condon really has the right idea. He’s just translated them from the book to the screen amazing wolves from what I’ve see. I don’t think the fans are going to be disappointed at all.

Q: Speaking of Bill Condon, what was it like for you – since the only other Twilight Saga director you’ve worked with was David Slade and obviously he’s very different from Bill Condon – how much different was it for you stepping from Eclipse to Breaking Dawn with the two directors?
It wasn’t too bad for me because on Eclipse I only worked a few days, rather on Breaking Dawn I got to really know Bill and hang out with him, talk about movies with him, stuff like that. So, it wasn’t that hard for me; I could imagine it was much harder for someone like Rob [Pattinson], who works with him every single day. I didn’t get to really know David Slade, so it was pretty easy for me.

Q: As one of the younger actors on the set, you are incredibly grounded and personable . . . What helps you stay so grounded?
My family definitely always being around me, my friends who are really supportive of me, I’ve had the same group of friends forever. I just try to stay relaxed and have fun with it. Try not to take things too seriously. It can go to your head a lot. I just appreciate everything, really.

Q: You had said in the past when you got to do Eclipse that you were so excited because Seth is part of the big final battle and then you realized ‘Oh no, he’s in wolf form.’ This time around did you get to do any of the motion capture that we saw Taylor [Lautner] do a little bit in Eclipse. Did you get to do anything with some of the big battles?
Unfortunately, no. As I said before, they all fight in wolf form, so I really wish I could have done that, but it’s really nice Phil Tippett, he invited me down to his studio to watch them do the wolves. So I think I’m going to take a trip down to his place to see how it’s done; he’s so nice. So I might be a little more involved in it.

Q: You mentioned that your family is a big supporter and helps keep you grounded, and obviously the Clearwaters are a family unit in Breaking Dawn and Eclipse. How did you work with Julia to develop that family bond?
It was really easy. She’s really nice, so it was easy to feel like she was part of the family, and also the lady that plays my mom, Alex Rice, she was really awesome too. Being around her, it was really easy to act like we were all a family they were really just nice people.

Q: Speaking of co-stars, here’s a reader question: Did Mackenzie Foy have a nickname for you, and what was it like working with her?
Does Mackenzie have a nickname for me? She was so funny, and I got to hang around her a lot. At our hotel we were literally neighbors, so we’d always go to lunch and they took us on a hike that was pretty awesome. Actually I’m cleaning my room today. She loves to draw, and she’s really good at it, and I love to draw too so we would draw each other pictures. She drew me this picture that I found in my room that I’m going to hang up today.

Q: What was it of?
A bird; one of the birds outside of our hotel.

Q: You’ve mentioned the fact that you like that Seth gets to play both sides – he gets to spend time with the Cullens and with the werewolves. Did you find that in filming that the dynamic between the wolf pack and then the Cullen family, filming on those sets felt different, and if you can, can you tell us anything about your favorite scene with Jake versus a favorite scene with Edward?
I think everyone was pretty much the same . . . obviously not ‘the same’ but as a group everyone just hung out. There wasn’t really any rivalry on set; everyone’s just happy to be there filming the biggest movies. It was awesome to be a part of that. As for favorite scenes, I really wish I could tell you a favorite scene, but I would lose a finger . . . And I want to keep my hand.

Q: This is a fan question . . . A lot of the wolf pack have done other projects together. We were just wondering if there is a particular cast member that you would really like to do another project with at some point?
I’d love to work with Bill Condon again . . . our director. Working with him, no matter how stressful the situation was, he always seemed to be smiling. He would get so into every take. He was just a great guy to work with.