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Trailer for The Conjuring with Mackenzie Foy is Finally Here, and It’s Terrifying

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Mackenzie Foy talked a little bit about this
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movie when we caught up with her at Comic-Con last year. The trailer has finally hit the net and it’s pretty scary, to say the least. Check it out!

Mackenzie Foy Gets High Fashion for L’Officiel Kids

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

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Videos: Mackenzie Foy and Peter Facinelli on The Today Show

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Stills: Nikki and Mackenzie on Ellen

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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Kristen Talks to Access Hollywood About Mackenzie Foy and Renesmee

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Kristen talked about Bella becoming a mom in this movie and his relationship with Mackenzie.
“I don’t think every single woman in

the world is necessarily born to be a mom,” Kristen told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” junket in Los Angeles, when asked if playing a mother came naturally to her. “I think you’re sort of born with that instinct or not. I love being able to play a vampire in this one. “That animalistic nature is something that’s really fun to play around with and I think that there’s no better way to show that than being a mother who will absolutely do anything to protect their kid,” she added. When the 22-year-old began shooting the final two films, she immediately instinctively went into mommy mode. “I was instantly protective of [Renesmee]. Absolutely,” she said. “I mean, even [being pregnant with] her in the first ‘Breaking Dawn,’ having the connection before she’s even born.” Kristen also grew close to 11-year-old Mackenzie Foy (who plays

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her and Robert Pattinson’s on-screen daughter). “With Mackenzie, I started acting when I was really close to her age, and so I was so curious constantly,” she said, of making sure the young newcomer was taken care of on set. “[I was] like, ‘What are you thinking about dude? Hey, are you hungry? Are you tired?’ “She was always just like, ‘No, I’m fine. I’m good,’” she continued. “She’s so cool.”

Source: Access Hollywood.

Robert, Kristen and Mackenzie Talk to Notas Para Ti! Scans and Translation

Monday, October 29th, 2012

More interviews are popping up from Spanish media. As always, we’re working had in bringing you every single one of them. The following interview comes all the day from Mexico, from teen magazines Notas Para Ti, who talked to Rob, Kristen and Mackenzie Foy. Rob and Kristen’s interviews are sadly very brief, but Mackenzie’s interview is longer. Enjoy!


Twilight is coming to an end after 5 movies. How do you feel about it?
I’m sad. We were a family, and we actually cried when we finished filming the last scene. But then we celebrated.

Who will you miss the most?
Definitely Taylor. We were together everyday, and now we hardly see each other, but I hope our friendship is not over.

Who would you like to work with next?
I really admire Natalie Portman, and I hope I could film a thriller or an action movie with her. She’s a great actress.

Would you work in a different saga again?

No franchise can match Twilight. I don’t know if I’d ever do another one, but I would like to star in a horror film.


What do you like most about Edward?
He’s very passionate and honest. I’d love to love like that; Bella is everything to him. I have not falenl as hard as Edward does.

What do you not like about him?
He acts without thinking, and I’m not going to deny that I tend to do that too. I’ll miss being a vampire, because I do relate to Edward, and I know many people don’t believe it but I do like the character.

Who did you get along with the most during filming? With whom did you feel like you had the most chemistry?

We all got along famously, nobody isolated, everybody hung out together. I don’t think anyone hates me.

What’s your favorite Twilight movie?
I love BD1, the wedding was spectacular. Seeing Kristen dressed like a bride was like being in a dream.


Are you a true Twilight fan?
I’ve seen all the movies and I love them, but I have not read the books, I still see myself as a big fan.

Do you believe in vampires and werewolves?
I loved horror stories when I was little. I like being scared, but I know that stuff is make belief.

How did you prepare to to be Renesmee?
I had to work out a lot, and I did some Tae Kwon Do. My character has superpowers so I had to be prepared.

If you could have one superpower what would you have?
Superstrength like Renesmee sounds kind of cool. I wouldn’t want to fly or read minds, so I’ll keep strength because I can lift stuff and beat up bad guys.

How was your relationship with Rob, Kristen and Taylor?
They’re great people, they’re playful and fun. Rob was like a dad, taking care of me on set. Taylor made me laugh a lot and we played football on set. But who I really had a good time with was with Kristen. One time we got in trouble with our director Bill because we were chatting and we didn’t realize that people were waiting for us to shoot a scene. They were all sweet but they swear a lot.

Who swears the most?
I can’t say!

Are you looking forward to premieres and red carpets?
Yes, I love taking pictures, seeing the fans and wearing fancy dresses.

What do you love the most about being famous?
I don’t think I’m famous. I’m just a girl trying to do what I love. I just want to enjoy it and have fun.

Is it hard coming back to school after being in one of the biggest sagas ever?
It’s hard working and going to school at the same time, but my school has been supportive. My friends won’t stop asking me about Rob, Taylor and Kristen.

What music to you enjoy the most?

I love Taylor Swift and One Direction.

Do you want to be an actress when you grow up?
Sure, but I want to be a director too.

What’s your biggest dream?
Winning an Oscar and directing a movie as big as Twilight.

New Role for Mackenzie Foy! A Drama Titled Wish You Well

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Mackenzie Foy has landed a new role, a drama titled Wish You Well, Nessie Mackenzie exclusively

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WISH YOU WELL is a coming-of-age story set in the 1940s. After a family tragedy, a young girl moves from New York with her younger brother to live with their great-grandmother on a Virginia farm and comes closer to understanding the land and roots that inspired her father’s writings while discovering herself, the love of family and the power of truly believing.

And who are Mackenzie’s co-stars? Josh Lucas, Ellen Burstyn, Ned Bellamy, Laura Fraser, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick and Alano Miller.

The film directed by Darnell Martin has already started Principal Photography in Giles County, VA.

Video: Mackenzie Foy Talks to Access Hollywood

Monday, October 8th, 2012

via @veronicaspuffy.

Mackenzie Foy on November’s Vanity Fair

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Mackenzie Foy is on the latest issue of Vanity Fair with a gorgeous new picture and profile on the actress.

Scan via @epnebelle.

EW Teases With New Bella and Renesmee Still

Monday, August 6th, 2012


EW teases fans on their Facebook page with this new still and message:

“See more of Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee) in our Fall Movie Preview issue on newsstands Friday! Visit for more ‘Breaking Dawn’ news!”

Our last Fall Movie Preview issue :(

Fan Site Exclusive: Interview with Mackenzie Foy at Comic-Com 2012

Monday, July 23rd, 2012


I travelled to Comic-Con last week to cover the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel and press conferences, and also to interview several cast members on their very last Comic-Con. All the fan sites agreed to wait and post the interviews until now, otherwise they’d get lost in the sea of Comic-Con updates that we had. This is only one of the interviews that you will find on our site this week, so make sure you come back tomorrow and on Wednesday for the final interview! We’re also posting a few more hundred pictures from the press conference with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Stephenie and Mackenzie later this week, so don’t miss it!

The date was July 12. The place was the Hard Rock Hotel, where the night before I attended the Comic-Con Twilight party. The Twilight panel at Hall H had already taken place, and now the cast gathered inside a suite where several reporters came in to interview them on final installment of the Twilight saga. We waited for Mackenzie in one of the bedrooms of the large suite, which was now missing a bed but that had been furnished especially for our roundtable interview. However, a bathtub was still visible in the room. Mackenzie then came in and was introduced to us. When asked where she wanted to sit, she joked, “I don’t know, in the bathtub?”

Mackenzie is even more beautiful in person. She’s soft spoken, very polite and very sweet. She knows how to talk to the press, but you can tell she’s a very normal kid with a really cool job. She has great manners, she’s natural when answering interviews and has a good sense of humor. The interview could not have been more pleasant and fun. Enjoy!

Q: I’d really like to know what you learned about acting from the other cast members that you got to work with?
M: Well, I learned the most by watching them because they would be themselves and then they would become the character that they become.

Q: Is there one thing that you learned by watching one person in particular, that you took in and thought, “I want to be able to do that”?
M: There’s some cool stunts that everyone did, there’s a couple of flips and I thought that was very cool.

Q: Now you want to do gymnastics?
M: (Laughs) No…

Q: You mentioned stunts in the panel… That you got to ride on the back of the ‘wolf Jacob’. Was that a stunt? Were you on a harness or something?
M: I was on a harness… It was really cool.

Q: You can’t tell us anything more?
M: No!

Q: They’ve got you trained!
M: (Laughs)

Q: Now, on the press conference you mentioned the swear jar… Who was the biggest offender?
M: Like I said, I don’t want anybody else to get in trouble! (laughs)

Q: Is there anybody who didn’t have to put any quarters in the swear jar?
M: Um… Stephenie (Meyer), Taylor (Lautner), Noel (Fisher), Dr. Guri (Weinberg), and there were some other people like Miss Tracey (Heggins), Miss Judi (Shekoni). Most of the Cullen guys. They didn’t say any swear words. Oh! And Miss Ashley (Greene). She didn’t say any.

Q: So, how much about Twilight did you know before you were cast for the part?
M: I knew about the first movie and the second movie.

Q: So you didn’t know they had a vampire hybrid baby?
M: I did kind of know because my friends would talk about it at Tae Kwon Do, and they would talk about the books and stuff to me.

Q: Have you since then read any of the books?
M: No, I’m not allowed to read them yet.

Q: So how did your friends respond to you being cast for the part?
M: I was really, really, really excited.

Q: And what about your friends?
M: They were really excited too, they were really sweet and very supportive.

Q: How did you enjoy meeting the fans last night outside in the line?
M: I was happy because they were all really excited to see me and my friends. When I’d take a picture with somebody and sign an autograph they’d be really excited and that makes me really happy.

Q: Is there anything from the set, outfits or mementos that you got to take home or wanted to take home?
M: I got to keep a clip for my hair. It had a pretty little dragonfly on it and I got to keep it.

Q: Did they just use your hair or did they use some enhancements on your hair?
M: I had like half a wig, and it was shaped around my head and that way I could have super long curly hair. And they would have my hair over it (gestures to top layer of hair) and they would curl it and stuff.

Q: How long did it take you to get into your make up and hair?
M: About, like, 20 minutes or something?

Q: You had it easy!
M: (Laughs).

Q: Since you’re not allowed to read the books, were you allowed to watch the first Twilight movie?
M: I did. I watched the first and the second one, and I saw bits and pieces of Part 1.

Q: You were not allowed to watch the honeymoon, right?
M: No!

Q: You have good parents! You have very good parents!
M: I got to watch the wedding, and I sat through the birth scene.

Q: So what was your favorite part in the movies that you’ve seen?
M: I think they’re all really good. I like in the first one, how… I just like the first one. And I like the second one too, and all the parts I saw of Part 1.

Q: Did you like the wedding scene?
M: I thought it was really, really good.

Q: What was your first time meeting, Taylor, Kristen and Rob like?
M: Well I met Kristen and Rob in the hair and make up trailer, and I think the first time I met Taylor was… in the first scene actually.

Q: Really? And you didn’t meet him before?
M: I don’t think I did!

(long pause…)

Q: Was that awkward?
M: (M & everyone laughs) No…

Q: Was he just like a big brother?
M: He was like a good friend.

Q: Did you have to go through any CGI work on the computer and make really cool stuff happen?
M: I did. I had to get a face scan, a body scan, and then I would have to sit on this chair that was like, surrounded by lights and cameras, and I had to sit and couldn’t move my head. I had to make facial expressions, and move my body without moving my head.

Q: Was Bill Condon there? Did he direct you?
M: He was there for most… I think he missed two? Because he was busy with other stuff.

Q: Did you like Bill?
M: I did, he was really sweet.

Q: Were there any interesting conversations that you had with Stephenie about the character?
M: No.

Q: Are you hoping that Renesmee gets her own spin off?
M: That would be fun!

Q: Would you be up for it?
M: Totally!

Q: How do you feel about the name Renesmee and the nickname Nessie?
M: I like it. I think it’s a really cool name because it’s like Renee and Esme. And I like the character that I play and that they call her Nessie, I think it’s cute.

Q: Did you get a chance to interact with the other actors who play the Cullens?
M: I did! With Miss Nikki we had American Idol night, and I played football with Taylor, I’m not very good at it (laughs).

Q: When you wrapped up did they show up for your last scene?
M: Yeah, it was just me and Kristen.

Q: You were the final two?
M: Yes.

Q: But the rest of the crew probably showed up right? “That’s a wrap on Mackenzie”!
M: The crew was there and the visual effects guy and all that stuff, because it had to do with the wolves. All the other cast, they weren’t wrapped yet, they just had the day off so it was just me and Kristen. It was nice.

Q: Did you have to act younger than you are now?
M: Um, I did. But it was like a body double, that way I have different bodies (in the movie) and they would have to put my face on their bodies. It’s kinda cool.

Q: If you came to Comic-Con, and not as a part of Twilight, what would you dress up as?
M: A traffic cone.

Q: Do you think you’re going to enjoy any of Comic-Con after today’s over?
M: I don’t know. But my dad is checking it out right now. I’m like “There’s an incredible Hulk t-shirt, you should get me one!”

Q: Have you had any encounters where you’ve been spotted outside of events like these, where someone has recognized you?
M: Yes, I got noticed at the mall once.

Q: And did you have to take a picture or sign an autograph?
M: I took a picture with her.

Q: While they were filming, they filmed both movies at the same time, did you ever have one of the cast members come and be confused about shooting a film or a part for part 1 or part 2, was that confusing for anybody?
M: No, because we had two different films but we shot them simultaneously. So you get a mini-script where you get the scenes for the day, and it says if it’s for part 1 or part 2, and what the scene is.

Q: Right, and you didn’t have to worry too much about it because you were only on part two.
M: (laughs).

Q: Who was the biggest prankster on set? Or the biggest jokester?
M: Rob was pretty funny. He had some pretty funny jokes.

Q: He made you laugh a lot?
M: Yes. And Mr. Guri, he was really funny too.

Q: He is very funny.
M: He was, like, “Don’t call me Mr. Guri!” and then I said “Ok, Doctor Guri”. and now I call him Dr Guri.

Q: What’s your favorite part of being Renesmee?
M: I like all of it. It was my first movie character, and she’s a really good character to play because there’s just so many things involved in the character.

Q: Do you have new things coming out?
M: I do. I have a new film coming out called The Warren Files, and a new independent film called Plastic Jesus.

Q: I have to ask, do you like cats or dogs better?
M: I love dogs and cats, because I have two dogs and one cat.

Q: Well, that is probably better for Jacob in the long run.
M: (Laughs). I like dogs, they’re really cute. And I love kittens, they’re
so soft.

Q: They were talking about how you lost a tooth during the filming?
M: I lost like five.

Q: So did you have like one of those bridges in?
M: I think I had like four flippers. And I lost a molar, but it was ok with that one.

Q: And now you have all your teeth.
M: Yes, I do. I have all my big girl teeth. I am growing new molars in the back.

Q: So did you have to go to the dentist and get the flippers set several different times?
M: I had to go to the flipper Doctor. I usually go to one here, well not here-here but in LA. Dr. Smith, he’s the flipper Doctor. And I had another flipper Doctor in Vancouver.

Q: Did you film primarily just in Vancouver, or were you able to go to New Orleans also?
M: We had to shoot some of it in North Carolina, not North Carolina, Louisiana (laughs) and then we did in Vancouver.

Q: Awesome. Did you get to visit any cool places on your days off?
M: I did. We went to like this swampy kind of thing? (laughs). And we went to Cafe Du Monde.

Q: And are you looking forward to being part of the movie promo worldwide? And is there a country that you would like to visit?
M: I would like to visit China, I would like to visit London and Italy. I like Italy.

Q: Do you think you’ll get to go on something like The Tonight Show or David Letterman?
M: I don’t know!

Q: Have you thought about that?
M: I haven’t! (nervously).

Q: Oh, no, now I scared her! She’s going to panic, oh, no! Would you like to do something like that?
M: It would be fun! I’d like to go on The Ellen Show.

Q: You can show Ellen some of your Tae Kwon Do. That would be a great episode.
M: Yes!

Enjoy these pictures of the roundtable, including Mackenzie posing with the ladies of the fan sites. Yours truly is next to her, in white.

iPhone Snapshots Of Twilight at Comic-Con

Friday, July 20th, 2012


I have so many good snaphots on my phone of last week’s Comic-Con that I feel like a little post is in order. I originally shared this pictures on our Twitter feed @TwilightPoison, live as they happened but if you missed them or if you don’t have a Twitter (you should, because you can see our live updates as soon as they get posted) here they are!

Note: These you can re-post on blogs. Just please link back if you do.

I flew to Comic-Con last week to cover the Twilight panel, press conferences and a few round table interviews with the cast. This is only my second Comic-Con ever, and the second time I’m invited to cover the Twilight promo events in San Diego. Needless to say, I had an amazing time and I really enjoyed seeing the cast together in Comic-Con for the very last time. Bittersweet feelings altogether, I still can’t believe it’s almost over! Can you?

Let’s start from the very beginning. On Wednesday night the cast greeted the fans waiting in Hall H for the Twilight panel the next morning. Twilight had never done anything like this before and even Stephenie Meyer popped up!


See my pictures after the jump.