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Twilight Poison’s Halloween Costume Guides!

Monday, October 14th, 2013

It’s that time of the year again! Here are our famous Twilight Halloween

Costume and Make-Up Guides for men generic cialis tadalafil 20mg and women. They’re fun, easy to follow and we list the best products we can cheap viagra online recommend for your skin, as well as stuff you can find in your own closet. The tutorials have been updated canadian pharmacy online with new products and generic cialis cost looks, complete with links for shopping online. Check them out! >> Rob and Kristen Halloween Costume Guide. This tutorial includes a Kristen make up tutorial, a tutorial to make your own MTV golden popcorn and styling tutorial. >> Twilight Costume Guides (girls). This guide teaches you how to get the looks from all the female characters, all three movies so far. We show you many alternatives and things you can find in your own closet. Pick your favorite look from any of the three movies and then follow the make up tutorial! From Alice’s fashionista look to Jane’s Volturi robes. >> Twilight Vampire Make Up Guide (girls). This guide teaches you how to do your make up like Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Bella, Jane, Victoria, Leah, Emily (scars included!) and María, complete with my recommended products. >> Twilight Costume Guides (boys). Want to force dress your man like your favorite Twilight male character? Here’s how! We show you how to get the look of Edward,

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Jasper, Carlisle, Emmett, Jacob

(tattoo included) and The Volturi men. This guide is complete with a make canadian pharmacy in lakeland fl up guide for guys based on the same make up tips used on the boys of Twilight. >> Edward and

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Bella Prom Tutorial. This tutorial is for couples who want to dress like Edward and Bella at the cialis 20mg tablets prom in the first movie. Enjoy the Cullen tutorials and leave your suggestions in the comments!

Little Message from Yours Truly!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

First of all, thank you so much for being so patient the past couple of months that the site has slowed down a bit (and that time Lionsgate almost made me shut down the site

in a total copyright misunderstanding. Memories!) I really appreciate you guys just sticking around on Twitter and being awesome and supportive as usual. The reason why the site has slowed down has nothing to do with me not caring about it anymore, but more with me being incredibly busy for a change and not having much help around here anymore. I used to have so much time for

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all my sites, but lately it’s just harder and harder to find time to make gifs, write and update here like I used to. This is in big part because I just moved permanently to New York! This has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager, and the fact that I finally had the chance to do viagra24pharmacy-canada it (and the b*lls! lol) is something amazing, and something that I prayed for for years! The time is finally here, and I’m having a wonderful time meeting great people, studying and working, but that sadly means much less time to work on my beloved sites. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think about this place every day, and I worry that it’s been kind of abandoned lately. Which brings me to the following… I NEED HELP! If you love Twilight, the cast and their upcoming projects, if you like to blog a lot and like to stay connected with thousands of fans from all over the world I. Need. YOU! cialis24pharmacy online I need a new blogger who can help me out with the following tasks: – Daily updates of new pictures, videos, news and tidbits of Twilight and the cast. This site doesn’t only talk about Twilight. We like to cover the careers of the cast, for those fans who got to discover them through Twilight. These guys are very hard working and talented, and if we can get Twilight fans to discover their other work our job here is done! – We don’t post gossip or paparazzi shots of the cast on their free time. So you would only help me post things that cover career and public life. We’re a friendly site too, so drama free is a must. – We are viagra before and after a bilingual site too, so if your Spanish is better than your English, please help me out in our Spanish blog doing the same thing. – This gig is 100% voluntary, and it’s only for fans who love being online and stay connected with fellow fans. If you’re interested you must: – Be a good writer. If you can link me to previous blogs, that would be great. – Know already how to blog and use wordpress and basic HTML, at the very least. – Be a HUGE, passionate fan who loves to share news to our 100,000 followers on Twitter! – E-mail me as soon as possible to wolfspirit at twilightpoison dot com, or tweet me at @valewolf. I really want to keep this place alive and kicking, as

hard as it has for almost six years, especially now that we reached over 100,000 followers on Twitter, which is a huge record for us, and for any fan site, really, so I don’t want to lose momentum or have to close the site eventually. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate. This place needs more bloggers, and of course, I’ll do my best to keep this place up to date anyway. Thanks again for your patience, and see you guys on Twitter! Thanks for helping us reach 100,000 followers! zebeta cost That is crazy!

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Watch Along is a Huge Success, Media Outlets Write About It

Monday, April 15th, 2013

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Night on Twitter was a huge success last night! As you know, the plan was to skip the MTV Movie Awards thanks to the lack of nominations for Breaking Dawn Part 2, and just watch the movie together on Twitter using the hashtag #breakingdawnpart2night. Well, not only did the hashtag become more popular than any MTV Movie Award related topic or tag, but several entertainment outlets caught wind of the situation and wrote about it.

From Yahoo News:

“Twilight” fans are speaking up and tuning out.

The popular teen series has historically been a MTV Movie Awards mainstay, racking up several nominations and winning Best Picture each of the four times it was nominated. But this year its final installment, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” only received one nomination, and was completely left in the cold in the Best Picture category.

#BreakingDawnPart2Night is the hashtag of solidarity among fans who have vowed to boycott Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. Tweets with the hashtag can be seen in several languages — all containing similar messages that droves of Twi-hards will be viewing “Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ instead of watching the MTV awards show broadcast on Sunday. A plan that has the potential of sinking ratings. The film, after all, was the sixth highest-grossing of all of 2012.

@TwilightPoison, with more than 81 thousand followers, is just one of the many Twilight-related Twitter accounts leading the charge.

UPDATE: #BreakingDawnPart2Night is currently the 4th highest trending topic on Twitter in the U.S — just ahead of #mtvmovieawards and #rebelwilson.

From International Business Times:

The “Twilight” lovers were unable to see Robsten win the liplock award for the fifth time in five years. Many of them admitted to boycotting the MTV Movie Awards since the last installment of the “Twilight” series was given only one award nomination.

Meanwhile, #BreakingDawnPart2Night, the Twihard boycott hashtag, has been the top trending Twitter topic in the U.S. since the awards show began, even ahead of #mtvmovieawards and #rebelwilson, who is hosting the show.

Twilight has in past years dominated the MTV Movie Awards, with the Best Kiss Award effectively becoming the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Award, but this year Twi-hards boycotted the ceremony in their droves due the pair not even receiving a nomination.

Yet the move enraged Twilight fans, despite Taylor Lautner winning Best Shirtless Performance. Never ones to take things less seriously than strictly necessary, Twi-hards then boycotted the awards by watching Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and tweeting #BreakingDawnPart2Night.

At one stage during the ceremony the hashtag was even trending above #mtvmovieawards and host Rebel Wilson. Also trending was “Robsten is the best kiss”, showing that annoying Twi-hards may well be the 21st Century social media equivalent of provoking a Mongol horde.

From AltFilmGuide:

The most interesting thing about the MTV Movie Awards 2013 were Twilight fans stealing the spotlight from the MTV Movie Awards themselves. Twifans were mad as hell because this year MTV didn’t give them a chance to vote for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart — especially in the Best Kiss category. Throughout the ceremony, the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night was a Twitter trending topic, oftentimes above #mtvmovieawards. And when Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were announced as the Best Kiss winners, #RobstenIsTheBestKiss became a top trending topic as well.

From HollywoodLife:

Don’t make ‘Twilight’ fans angry! The MTV Movie Awards found that out the hard way on Apr. 14 when the saga’s huge devoted fan base decided to take action against the show for mostly shutting out ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ from the awards.
For those who thought the biggest event of Apr. 14 would be the 2013 MTV Movie Awards totally underestimated the Twi-hards. To protest the award show’s spiteful decision to nominate Breaking Dawn – Part 2 for only one award, the fans skipped the show and re-watched the movie instead!

Under the hashtag “#BreakingDawnPart2Night,” Twi-hards started a viral campaign to boycott the MTV Movie Awards. It was a fun display of fan advocacy, one that dissed MTV but also allowed Breaking Dawn fans to watch their favorite movie together via Twitter. But mostly, the Twilight poison campaign on Apr. 14 was meant to attack MTV.

The Twi-hards have a reason to be angry. For the past four years, the Twilight films have been top award-winners at the MTV Movie Awards. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won Best Kiss for four straight years, and they weren’t even nominated this year!

MTV nominated Twilight big-time for four years and their ratings surely got a boost because of it. Twi-hards were loyal to the MTV Movie Awards and then the network dissed Breaking Dawn – Part 2 completely out of the blue!

Here are screen caps of the trending topics last night, showing how high the hashtag trended over MTV Movie awards related topics or tags:

These images are courtesy of the following Twitter users: @itsmanasikeni, @spunk_ransom, @BreakingDawnMov, @kenleejones, @teameddy.

We’re still waiting to hear about the MTV Movie Awards ratings, but one thing is certain: fans who joined our watch along had more fun, than fans who watched MTV Movie Awards, which was described as boring, over the top and not funny. It’s also important to point out that turning your back on such a large group of devoted fans is never a good idea. The Twilight fandom still has some influence even if the movies are over.


Many European fans felt left out last night, though many of them stayed up and joined us. So we just came up with date and time for their own watch along tomorrow at 9 PM, UK time. We’ll use the same hashtag: #breakingdawnpart2night


I’ll announce the winners of our giveaways on Wednesday, since we’re doing two watch alongs for the fans and the giveaways are open to all countries. If I faved a tweet of yours, that means that you’re in the running to win a prize. For a chance to win just tweet “Watching #breakingdawnpart2night with @TwilightPoison”. Winners will be chosen randomly and they will be announced on this site. Here’s all you need to know about our giveaways.


Thanks so much to every fan who joined the watch along from every corner of the world. We are so happy to have been behind this crazy night that Twilight fans needed to say goodbye to the saga after five years of the movies taking over our lives, but it was only a big hit because of you guys. It’s still a little sad that the cast didn’t get their final bow on the MTV stage like everybody wanted, but we still had our own memorable night. And we made the news! :D

Big thanks to every single fan site that spread the word and helped make this night a success: Spunk,,, Team, Twilight Examiner, Twilight Lexicon, Twilighters Dream, Robward and Krisella, Team Twilight Brazil, Diario Twilight, RK Remain, Robsten Dreams, Strictly Robsten… I hope I didn’t forget anybody! Big thanks to Alt Film Guide and Closed Set Movies for their supportive tweets and articles too.

Jack Morrissey, who joined the watch along and provided some pretty hilarious commentary. Thank you so much for always being with the fandom. Send our best to Bill.

Bluewater Productions who sponsored the comic books giveaway. Make sure you read about their latest indiegogo project, especially if you’re a fan of anime. You might like to be part of what they’re up to.

See you on the second watch along for European fans tomorrow! You’re free to join even if you’re not from Europe, let’s help their watch along become a success as well!

Twilight Poison’s Giveaways for #BreakingDawnPart2Night and How to Win

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

As you know, we’re skipping the MTV Movie Awards, after the crushing disappointment of Breaking Dawn Part 2 having no nominations this year, so we’re watching the final movie together on Twitter to celebrate the movie regardless. We hope you can join us! To make things more special, since it’s our site’s 5th anniversary, we’re giving away a whole bunch of stuff. Here’s the list of prizes: OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES: – Two Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters that the cast and Stephenie Meyer signed for us at Comic Con when they visited Hall H the night before the panel. – 20 Twilight Comics courtesy of BlueWater Productions, which you can download through iTunes. FOR FANS IN MEXICO: – Free codes for paid iPhone/iPad apps. These codes only work in iTunes Stores Mexico. – 1 free code for 10 free songs. This code only works in iTunes Store Mexico. HOW TO WIN: 1) Follow us on Twitter: @TwilightPoison. 2) Like us on Facebook. 3) Tweet the movie with us, mention us on Twitter and use the hashtag #breakingdawnpart2night. 4) Those in Mexico who can win the iTunes stuff, follow us also on @Twilightpoisone. Every tweet, follow and like help your chances of winning. Winners will be chosen randomly. Best of luck! Big thanks to BlueWater Productions who is sponsoring the comic book giveaway! So many winners thanks to them. Speaking oh which, if you’re a fan of anime, Bluewater wants to bring the series of the New York Times
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best-selling young adult novelist Julie Kagawa, THE IRON FEY, to the comic book manga medium, starting with THE IRON KING miniseries, and they need your help! Each issue of this four-issue series will be printed on high quality glossy paper, the traditional comic book size of approximately 6.625″ x 10.25″, saddle stitched, with a unique UV spot gloss cover embellishment exclusive to Indiegogo! They need your help to make this happen! Comics cost a lot of money to produce, and we want this to have top-notch talent. Also, Indiegogo is awesome and allows us to go directly to the fans of THE IRON FEY series to make it happen. The campaign funds will go to the comic creators, printers, shipping costs, project management and the army of magic little elves necessary to bring the novels to life and get comics and rewards to your door (or at least your email inbox). Bluewater Productions is producing and

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publishing the manga comic book series. Hideyuki Mori, who did the manga illustrations for THE IRON FEY novels, will create alternate covers for the new comic book series.

Click here to help them make this happen!

Skip The MTV Movie Awards, Let’s Have a Breaking Dawn Part 2 Watch Along on Twitter!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

MTV announced the nominees for the MTV Movie Awards a few weeks ago on a live show on the Internet. Pretty much no one cared about the nominations, or the live stream for that matter, except the Twilight fandom, who watched the entire thing only to find out that the only nomination Breaking Dawn Part 2 scored was “Best abs – Taylor Lautner”. Needless to say, we were all speechless and very disappointed because we did not see this coming from the network that was always very supportive of Twilight from the very beginning, way before anyone else picked up the buzz. No Best Kiss for fifth year in a row? No Best Fight after those stressful, heart racing minutes we all endured during the awesome vampire battle? No Best actress, no Best Actor, and of course, no Best Movie? The decision seemed pretty deliberate (MTV still has not explained how exactly the nominees were chosen), so the fandom felt betrayed and heartbroken because we always support MTV, the VMAs, the MAs and basically anything that was used to draw our attention for ratings. MTV knows the power this fandom has, and used it several times so we’d tune in and watch their shows. For four years we were pretty loyal to MTV, and grateful for everything they offered to this fandom, but sadly we didn’t get our final chance to celebrate the franchise because MTV was too busy nominating Oscar nominated movies this year. Yes, MTV, I’m sure that as Ben Affleck polishes his Oscar, he’s making room for the MTV Golden Popcorn. Call me crazy, but I grew up watching these award shows, and the cool thing about them is that they celebrated movies that the critics never took seriously, but that audiences loved and enjoyed. Which is why their statuette is golden popcorn. Audiences chose the winners.

Right after the nominations were announced, we suggested to our followers on our twitter page to have a watch-along of the final movie on Twitter on the same night as the MTVMAs, so we dominate Twitter’s trending topics on that night as if the movie had been nominated. So here’s what we’re going to do:

1) Let’s all pop our Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVDs at exactly the same time when the show starts: April 14 9/8c. We’ll comment the movie, we’ll post memories from Tent City, share pictures, gifs, etc using the hashtag: #BreakingDawnPart2Night. I’m sure that if we all do this, more trending topics will emerge too, but let’s use this as the official hashtag. Spread the word and share this post daily, so nobody misses this watch-along!

2) Since Taylor might attend the ceremony to collect that token, patronizing award DON’T FALL FOR IT. Don’t watch just for Taylor (sorry, TayTay. You know what? If you’re reading this, don’t go. The movie deserves more than a Best Abs award). We’ll post videos and pictures of his appearance, so you don’t need to endure the entire show just to see him. Join us on this watch along so MTV feels the huge drop in ratings. This is why we’re doing this watch-along too.

3) Tweet this to the cast members and invite them to join us! Maybe they can provide additional commentary for us and share anecdotes from the set.

4) Twilight Poison will personally throw our own giveaway to celebrate our 5th anniversary during the watch-along! We’ve been saving a couple of posters from Comic Con signed by the cast and Stephenie Meyer on the Hall H line when they came over to visit fans. We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to give them away and I think this is it. This contest is open to ALL COUNTRIES! So you have to join our watch-along and follow us on Twitter for a chance to win. I’ll throw in more prizes if I can, I’ll let you know. Other fan sites might throw giveaways too, so be on the look out. We’ll all retweet and link each other so you don’t miss anything.

5) Join Twitter if you haven’t! The Twilight community on Twitter is very active, fun, and large. You will have fun joining, and several cast members are on Twitter too. We’ve met so many wonderful fans and readers thanks to Twitter and we’ve become friends over the years. You will not regret joining us there.

We’re doing this not just because we’re butthurt over the lack of nominations, but because we need our final celebration of the saga, and these award shows were always so much fun to watch together on Twitter. So we’re also doing this for us, as our final goodbye. Our last group hug. Do join us, and it will be fun to troll MTV!

Finally, our Twitter page @TwilightPoison passed the 80,000 followers mark! Thanks so much for your support all these years. Twitter definitely helped this site become what it is, and without it, a large portion of our readers wouldn’t have found us. The coolest and most legendary moments in the fandom happened on Twitter. If you speak Spanish, please follow @TwilightPoisonE, which is so close to reaching 20,000 followers! Together, both accounts almost have 100,000 followers and we couldn’t be happier. Our spanish account features translations of news, tweets and local news for South American fans, and we occasionally have special giveaways for Latin American fans only. We also need more help on our Spanish blog, so if you’re a huge fan, you enjoy writing and you’re bilingual, please apply to become a blogger at our site!

Please share this post on Twitter and Facebook. This watch-along is fandom’s idea, so we all should be part of it. We’re just helping spread the word.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy these pixel Rob Cartoons

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel free to repost these or use on your site, tumblr, etc just please credit the site, since they’re made by us. Thank you! :)

I also made Valentine’s Day cards with these pixels using inappropriate Robert Pattinson quotes. Scroll down our tumblr for them, they’re from last year.

Gallery Update, News and a Fun New Section on Our Site!

Friday, January 4th, 2013

First of all, thanks everybody for your patience during this Holiday season. I took a few weeks off to travel and spend some time away from blogging, which, believe it or not, can be really exhausting and demanding, especially to the site admin. I had never taken such a long break from blogging for this site, but it was very necessary. With the release of the final movie and the end of the last promo tour, I thought I really needed a little break and spend some time doing other things. I thank my Spanish contributors Pam and Tania for their help on this blog during my absence, and the rest of the Spanish team for updating the Spanish blog . Without them this break would’ve been difficult. But now I’m back and ready to keep up with the site and the news! We still have the DVD to look forward to, so stay tuned for all the fun rumors and updates on the extras and the different box sets.

Gallery Changes

Now onto a little announcement. For four years our gallery has been the most complete Twilight gallery out there, with thousands of HQs of all the cast, Twilight Poison’s exclusive shots at official events like red carpets, press conferences and photo calls in America, Mexico and Spain; thousands of magazine scans from all over the world, photo shoot outtakes, TV screencaps, etc. Now we’re cleaning up the site a bit and I’m deleting files that are no longer needed in the gallery but were taking lots of space, such as the thousands upon thousands of useless screencaps we made back when people really cared about them and asked for them. I’m only keeping HD screencaps of the movies and our exclusive TV screencaps, but basically every single MQ screencap folder from Youtube videos, MTV videos and such will be gone as of today. If you see that the final count of files in our gallery goes way lower than it used to be, this is why, but trust that I have not deleted anything you will miss. We’re talking about old screencaps that nobody sees anymore, which were in really large albums that held up to 600 files from old interviews and press junkets. Not many people cared for those, so I didn’t see the need to keep those files anymore, especially when some of them had even zero views. Everything else is still there. We will also be moving from our hosting company soon, so I’ll let you know if there’s any downtime to be expected.

New Section on our site – we need YOU!

I’m really excited about this new feature to keep Twilight Poison fresh and going even if we won’t have as much news as we used to now that the series is over. I want you guys to e-mail me your stories in the fandom. Your anecdotes, your pictures, your stories of friendship, meeting the cast, thoughts on the books and movies, the tabloids – everything. Over the years you guys have sent over really fun e-mails and stories, and those used to stay between us, but it would be really cool if we could share some of that with the rest of the fans.
I’ll post some of the best mail I get on a weekly basis, and everyone can leave their comments and thoughts under every post. I’ll also be answering your questions as someone who covered several events and got to interview and meet the cast several times. I have so many good stories and I might answer a few things you’ve probably been curious about. All you have to do is e-mail me whatever is on your mind to wolfspirit at twilightpoison dot com. We’ll try to keep this section as positive as possible, but you can always e-mail any serious questions and comments, even if they might stir the pot a little bit. Just as long as we keep things civil and

interesting, send whatever is on your mind as a fan of this series.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and I hope that this 2013 brings you new adventures and experiences that make your life more fulfilling and happy. I also hope you stay in touch with all the friends you’ve made in this fandom, including us. Let me hear from you every now and then, will ya? ;)

Twilight Poison at Madrid Premiere, Photo Call Pictures

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Twilight Poison was at the Madrid premiere tonight and we have tons of pictures from the red carpet photo call. Our very own Gerardo took over 600 pictures, so we’re going to post them tonight and tomorrow! Some of these shots are amazing, you don’t want to miss them! NOTE: Please do not repost these pictures elsewhere! We really want fans to enjoy this exclusive content on our gallery, since it’s our very last red carpet exclusive ever! (sad face!). You can take only two and link back to the rest. We appreciate your cooperation and enjoy! ;) >> LAUNCH GALLERY! UPDATE: A
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lot more pictures have been added to the gallery.

Site Stuff: Annoying Site Errors Fixed

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

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residue. I of in to precio de cialis en venezuela one the is credit discontinue. The white I viagra online coupon naturally, between to taller think the around.

Grrr, frustration! Due to some technical error, our site’s menu stops working all of a sudden on a regular basis and gives visitors a 404 error message whenever they try to access our content. This happens for no reason, and sometimes we’re not aware of it unless you guys point it out to us. The issue has been fixed, but it you see this problem again please let me know. Here’s my e-mail: wolfspirit at twilightpoison dot com. We apologize for the inconvenience and remind you that our Halloween tutorials are now visible again. Thanks for your patience and cooperation! :)

Twilight Halloween Costume and Make Up Guides

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

It’s that time of the year again! Here are our famous Twilight Halloween Costume and Make-Up Guides for men and women. They’re fun, easy to follow and we list the best products we can recommend for your skin, as well as stuff you can find in your own closet. The tutorials have been updated with new products and looks, complete with links for shopping online. Check them out! >> Rob and Kristen Halloween Costume Guide. This tutorial includes a Kristen make up tutorial, a tutorial to make your own MTV golden popcorn and styling tutorial. >> Twilight Costume Guides (girls). This guide teaches you how to get the looks from all the female characters, all three movies so far. We show you many alternatives and things you can find in your own closet. Pick your favorite look from any of the three movies and then follow the make up tutorial! From Alice’s fashionista look to

Jane’s Volturi robes. >> Twilight Vampire Make Up Guide (girls). This guide teaches you how to do your make up like Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Bella, Jane, Victoria, Leah, Emily (scars included!) and María, complete with my recommended products. >> Twilight Costume Guides (boys). Want to force dress your man like your favorite Twilight male character? Here’s how! We show you how to get the look of Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Emmett, Jacob (tattoo included) and The Volturi men. This guide is complete with a make up guide for guys based on the same make up tips used on the boys of Twilight. >> Edward and Bella Prom Tutorial. This tutorial is for couples who want to dress like Edward and Bella at the prom in the first movie. Enjoy the Cullen tutorials and leave your suggestions in the comments!

Dozens of NEW Exclusive Comic-Con Pictures: Kristen Stewart

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

I’ve posted more exclusive Comic-Con pictures, this time Kristen Stewart only. As always, we ask fellow bloggers, fan site owners and community mods to please not repost these pictures. We really want to offer this exclusive on this site only. Thanks for understanding :). Enjoy:


Don’t forget to set the gallery to latest files so you can see the new portraits only. And don’t forget that you can enjoy these pictures on your smartphone as well. Our mobile gallery has versions for Blackberry, Android and iPhone, and you can save your favorite files as well.

More New Exclusive Comic-Con Pictures – Taylor Lautner

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

I’m not done posting my exclusive pictures from Comic-Con, which is great because I really took so many pictures. This set is Taylor Lautner only, so make sure you check them out.

NOTE: Please do not repost these pictures anywhere. We really want this to stay exclusive to our site, so please be kind and share this link instead. Thank you :D


There’s more shots to be posted, so keep visiting the site in the next few days ;).

70-697   , 70-486   , 642-998   , 000-104   , 400-351   , 74-343   , 642-999   , 1Z0-804   , 70-980   , 2V0-621   , 640-916   , 300-320   , 70-246   , 000-017   , 500-260   , 070-466   , LX0-103   , CRISC   , 70-347   , C2010-595   , N10-006   , ADM-201   , 1Z0-060   , 700-505   , 70-480   , 700-501   , 400-201   , 70-680   , 1Y0-201   , PMI-100   , LX0-104   , 1Z0-803   , 350-029   , 1Z0-808   , 70-483   , ICGB   , 1Z0-067   , 210-065   , 000-080   , CBAP   , 1Z0-061   , 70-487   , 70-466   , 700-037   , 000-089   , 70-411   , AND-401   , 74-678   , 600-455   , 300-206   , 70-981   , 220-802   , 300-115   , 100-105   , 98-364   , 210-451   , 400-101   , c2010-657   , 1K0-001   , 102-400   , 599-01   , HP0-S42   , MB5-705   , 070-461   , c2010-652   , 220-801   , 640-875   , CISSP   , API-580   , CQE   , 350-018   , 300-075   , SY0-401   , AX0-100   , 600-460   , 300-070   , 640-692   , 2V0-620   , 070-462   , 350-080   , 642-996   , 101-400   , 101   , 642-997   , JN0-360   , 810-403   , 70-332   , JN0-343   , OG0-093   , 117-202   , 1Z0-062   , 070-487   , 98-365   , 70-413   , 1Z0-144   , JN0-633   , 000-105   , 70-417   , MB2-708   , 352-001   , 600-199   , JN0-102   , MB6-703   , 9L0-012   , 070-331   , 200-105   , PK0-003   , 400-051   , 300-209   , 70-410   , 70-494   , CISM   , SSCP   , 350-030   , 300-080   , 000-106   , 070-483   , MB6-702   , 70-533   , 70-270   , 1V0-601   , EX300   , 70-532   , 70-346   , 70-412   , 700-260   , 300-101   , 642-732   , 350-050   , JK0-022   , 70-534   , 1z0-808   , CAS-002   , 200-310   , 300-085   , ICBB   , OG0-091   , 200-125   , 9A0-385   , 3002   , 070-410   , NS0-157   , CCA-500   , 70-177   , M70-101   , 70-243   , 70-488   , CAP   , 2V0-621D   , 210-060   , 210-260   , 3I0-012   , MB2-704   , 350-001   , HP0-S41   , 640-911   , MB2-707   , 117-201   , 70-178   , 70-461   , 70-462   , 300-135   , JN0-332   , PMI-001   , 1Z0-051   , EX200   , 300-208   , 350-060   , CISA   , VCP550   , 70-463   , 70-411   , ADM-201   , MB2-704   , 000-089   , 600-455   , 070-483   , 2V0-621D   , 1Z0-051   , 70-462   , 70-534   , NS0-157   , 700-260   , 70-463   , MB2-708   , 599-01   , 220-802   , JN0-360   , 9A0-385   , 70-417   , 1V0-603   , 070-487   , 200-310   , 70-483   , 352-001   , 200-105   , 70-412   , ICBB   , 300-320   , 70-417   , 070-466   , 98-365   , PMI-100   , 70-410   , 350-018   , PK0-003   , CRISC   , 1Z0-051   , LX0-104   , 350-018   , C_TFIN52_66   , 300-206   , 101   , 1z0-808   , 70-246   , 70-270   , 70-411   , MB2-704   , HP0-S42   , 1Z0-068   ,

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