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If you had all the money in the world, would you use it to pay for a 15 minute chat with your favorite Twilight star? What if the money went to charity? Apparently these are questions certain rich people around the world ask themselves for real, because the Prince of an undisclosed Arabian country paid $500,000 for a 15 minute chat with Kristen Stewart, and the proceeds went to charity. Legendary film producer Harvey Weinstein revealed Kristen’s “secret” after screening the movie “12.12.12” which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. “12.12.12” is a documentary about the live performances and backstage footage from the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert at Madison Square Garden last year:
Weinstein gleefully confessed that he’d sold a sit-down with “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart for charity funds. Apparently the “Prince of an Arabian country” was offering to pay top dollar for a fifteen-minute chat with the chronically awkward actress. Weinstein called Stewart and filled her in on the situation. “She said ‘How much?’

My kind of girl,” he quipped. The mogul and the prince were eventually able to agree to a $500,000 donation. In cash. The prince, Stewart and a number of bodyguards

enjoyed a lovely fifteen minutes together during the concert. (The concert went on to raise $30 million.)

Ah, Arabian princes… living your dreams since time immemorial. Source: The Huffington Post.

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Just when we think there’s no more news to give, we get more big news. First, the Ultimate Twilight Box Set was announced, and that’s coming out in November. Now, Collider.com has news of a Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn supercut, which is basically a merger of the two films as one big super film, with just some minor changes. During an interview to promote his new movie The Fifth State at the Toronto Film Festival, Collider sat down with Bill Condon and they brought up the Ultimate Box Set. They were not expecting the reveal of such supercut.
Collider: There’s a huge Twilight box-set coming out later this year. Have you done anything for it? Did you contribute anything? Bill Condon: Well, I think we did so much for the extended edition of [The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1], I think there’s probably extra stuff on [The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2], although not additional scenes, unfortunately, because that movie is so unbelievably visual effects heavy,
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it would cost a ton of money to actually create the environment for some of those extra scenes. But, I do have a kind of version of those two movies cut into one movie that is not going to be there, but I hope one day might emerge. I think it would be an interesting experience for those who are really into it. When you say you have a new version, are there a lot of things different, or is it just one cut? Condon: No, it’s just one cut. There are obviously adjustments you have to make and rearranging some of the stuff. Just making it into one seamless thing, making it feel more like the original novel. Did you do that while editing [The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1]? Condon: Yeah, I did it before we shut down the editing room. This is interesting, I’m surprised that Summit hasn’t come around and said, “Let’s release that as a double feature in select theaters.” Condon: Right, yeah. It’d be interesting. Maybe that’ll happen.

Here’s the video if you’re interested:

So while we don’t have a release date in sight, it’s interesting to know that this is an idea that might happen some day. Would the release in theaters of the two movies as a single one movie be something
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that interests you?

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MTV has posted
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a video http://pharmacyonlinestorein.com/ of Taylor on the asian viagra actress set of his new movie cheap pharmacy online Tracers. Check it out! He looks so grown sildenafil generic up.

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Vanity Fair turned 100 years old, and to celebrate they have a special issue of the magazine celebrating the highlights and favorite photo shoots. One of those favorite photo shoots happens to be the one shot by Mario Testino for the July 2012 issue. Here’s the scan via @epnebelle:

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One of Kristen Stewart’s make up artists, Beau Nelson, talked about her to Teen Vogue where he shared some interesting tidbits, like how Kristen loves her freckles and he taught her how not to cover them when wearing make up, or how they’ve enjoyed singing karaoke together. This
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story is featured on the latest issue of Teen Vogue, so make sure you check it out! Scan via: @epnebelle.

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Rob will play photojournalist Dennis Stock in “Life” a movie from the makers of “The King’s Speech”. Are you paying attention? ScreenDaily reports:

“As an internationally celebrated photographer, Anton Corbijn is the perfect filmmaker to direct Life,” said Canning and Sherman. “Finding the right actor to play James Dean was a big responsibility, but Dane’s body of work has proved what a chameleon he is and what he will contribute to the role.

“Casting Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan brings together two of the most exciting young actors of their generation.”

“We were fortunate to work with Anton on A Most Wanted Man and are thrilled to be a part of his next film,” said FilmNation CEO Glen Basner. “His incredible talent combined with the chemistry between Dane and Robert will bring to life the fascinating story of the fast friendship formed at a very pivotal time

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in Dean’s life.

“The project also marks our re-teaming with See-Saw Films whose impressive track record continuously keeps them a top-player in international film production.”

But who is Dennis Stock? He was an American award winning photojournalist and documentary photographer and a member of Magnum Photos. He started out photographing jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Sidney Bechet, Gene Krupa and Duke Ellington and moved on to different subjects, like Audrey Hepburn and James Dean. Here are some of his most famous pictures:

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That hot tune you hear on Rob’s Dior ad is Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepellin, and fans are reacting positively to the song choice by making it climb iTunes rock lists worldwide. So far, France is taking the lead and

the song is featured not just once, but twice on iTunes Top 10 Rock List.

It hasn’t popped up on the top ten lists in other countries, but give it time… and hey, if you enjoyed the song, it’s not a bad track to buy!

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Fans are angry. They didn’t get their perfect leading man. Pointless petitions are getting thousands of signatures. The backlash is strong. “He’s so ugly, eww!”, “That’s now how he is described in the books!”, “That is not leading man material!”, “HIM?!”. If that sounds familiar is because Charlie Hunnam’s casting as Christian Grey is exactly what Robert Pattinson faced six years ago when he was announced for the role of Edward Cullen. If you were here back in the day, you remember how fans were pissed that Henry Cavill (now The Man of Steel) didn’t get to play their favorite vampire. Fans were pretty verbal and brutal on the Internet, and Rob was very aware of that. Fans mocked everything, from his face, to his hair, if you can believe it, they were not having any of it and did try to make people change their minds and recast the role. But it all changed as soon as they saw Rob in full Edward costume. Fast-forward six years and five movies later, and fans adore Robert, they see him as the perfect Edward and Rob is one of the most popular young leading men in Hollywood, with a big cialis ad two bathtubs Dior contract and a massive fortune of his own, all in big part thanks to Twilight and braving that initial backlash with the sense of humor he is known for. But according to Forbes, while 50 Shades will be a good career booster for Charlie Hunnam, he will probably not make as much money as Robert did, because this time, no teenage audience will be able to watch the movie.
Universal and author E.L. James chose Labor Day to make a major casting announcement about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation. Charlie Hunnam, best known for the FX TV show Sons of Anarchy, will play Christian Grey, the sexy older man in the trilogy. It’s a huge coup for Hunnam who has been acting for a long time but has yet to land a role that will catapult him to the lever of A-list movie star. Grey could finally be that role. Hunnam has a better chance of becoming a franchise star with Fifty Shades of Grey. James has sold more cialis generic fast shipping than 70 million copies of her books. We recently ranked her as one of the top-earning celebrities with an estimated $95 million brought in between June 2012 and June 2013. If Unversal can harness that fan enthusiasm, the movie should be a hit. With director Sam Taylor-Johnson and stars Hunnam and Dakota Johnson (daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson) Universal is clearly keeping the budget low. And although the millions of women who read the book will likely flock to movie theaters, the film cialis and smoking is sure to have an R rating which is always a buy cialis for daily use box office challenge. The movie likely won’t attract teen boys or young girls who can boost the box office of a film like Twilight or The Hunger Games. So although the movies will likely give Hunnam a po co jest viagra serious career boost, they won’t make him the next Robert Pattinson. Unless the first film is a runaway hit, Universal will likely be loath to boost future budgets too much to ensure that the films turn some serious profit. That means that they will do all they can
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to avoid paying Hunnam that massive amounts of money Pattinson was earning by the end of the Twilight series.

As a Twilight fan I’m a little biased, but at the same time we all know how desperately studios want to duplicate Twilight’s financial success with little results. It’s just not something that happens very often: small budget, huge profits. Unknown actors become global super stars overnight. I think studios and actors alike would be happier not trying, for the moment, to make the next Twilight. Summit won the lottery with that one. But the 50 Shades cast is definitely as passionate as the Twilight fans were back in the day, so who knows. What do you guys think?

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favorite Twilight director, Bill Condon, has a new exciting project in the works! He’ll be reuniting with Sir Ian McKellen, with whom he worked in 1998’s “Gods and Monsters,” for which Bill was nominated for an Academy Award, while Ian was nominated for Best Actor. That’s a strong team and wait ’til you hear the premise. The movie is an adaptation of the novel “A Slight Trick of the Mind” by Mitch Cullin, which is set in 1947 and deals with a much older and retired Sherlock Holmes. Ian McKellen as Sherlock? Count me in! Meanwhile, Bill

Condon’s current film “The Fifth Estate” starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange, will premiere at TIFF and will

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hit theaters October 18.

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The people at Dior know exactly what they’re doing, and they certainly know Rob’s fan base. While critics have described the way the ad campaign has been rolled out as boring and “dragging it too long” the ad just surpassed the 4 million views on Youtube in just three days, which means the target demographic is pretty much loving it. In the above video Rob talks about his involvement in the creative process of the campaign and why he likes Dior.

Here’s the full ad if you haven’t seen it:

The song is Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepellin. And now be honest – are you buying the cologne?

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American Psycho author, Bret Easton Ellis, claimed on his Twitter page that Rob was the first choice to play Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, according to author E.L. James, who allegedly shared the scoop with him at Rob’s house, no less, during a party a few months ago (it was that birthday party that Rob hosted for director Nicholas Jarecki, which was full of celebrity guests, remember?). Bret loves to ruffle feathers on Twitter, and at one point he was very interested in writing or directing 50 Shades, so God knows if he’s serious or trolling as per usual, but here are the tweets:

It would not surprise us to be honest, if Rob was truly E.L. James’ first pick for the role. If you were part of the fandom three years ago when Master of the universe (the original fan fic title for 50 Shades of Grey) was taking over Twitter and pretty much everyone (not really us) counted the days for the next update, then you remember that back then all the fan manips featured Rob and Kristen as the main characters, and obviously they were everybody’s image of them for quite a while, not just because they were originally Edward and Bella, but because people liked to imagine them as the actors of the story… until the new wave of fans of the book started asking for Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel. And it was also kind of suspicious how E.L. James was at Rob’s house for that party.

Either way, 50 Shades of Grey has its Christian and the funny story is that is Charlie Hunnam, Stephenie’s first pick to play Carlisle.

From the StephenieMeyer.com files, she posted on July 7, 2007, the following:

Second only to Edward on my “passionately decided” list is Carlisle’s character. My favorite: Charlie Hunnam. The reason this actor was able to get such a hold on me was his work as the title character in Nicholas Nickleby. He pretty much was Carlisle in that movie.

Check out that page for some real nostalgia and general weirdness. It’s crazy how time flies and how pretty much the series is now over. It seems like only yesterday fans were discussing who should play the characters, and how they were all throwing fits when Rob was announced as Edward Cullen (which, coincidentally, is how I discovered Twilight. I was a fan of Rob since managing HPLA, and the scandal made me read the book). The backlash was insane back then, if you remember Rob got death threats, there were petitions to remove him from the project, and that’s pretty much exactly what Charlie is facing right now from disappointed 50 Shades fans, but we’re pretty sure fans will get over it with time. Twilight fans did as soon as they saw Rob as Edward.

H/T: Page to premiere.

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It’s almost the 5th anniversary of the Twilight movie, if you can believe it, and director Catherine Hardwicke will be celebrating on her Twitter and Instagram accounts with a little something called #TwilightThrowback. We still don’t know exactly what will take place in her accounts, or what is she going to post, but I suggest you follow her on Twitter: @C_Hardwicke and Instagram, because she will be posting stuff every Thursday in september and, who knows, being the director of the first movie and all, and being directly responsible of picking the cast, she probably has a few goodies and stories never told to share with us to celebrate the five years


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the release of the movie. Via: TwilightLexicon.

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