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Robert Pattinson Handling Babies on the Set of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is Your Friday Squee

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Try to watch without squeeing loudly…

via @anneRKable

New video of Rob from the set of The Rover

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Here’s Rob on the set of his new movie, swatting flies and sending a message with co-star Guy Pierce. You can already tell they get along, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy these pixel Rob Cartoons

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel free to repost these or use on your site, tumblr, etc just please credit the site, since they’re made by us. Thank you! :)

I also made Valentine’s Day cards with these pixels using inappropriate Robert Pattinson quotes. Scroll down our tumblr for them, they’re from last year.

Hold on To Me, Rob’s Movie with Carey Mulligan, is Now in Pre-Production + Full Synopsis

Friday, February 8th, 2013

While some of Rob’s projects are on hold, some are getting the green light. One of the projets that I’ve really been looking forward to is the one with Carey Mulligan, Hold on to Me. Things had been quiet for awhile, but now we have more info:
Director: James Marsh | Cast: Carey Mulligan and Robert Pattinson Producers: Alexandra Milchan, Todd Field, and Indian Paintbrush’s Steven Rales and Mark Roybal | Writer Brad Ingelsby In Pre-Production HOLD ON TO ME is an electrifying thriller based on the extraordinary true story of a femme fatale who kidnaps and ransoms the town’s richest man. Mulligan plays Nancy, a small town girl who callously leaves her boyfriend Jimmy (Pattinson) behind

to chase a modelling career in New York City, breaking his heart in the process. To Nancy’s surprise, New York isn’t impressed by her and at 26, she’s back home waiting tables at the local diner. When she gets word that Jimmy has become a wealthy and successful criminal in Chicago, she tracks him down with a view to winning his affections, only to find crushing rejection. Fuelled by jealousy and an unquenchable thirst for fortune, Nancy finds Danny, a naïve pawn she can seduce and manipulate to her own ends and together they embark on a life of crime. Success comes fast, and leaves faster but nothing and no one will stand in the way of Nancy’s naked, dangerous and deadly ambition.

Sounds exciting! And Rob as a criminal? Wow. Source: FilmNation.

Outtake of Rob’s Blackbook Magazine Photo Shoot

Friday, February 8th, 2013

This never before seen outtake popped up on Tumblr yesterday. It’s from the Blackbook magazine photo shoot and issue that came out a few months ago.

Eddie Redmayne Says Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Have Competition, Is in a League of His Own

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Via PattinsonLife.

Queen of the desert, one of Rob’s upcoming projects, is on hold

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Looks like Rob’s upcoming project, The

Queen of the desert, where he would play a young Lawrence of Arabia, is currently on hold. Sadly, Jude Law will not be involved in it anymore, according to The Playlist:

As for projects that may or may not be happening, Law confirmed Naomi Watts’ statement that Werner Herzog’s Gertrude Bell biopic “Queen of the Desert” is now on hold and he will likely be no longer be available for it when it returns. suboxone online pharmacy “I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t think I can do cialis from india that anymore,” he admitted.

He confirmed it again to Collider:

I also noticed on the always accurate IMDB that you are doing Dom Hemingway and Queen of the Desert. Law: No, Queen of the Dessert, I don’t think is going viagra online to happen now, or I don’t think that I can be involved in it anymore. I’m not sure what happened there, whether they can get it together I don’t know.

We’ll wait and see what happens. Hopefully the

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project is still on.

Robert Pattinson Comic Book is Back for a Limited Time! And We’re Throwing a Giveaway!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Bluewater productions is bringing back for a limited time Robert Pattinson’s FAME Comic Book bio. You can get it here. There’s also an exclusive iTunes

cover, check it out. the regular edition is here (Kindle, Nook, Google Play). And there’s the new “50 Shades of the Twilight Games” too! It is a fun parody book. Get it in print here, and on itunes here. We’re throwing a giveaway of 10 copies of this comic book. Just like us on Facebook, tweet this post or comment below and we’ll pick ten random winners! Good luck!

Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Robert Pattinson at Sundance

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Daniel is currently promoting a movie at Sundance, and Esquire asked him about fellow Hogwarts graduate, Robert Pattinson.

ESQ: You’re not the only franchise star transitioning to more artsy films. Do you feel a rivalry there? Ever see Robert Pattinson getting great roles and think, He was once the kid in the background of my scenes at Hogwarts?
DR: With Rob, I look at people and I think it’s easy to spot the ones who are in it for the right reasons, who want careers with longevity. What’s interesting about mine and Rob’s scenario is that Potter and Twilight are what made us, but Jennifer Lawrence had an Oscar nomination before Hunger Games. Mentally, we’re rooting for each other. Franchises aren’t to be avoided. They can be exciting and they give you opportunities to do other films. And it’s always pleasing to see it’s possible to come out of a franchise, have a career, and be respected, when you see these other actors.

They used to get along so good back when they filmed The goblet of fire. I hope working together is in their future!

Videos: Robert Pattinson in Adelaide

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Rob is filming the movie The Rover in Australia and the media and fans over there are covering his every move. Here’s a couple of videos of Rob at the airport. He’s got a pretty busy schedule this year, filming movie after movie. We’ll keep you posted because we might only see Rob on movie sets this year. Nothing is coming out in 2013.


More Videos of Rob at the Golden Globes

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Via: PattinsonLife.

Video Interviews of Rob at the Golden Globes

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

New interviews from the red carpet are surfacing this week and so far we have three via PattinsonLife. The first one is the best.

Don’t miss the latest Golden Globes images in our gallery. Rob hitting the after parties, on the red carpet, onstage, backstage, etc.

>> Screencap gallery, Rob on stage.

>> HQ and twitpic gallery.

Screencaps by us, HQs via PattinsonLife.