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Stephenie Meyer Continues Phase as Movie Producer, “Down a Dark Hall” Her Latest Project

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Seems like Stephenie Meyer is really enjoying her new phase as a movie producer. Accoding to Variety, she will produce the adaptation of “Down a Dark Hall” by novelist Lois Duncan.

Duncan’s 1974 novel revolves around Blackwood boarding school and its mysterious students. Ensnared in the chilling world is new student Kit Gordy, who must unravel Blackwood’s haunted and tragic history before it’s too late. “Twilight” producer Wyck Godfrey is also in talks to produce.

Meyer has taken on more film fare since her books became a global publishing and feature-film phenomenon. She recently produced and financed the Jerusha Hess-helmed “Austenland,” a romantic comedy about a woman who travels to a Jane Austen theme park to find her perfect man. That pic, starring Keri Russell and Jane Seymour, is in post-production but is not yet slated for release.

Have you read the book?

New Teaser Trailer For The Host + New Stills

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Great news for The Host Fans!

Yahoo! Movies has the exclusive teaser trailer for Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. Saoirse Ronan is playing the main character, Melanie Stryder/Wanda.

The Host will be in theatres March 29, 2013.

Also, enjoy these brand new stills:


Trailer YouTube version

Does Stephenie Meyer Have a Problem With Lionsgate CEO?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Summit and Lionsgate have merged and there might be new Twilight movies in the near future, according to Lionsgate CEO, it’s what we’ve learned in the past couple of months. A new rumor stated that Stephenie Meyer was not too happy about it. Here’s the tweet that started it all:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Variety_JLD/status/172130941198811136″]

Josh Dickey is a film editor at Variety, and Stephenie was made aware of the rumors, which is why she posted the following message on her official website:

Hey all,

Just wanted to clear up a little rumor making the rounds. I have absolutely no issues with anyone at Lionsgate. Far from being a negative thing, it’s actually a very nice feeling to know that both Lionsgate and Summit would like to make another Twilight movie if I were ever to write another Twilight book. So, thanks for the support, Lionsgate and Summit. I look forward to working for the first time with new friends at Lionsgate and working again with my old friends at Summit!


Considering that she has always been open to the possibility of writing more Twilight books, I don’t see how Lionsgate’s interest in keeping the saga alive with more sequels would upset her.

Stephenie Meyer on the Birth Scene “Rob Really Nailed It”

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

MTV features a new video with Stephenie Meyer talking about the birth scene in Breaking Dawn:

“He was really able to touch the human emotions of that scene. Rob really nailed it,” Stephenie recalled. “It was really powerful. I teared up, several people near me did. It was just a lump in your throat—that moment of thinking you’ve lost everything and not being able to accept it. It was really emotional.”

Video: Stephenie Meyer Sends a Little Message To Twilight Poison

Sunday, November 20th, 2011


The woman without none of this would be possible sends a message to Twilight Poison and its readers from the LA Breaking Dawn premiere. We love you, Steph! Thanks for being so great with the fans.

HQ Gallery Updated: New Pictures from Hand and Footprint Ceremony

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

We have more wonderful pictures of the trio as they left the mark on the Chinese Theater last Friday. You can’t miss this album!


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>> Album.

Via KStewartfans.

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Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater: Full Video and HQ Gallery

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


Here’s all the coverage from today’s foot and handprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Make sure you watch the full video if you missed it. A really proud moment for our beloved trio and Steph.


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>> Album.

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HQ Pictures via pattinsonlife.

Update: More videos via @clevertv and Access Hollywood!


Breaking Dawn LA Press Conference Highlights With Bill Condon and Stephenie Meyer

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Here are the best highlights from today’s Breaking Dawn press conference in Los Angeles via Hypable.

Question: When did the cast give you enlightenment? And what about having Meyer there?
the first people who arrived were Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. We just sat in a room talking about every page through the script. They showed a tremendous amount – when an actor embodies a role you’ll know it more than they ever will.
I met with Rob a couple months before we started. We were just having a general talk about Twilight. He mentioned something I ahdn’t known before. He’d been a playing a men who was full of regret and who was self loathing. Because of an episode where he broke away from the Cullen family (the early 30s in Chicago) where he’d explore what it’d be like to kill human beings.
Rob thought it was a killed that played on Edward, but it was never played in the movies. There was Midnight Sun where it’s really explored. SO we had a conversation about that, I worked with Melissa, and we put it into the beginning of the movie. We understood where Edward was coming from. So things like that, so much comes out of those types of meetings.

Question: Was the chemistry something you felt when you met them?
We started filming in Brazil. They were staying on the beach, annd then downstairs there people all the time and they couldn’t leave their room. It amazed me how gracious they were all the time. I kind of understood it was part of the interest. Generally, one thing that’s so exciting is.. you work on every decision and it’s going to be studied and reacted to by a large group of people.
Bill: We haven’t seen a screening with big crowds of people, except for last night. Rob and Kristen are so relaxed in the acting – it’s something they don’t even have to act.

Question: I think it’s great how tune you are with all of the fans. This is for them. We heard it was originally rated R?
It wasn’t really rated R. They didn’t rate it. They told us we weren’t hitting PG 13 yet. It’s a very clinical thing. They have very specific guidelines for ratings. Because it’s so subjective they have very specific guidelines. I had to be critical but.. thrusting, intercourse. There was never explicit. It’s not very different from what you see. Any movement was what was considered not appropriate. Because of the popularity of Twilight it had a bigger focus.

Question: Rob jokingly blamed Kristen.
Well, Rob’s right. (laughter)

Question: Talk about shooting in Brazil.
We started on the honeymoon in Brazil. I found it great. The crew was great, we had some weather problems.. got rained in and had to sleep in bathtubs in the honeymoon house. But everythign about it was magical. We were five hours outside of Rio, and we had to write a boat into the set every day.

Question: Can you talk about the last day of shooting?
That was the almost last day. The last day was the middle of April and it snowed. It was hard to shoot in Vancouver. There were two big moments. One was the dance between Kristen and Taylor, and Rob stayed for the whole thing. It ended at dawn.
Everyone got emotional and Kristen cut it with a joke. Because the last take.. high shot.. I call cut.. she starts running in the wedding dress and starts yelling “Jacob come back come back I’ve made a mistake!” (laughter) it was great.
And then that whole moment when Alice and Jasper were dancing. But EVERYONE was there. We called cut and everyone hugged each other. It was great.

Question: What did you think of the birth scene, Stephenie?
I really liked it. It was something.. in the beginning when we developed the story, we weren’t sure if it’d be enough. The birth scene, we thought it would be a lot.. some people werent sure if it’d be climatic enough. With the birth scene you could tell it was so emotional. It was.. Edward is losing Bella, and Rob’s performance was so heartbreaking that I’m going to admit I teared up. Yes, there were tears because you looked at the idea of losing the thing most important to you. Bill has such a gift for that.

Better Quality Version of Eclipse Set Picture With Stephenie, Kristen, Taylor and Rob

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Via @500DaysofRK.

Exclusive: The Fansites Interview Bill Condon

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Last week at Comic-Con, the fansites,,,, Official Twilight Facebook,, and yours truly,, had the opportunity to interview Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon. It’s a great read and I hope you take the time to check it out, since he shares a lot of great info. We discussed:

– Filming the honeymoon scene and setting the tone. Honeymoon clip shown at Comic-Con also discussed.
– Working with Mackenzie Foy.
Stephenie Meyer producing.
– PG-13 and R ratings, when a movie becomes rated R.
– Previous directors and their styles.
– Directing the last two movies.
– Pressures of fandom.
– Different hair styles and how they’re chosen.
– Directing intense scenes.
– Scenes he was nervous about filming.
– Learning as a director from his cast, he shares he believes Kristen will become a director soon, since she’s very knowledgeable of technical aspects of filmmaking.
– Experiencing the Brazilian fanbase, one of the biggest and most passionate Twilight fanbases in the world, while filming Breaking Dawn, and plans for a premiere or visit.
>> En español aquí!

Read after the jump and leave your thoughts!

More exclusives from Comic-Con:

Shots of Rob, Kristen and Taylor at the press conference.
- Shots of Ashley, Nikki, Booboo, Julia and Elizabeth at press conference.
- Stars visit fans camping for Hall H.

Big thanks to Summit and Bill Condon. We had a great time!


The Host Gets Distribution And Release Date For 2013!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Stephenie Meyer’s The Host finally has release date for March 29, 2013. Open Road Films has acquired the US rights to distribute the film, which is expected to be the next young adult blockbuster. Principal photography is scheduled to begin in February 2012 in Louisiana and New Mexico.

“The Host” producers are Nick Wechsler, Chockstone Pictures’ Paula Mae Schwartz and Steve Schwartz, and Stephenie Meyer.

Full press release after the jump.


Cool Cameos In Breaking Dawn Sneak Peek

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Did you miss anything in last night’s Beaking Dawn sneak peek? Look carefully at the above screencap. See anything special other than the lovely aisle and man waiting in a tux?

Try again:

It’s Melissa Rosenberg, Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey!

Confirmed to the Lexicon by Summit:

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If you missed the epicness of last night, here it is again:


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>> Twitter gifs.